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r/Simps Review

~ Pros ~

Large community

Lots of simps to stare at

Original contents

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Not a simping sub

❌ No advertising


    Now, I’m sure some of you fuckers are already at the edge of your seats from just reading the title of this review. But y’all can take a breather, I’m not gonna drag your ass for “simping” per say. There’s a more wider perspective to the term, and for those of you who are already aware of what it means beyond the standard definition, good for you. Meanwhile, for the rest of the majority who do not know, I’ve got more meanings for you to add to your shallow vocabulary. Mine inclusive. Haha!

    A simp, simpson, homer, or homer simpson is a vagina that looks like Homer Simpson’s mouth (from The Simpsons, of course). It is also known as an “innie”, “slit”, “perfect slit”, etc. I know, it’s the least thing I want to find out, but now you do as well. Who would have thought another name for a perfectly slit pussy is called a “simp?” Yeah, that is insane! Not sure how often this term has been used for this particular part of a woman’s body, but I can tell you it is not popular. Even Google is not aware of this, and that motherfucker knows everything! Trust me, if you go typing the word on the Google search bar, all you’ll get is the regular definition.

    Anyway, as weird as it may sound, I suppose if this word is used very often to refer to the vagina, it would probably become a global slang. But that would’ve been easier if the vagina was first known in that slang, before it became a name for guys who drag themselves in the mud for girls. Notwithstanding, there’s this NSFW community on Reddit that posts pics and vids of girls with innies or perfectly slit pussies, otherwise known as simps. It’s called Reddit Simps, aka r/simps! You’ll probably come across another subreddit with the same kind of content, if you’re a frequent redditor, so consider this an alternative site.

About Reddit Simps

    Simps is an NSFW community on Reddit that posts pictures and videos of girls with innies, slits, or perfectly slit pussies, otherwise known as simps. This community is dedicated to celebrating simps found in the wild. As much as they believe that all vaginas are equal, they also believe that there’s nothing quite like finding a simp. To be honest, it’s quite rare to come across a simp these days. Finding such perfectly tucked in pussy is like finding gold. Just from the tip, you can tell it’s going to be a tight entry into paradise.

    Reddit Simps was created Oct 11, 2012 for simp lovers like you and me. They currently have over 550k members, with over a hundred of them online probably simping behind the screens of their screens to these perfectly tucked in pussies. All the contents on there are original contents from original creators. So, you know you aren’t engaging ghost accounts or anything. The female redditors that post on there are duly verified by the moderators before their contents are accepted for posting on the community.

You Might Just Fall In Love With r/Simps

    Lots of simps to stare at: if you love the look of perfectly slit pussies or innies or simps, then you will love Simps. It’s a hundred percent simp certified. You would think girls with perfectly slit and tucked in pussies are innocent. Boy, do you need to see these sluts! They are demanding your attention on there. Asking what you would do to it first or later, after a date. You really cannot resist the urge to jerk off to these innies and perfectly slit pussies. It’s really just like they mention in the group description: like Homer Simpson’s mouth. And if you really imagine it out, there’s no way you’ll ever look at Homer from The Simpsons the same again! I’ll be stuck between laughing at what’s actually funny, and Homer’s mouth. Haha!

    Original content: the female redditors on here who are eager to share their simps are verified by the moderators before their posts are approved for posting. This way, you don’t run into any spam contents while trying to have a good ass fap. The contents are in both images and videos or GIFs format.


    This is not for simping: just FYI, but I suppose as a guy, you can drool in the comments. If you are not civil in the comments, you will be banned. So, don’t go posting dick pics on there. As a girl looking to post, the focus must be on your simp or perfectly tucked in pussy and it must not be covered or clothed.

    No advertising: sellers are allowed to post, but they cannot promote anything on there. Not their paid links, or social media handles. No one is allowed to ask for DMs or PMs either.

What I Think Of Simps

    Pretty awesome community. I recommend it for the lot of you that are in dire need of staring at perfectly slit and tucked in pussies. Reddit Simps aka r/simps gives you a lot of it to stare at and fap to. If you ask me, that sounds like quite a plan. Don’t you think so?

Simps, Simps

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