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SickJunk Review

~ Pros ~

sickjunk, SickJunkPregnant, lactation, pain, stoned, public, torture, piss, rape etc

sickjunk, SickJunkTon's of categories to choose from sick to super sexy and hot

sickjunk, SickJunkNearly 5000 strange, sexy and just messed up clips

sickjunk, SickJunk Very few ad's, just a few non invasive ones to the right

sickjunk, SickJunk The content is all exclusive

~ Cons ~

sickjunk, SickJunkPretty new site so the content hasn't quite built up yet

sickjunk, SickJunkThe “live sick cams" just mirrors cams from Chaturbate


    We do know that some motherfuckers pack some sick junk in their trunk! And we are talking of cocks longer than a semi and sharp enough to cut down an oak tree!

    Well, in case no one bothered to tell you, there is a porn site that goes by the name of SickJunk.com. Some of the content here is a little bit extreme. All genres are represented too and there’s enough of them to make you do serious damage to your dick in your enthusiasm!

    On SickJunk you can see babes with big jugs milking themselves for all they are worth, solo or mutual pissing, exhibitionism, MILF’s sucking cock like they are licking the sweetest lollipop on the globe and the like. There’s also some rape and torture, death and molestation, and abuse. All the porn content looks like they were shot and acted by amateurs and they are of short duration too.

    Anyway, do join us as we dig through what this sick junk of XXX has that could make your love life better and sweeter!

Sick Of This Junk We Are!

    SickJunk has a nice looking homepage that will however not be winning any design awards sometime soon. There’s a search bar at the top right of the homepage, as well as links to the site live cam section and top porn sites like Pornhub, CamWhores, and Chaturbate. Also provided are options to upload content. No registration options are featured and that is to be expected because all content can be accessed for free. The aforementioned site live cam section sure does hold a lot of promise but doesn’t actually work.

    The homepage here appears to have been built with care, but it does not always load smoothly. Videos are not the smoothest and take an age before they begin playing. They buffer a lot too and that can be frustrating. Even worse, the content found on this site is shorter than a eunuch’s dick and you barely have time to see enough things that would give you a decent boner.

Lots Of Sickos And Their Junk

    Yes, the appeal of any porn site is in its content and thankfully there are lots of these at SickJunk. However, most are not up to two minutes long, with a few almost reaching the five minutes mark. SickJunk reportedly uploads around six new vids daily, and that is a decent number, but not really good enough.

    As previously mentioned, all the videos on this site feature amateurs. They also seem to have been shot by amateurs and the quality is sometimes bad enough to make you think of hitting yourself over the head with a hammer!

    One of the few good things about this XXX site is that they do have some interesting content. These are slotted in various categories like public sex, masturbating, pissing porn and the like.

What We Think

    SickJunk.com has an interesting homepage, plus a great deal of varied porn. However, video quality is often poor and playability issues abound. Overall, this porn site should do on those days you are feeling very much like punishing yourself! with some sick junk

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