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Shemalez Review

~ Pros ~


Daily updates

Swell site design

Jacked with videos user options, plus XXX shemale and channel profiles

Active community

~ Cons ~

❌ Pesky ads

❌ Wack playback options

❌ Video quality is often bleh


    A shemale who’s also a lesbian? Well, it is almost like hearing about a street thot whose cunt juice has covered practically every cock on the block, but who’s also a virgin! Miracles don’t work that way, so, you can bet your sweet patootie that there are no shemale lesbians out there. And if there were, their walking upright would be impossible, because my cock would have been lodged so far up their freaky behind that not even an air strike by the Seventh Fleet could dislodge that knobbly piece of steel!

    Anyway, Shemalez.com is a pretty normal shemale porn site, and it has loads of videos of shemales working hard to ground the cocks in them to nubs! Here’s my Shemalez.com review and of course, it is obligatory to read it and prosper!

Shemales Got Them Hard Dicks!

    For now, I am convinced that God is shemale or has a shemale wife or concubine! That must be the only reason almost every shemale I see has a dick you could build a log cabin with! Yeah, I say this a lot, but shemales have too much of the big dick allotment on this planet and I figure the only way they can be pulling that off is by making the almighty happy in the bedroom department and thereby getting more than their fair share of big dicks! For sure a lawsuit is loading and that is because corruption like this that involves exchanging one cumming favor for another is a calamitous offense!

    Now, while it is good to know that someone up there loves chewing on big cocks and sucking big fake tits while helping direct the affairs of mankind, I still gotta eat and that means finishing this Shemalez.com review. So, let’s get right back to it.

    Shemalez looks good. The site design is airy, colorful, and neat and it doesn’t deviate much from convention. It has 5 rows of video thumbnails arranged in Popular and New sections and the bottom has enough tags to give a rhino some severe constipation. Ebony Black Shemale Ts Foxxy, Shemale Fuck Girl, Natalia Mars, Sabrina Valentina, and Big Cock are some sample tags. Links to the site terms and conditions, plus other stuff are there at the page bottom just in case you wanna go for a look-see.

    So, the top of the site homepage has a sorta deep blue header and that is where the main tabs are located. But above that is a small list of XXX sites and yeah, that kind of means that Shemalez is part of a network.

    The main tabs on Shemalez.com are Videos, Categories, Pornstars, and Channels. Over on the top right are Language, Community, and Login options, plus a search bar and an Upload button. The search bar is basic, but it does have a list of top searches you might want to see and these are hardcore enough to make a steel tower keel over! Uploads are a members-only activity here, but you can register with your Google account and that doesn’t take more than 3 seconds. Membership apart from allowing content uploads lets you send messages to other sinners like you, add videos to your list of favorites, create a playlist, make friends, watch stuff later, and more.

    Want some new friends? These fuckers are packed in the Community option and you can sort these fellas and sluts by their registration date, gender, avatar, age, country, relationship status, and sexual orientation. That’s so ass-cool! There is however no statistic to be seen talking about the total number of members and currently active members, guests, and the like and that is concerning.

    As for the language option, there are 10 supported languages here, with English being the default one. You can choose whichever you like best and hope to find shemale sluts who love to moan in that language!

Shemales Have Awesome Big Dick Energy!

    Ever seen a shemale put it in? Best believe they fuck like they mean for their dicks to snap in half and injure the innards of the fella or slut they happen to be balls-deep in! Now that you know this, feel free to move around looking for a shemale or two to show your interior equipment some tough love! Any tube that gets too shredded by the pulsing artillery pieces of these shemales can always be reconstructed and that’s all the encouragement needed to have you bent over the armchair of the baddest shemale fucker in your neck of woods!

    Now, let’s go over the main tabs. The Videos tab has loads of the promised content and by just hovering your cursor over this tab, you can filter videos by best, popular, newest, longest, most commented, playlists, watch history, and watch later. Actually clicking the Videos tab will make more content sorting options available on the top right of the Videos page.

    The Categories tab also has its pull-down menu and with this, you can just check out all categories or some of the most popular. XXX stars fill up the Pornstars tab and this tab also has a pull-down menu like the others. The shemales here all have rather detailed profile pages. There are varied sorting options to rank them how you like and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of these big dick owners.

    Last but not least is the Channels tab and it too has a pull-down menu. With this menu, you can check out some of the most popular XXX shemale channels or click the All Channels tab to see all of their teams. Sorting options for these channels are also available and for sure they are comprehensive. Represented are outfits like Trans Angels, TS Filipina, BareBacked Shemales, Big Booty TGirls, and Tranny Kings. There are just 32 channels though, but each has a profile page.

    So, videos on Shemalez do not seem to have dates. That is, dates are lacking on content image thumbnails, and you gotta click on a video, plus its accompanying Show More link to learn when it was uploaded. That’s inconvenient because some might not think of going that far to look for content update dates. And yeah, daily updates are a thing here.

    Moreover, video playback options are very minimal and you gotta wait a few seconds for ads to play before you can skip them to watch videos, and yeah, the site is an ad-filled menace. Videos average less than 10 minutes, but there’s plenty of hours-long content to fap to. And as for the total video count, I can’t say. That is because calculating something like that is impossible since you can only skip forwards and backward by two pages when you want to browse the video collection and there are no buttons to take you directly to the last video page.

    Anyway, sample titles include the following: Big Ass Tranny Loves To Be Fucked By A Young Cock, Victoria Cakes In TS Paris Full, Destroyed His Ass, Granny Ts Ts Porn, Japan TGirl Gets Ass Fucked, and Lily Petals Gets Her Ass Fucked. The Victoria Cakes video is from VictoriaCakesConnect.com and is over 29 minutes long. The chick is big-boned and sexy and got thick thighs, thick jugs, and a fat ass you could plow with a tractor.

    In the video, she’s taken for a photo shoot in a palatial mansion and while there meets a big-boned trans slut with a horse dick. She sucks this dick and eats the ass of the owner, before bending over and taking backshots and doing some cowgirl riding and I would name her the queen of jellied ass shaking!

What I Think About Shemalez

    Apart from its insane number of ads, zero playback options, and average to poor quality videos, I would say this shemale XXX site has it made and could become the best if it got its mind set on that. Yeah, I love Shemalez. It's got a cock and controversy-provoking name and is worth some Vaseline-enabled visitation for real!

Shemalez, Shemalez

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