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ShemaleStarDB Review

~ Pros ~

Large database dedicated to exclusive shemale pornstar photos

Features birthdays of pornstars

Lots of top lists of porn star galleries

Has a link to porn video sites

Regularly updated with content

~ Cons ~

❌ Poor site color scheme

❌ No upload date, rating, number of pictures or views available

❌ Lots of dumb links

❌ Very poor mobile experience


     Some chicks do have dicks rather than wet holes you can stuff your cock into and ride hell for leather! These kinds of chicks are known as shemales and most boast cocks whose length you can only dream of! Let them plunge this into your asshole and you will know what’s up right quick!

    Shemales combine male and female characteristics in equal and unequal measures. They are sweet, boob-blessed and have balls of steel.

    Some don’t like them for personal reasons while others can’t get enough of them. We happen to fall into the latter category and so do most of the world.

    So, if you like shamales, envy their cock length or simply want to know more about them, few other sites make that as easily possible as Shemalestardb.com. The site began operations far back in 2009 and since then have been growing bigger and getting viral, with monthly site visits numbering in the millions.

    Shemalestardb is a sort of directory for shemale-related porn and has model profiles and XXX databases aplenty. Here’s our review of it.

Cock Of The Walk!

    Well, it does appear that the site designers behind Shemalestardb opted to make their site as memorable as possible, but on a budget. The site background is red, with a sort of yellowish gold color being used to mark out the written content on the page.

    At the very top of the page is an alphabetical listing of shemale porn stars, plus a search bar. Also atop the page are New and ?? tabs. The former, when clicked, shows the newest shemales featured on the site, while the latter has pages full of shamales in action whose names are not known. Their images are then posted in the hope that they can be identified.

    Another tab labeled VOD is supposed to be for videos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work right now.

    Links to shemale porn sites are posted on the right of the page, while the left part has a long list of shemale XXX stars who are celebrating their birthdays. We wish them long life and prosperity and for a gift will donate our cocks for them to munch on!

    Also on the left of the page is a list of top searches, and beneath this is another list of all-time searches. Next is a list of top-rated shemales and we are talking names like Evelyn Rangel, Yasmin Pires, Jadea, Ashley Helena, and Claudia Polanski. You get a pic of these babes just by hovering a cursor on their names. Clicking the name itself takes you to a separate page filled with the bio of the model and some very fap-worthy pics.

It’s Shemale Time!

    Now, Shemalestardb.com has over 10,000 shemale profiles available, plus more than 120K gallery links. Picture thumbnails of some of these shemale stars occupy the center of the homepage and most are pictured as nude as the day they were born.

    Some are very pretty, while others are average looking. More than a few seem to have a baseball bat growing from between their legs. Look closer though and you will see that is no baseball bat, but rather a cumming weapon that can do a great deal of damage to the right hole!

    We clicked the image of a star who goes by the name of Nicole Love. She has the nicest set of tits, and these are small and perkier than a vat of fresh-brewed coffee. She’s also post-op, which means she has undergone a sex change operation. We figured that out after wondering where she was hiding her cock, before reading her profile and learning that she had undergone surgery.

    Comments are allowed on the photo galleries of each shemale star. Content is moderated though, so don’t go there and say you want to shove a shotgun into someone’s asshole and pull the trigger!

What We Think

    The site design and user interface are as dated as your parent’s sex technique and we are unsure how frequently updates happen here. There are some ads too, but nothing that cannot be ignored. Overall, with loads and loads of high-quality images, plus bios of thousands of shemale stars, Shemalestardb.com might just be the top site for all things shemale and endowed!

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