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Shagle Review

~ Pros ~

They have a huge amount of users

You can use the site anonymously

Video chatting is free

~ Cons ~ 

❌ There is no mobile version available

❌ The number of female users is low


    Shagle.com is the site that aims to release you from the shackles of wanking alone in your room while everyone else is fisting pussies and eating ass unrestrainedly. While that is its goal, we can’t be sure of anything until my dick has reached so far up the ass of this site that we’ll know if it’s not hiding any dirty secrets that would be fashioned against you getting to release the floodgates of your jizz.

    This video chat site is very deserving of my Shagle review since it claims to be so popular and great. If I don’t like what I see, I’m not gonna stop fucking its ass only when it is as wide as a hallway.

The Ultimate Shagle Machine!

    I’m pretty sure the inspiration for this site came when the creator was having a freaky threesome. He was shagging while getting to gargle on some huge nuts in his mouth at the same damn time. Whatever the case, this video site claims to be one of the most popular of the kind of sites that connect you with random strangers who are also signed up and looking for someone to have live conversations with.

    The homepage of the site features a model with no clothes on, only a sunglass on. She’s holding two pineapples to cover her tits and suddenly I wish it was both my nuts that she was using instead. The homepage’s design is very modern and they start you off with a question asking for your gender. If you’re joining the site as a couple then there is that option as well. Just be sure your wife doesn’t mind you seeing other women without her wanting to use her biggest strap-on in your ass as punishment.

    At the bottom of the screen, they have some statistics that they hope would look like plump titties to potential people that want to sign up. They claim to have 3 million monthly users, 100 thousand daily users, and 5.9 million users that have joined. If that is true then that will be impressive. But for all we know these numbers were pulled out of the underwear of the site’s creator and they don’t reflect the site at all.

    I was genuinely curious so I went to check out their traffic stats and just as I suspected, they were lying. They do get a lot of visitors but it’s not as much as what they’re bragging about on the homepage. This is like sex chatting with a girl and telling her that you have a 12-inch dick ready to ram her pussy into oblivion and when the two of you meet you pull out your micro dick and hope that she doesn’t notice the missing inches.

Mingle And Shagle Today!

    On sites like these, it’s not surprising  that the vast majority of users are males looking for any woman at all, even if she’s hideous and has 4 tits. That reminds me of other sites that don’t have a gender filter so you’ll have to look into the eyes and sometimes the dick of a random guy that is just as disappointed to see you as you are to see him. Thankfully, Shagle manages to deliver a gender filter even though the number of girls here is low as fuck.

    To begin video chatting with a stranger, all you need to do is click on “start” and you’ll be instantly connected with a random person. The person could end up having a face that was made for radio so you may want to end the call as soon as it begins. But if you’re here to genuinely hold deep conversations and make friends, then I don’t think it’ll bother you even though they end up looking like Shrek on a bad day.

    If you’re one of those conspiracy nuts who believe that the government is spying on your large collection of sex toys through your camera then you’ll probably not wanna be on a site like this. But Shagle accounts for folks like you by having an option for chatting with people while your camera is off. The only snag is that you’re not gonna be able to chat with other users who have their Cam on. So, you could be sex chatting with a 90-year-old horny perverted woman and you wouldn’t know it.

    For the most part, the site is free to use but since we live in a capitalist world, they make sure to hide away some of their attractive features that are only meant for paying members. For example, you can use their country filter if you only wanna talk to people from a certain country after subscribing. A weekly membership plan is gonna cost you $6.99 while a monthly membership plan would be $19.99. This site clearly wants your money to talk for you before you can enjoy video chatting on a higher level.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Shagle

    Although other sites like Chatroulette offer similar services with more users than Shagle I think this is still a pretty neat site to have for the sake of diversity and keeping things spicy. They don’t have a lot of girls here but if you’re the patient type then you’ll be connected with a girl after a little while waiting. So, if you’re in search of another community to join while retaining your regular video chatting site, then I would recommend Shagle to you.

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