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Free Site

SexyAI Review

~ Pros ~

Free in the main

Advanced options

You can generate limitless images

~ Cons ~

❌ Paying clients get the best

❌ Image generating software loves to fuck up

❌ Wack site design


    AI is hella smart and getting ever smarter by the second. But is AI sexy? Well, no, but AI sure can help you create stuff so sexy you’re gonna forget that you have been an XVideos Red member of excellent standing, well before coochies learned to get wet on woody approach or risk getting the destructive friction treatment!

    There really is a site by the name of Sexy.ai and it seems like the site owner has been beating off to AI chicks for so long that he’s got 1 foot and 4 toes in the grave! Poor guy! He better come get a vial of the immortality potion that drips off ThePornGuy cock!
Here is my Sexy.ai review. Read it and weep, because there’s a sexy AI out there that’s on a mission to drain your ball sack and nothing’s gonna stop it from terminating your cum reservoirs!

Sexy On The Cheap!

    Sexy.ai has a very unimpressive homepage. Hell, the shaven asshole of a termite is more entertaining than the homepage I am staring at right now!

    A kind of deep blue is the background color and the only remotely entertaining stuff on the homepage is the slideshow of AI chicks, dudes, and animals. Under this is a Generate icon, plus an advanced options menu that has stuff like Subseed Strength slider, CFG scale slider, and that sort of stuff that’s unintelligible to most of my readers. That said, the advanced options here are less than what I have seen on similar sites and you don’t have to mess with them if you don’t want to. Plus you can toggle the advanced options menu on and off and that cleans up the homepage a lot.

    Additional user options include Images, Videos, and Library tabs at the top right of the homepage, and over on the top left is a sign up menu. Tapping this lets you sign up or sign in, view your account, follow this site on social media, see what they got on the merch store, and subscribe to their Patreon. The merch store has stuff like stickers, shirts, hoodies, and socks for sale and there weren’t more than 10 items there, which is a laugh.

    Sexy.ai has a subreddit with 236 members, of whom 6 were online at the time of this review. They are quite active there, posting daily and you can bet your twangy pee hole that they are active on Twitter as well! The stuff they post there sure is eye candy to the limit, but they have only been on Twitter since July 2023 and have made 50 posts so far, which isn’t exactly spectacular.

    Anyway, registering here is free and easy and all you gotta do is input the code they sent to your email. Once you do that, you can regard yourself as a card-carrying member and walk around town with your shoulders up by an extra 2 inches!

    The free plan here lets you generate unlimited images, which is appreciated. You can also generate 2 images at the same time. But there are paid plans, with the first being priced at $14.99 monthly and the second leaving your wallet $29.99 lighter. Via the two paid plans, you can express your tangible support to the fucker running this site and his able pecker. Paying for access here also makes sure that your images get generated quicker than those of the poor folks on free membership. Plus paid plans let you generate videos, which sure is peachy.

    As for the rest of the site features, the Images tab takes you to the same images that are on the homepage, with the Videos and Library tabs being more useless than I would be in the labor room! Actually though, you gotta be a Pro member to use the video-generating feature and that sucks bad dick.

Sexy Like A Dream Bitch!

    Remember the slideshow of images atop the Sexy.ai homepage? Well, it turns out that you can’t examine these in detail, never mind right-clicking and saving them. Plus there are less than 40 of them, which is so few that it should be a crime.

    I was expecting a library full of sexy AI images I could gawk at, but for sure it’s like Sexy.ai thinks I am being unreasonable and would rather that I create chicks I can ogle at leisure. Plus it turns out that the library here can only contain images you created and I set out to do just that. All that was needed was to enter my preferred terms into a box and fiddle with the advanced settings. I entered thicc, beautiful, realistic, black, big ass and boobs into the box, and in less than 15 seconds I had a couple of glossy images.

    Both had massive backsides and one appeared to be male. Yeah, it seems that because I failed to enter “female” into the box that would determine the characteristics of the AI models I was creating, the system took the liberty of making one of the models male and the other female. Both don’t look too good to be honest and were too obviously fake. And just looking at the bent-over dude with a backside bigger than the defense budget got me feeling all nauseous.

    So, I went back and generated other images of Latinas that turned out better. But for some reason, while I requested that my Latina models have small tits and ass, the chicks I ended up creating had big booties. But these were not as big as the first set of models. It turned out that because there was “thicc” in the description box, the Latina chicks I was creating were getting haunches like cows. Replacing thicc with “slim” got me what I wanted.

    However, these images all had glaring faults and it was too easy to see that they could not possibly be real. Changing the ethnicity of the models to Asian failed to correct matters. For sure the image-generating software here needs some work and anyone of you who saw the massive woody -it looked like a massive banana- on the supposedly white and slim chick I generated would join me in burning down Elon Musk’s favored bordello!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Sexy.ai

    Sexy.ai is like a ho with no teeth. Sure she gives great BJs, but you can only fuck her mouth so much before her sunken cheeks get you thinking she looks like your grandma and needs to go fall off a cliff!

    I can’t recommend this site for all the well-cooked poon and spice-dipped ladyboy bits in Thailand!

SexyAI, SexyAI

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