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SexTubeSpot Review

~ Pros ~

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotThousands of gay porn videos to choose from

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotGood quality gay porn

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotOffers different types of gay porn to choose from

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotYou can easily mark your favorite gay porn videos

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotYou can easily preview the porn videos

~ Cons ~ 

sextubespot, SexTubeSpot

Site is not well organized

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotVideos are not offered in many options

sextubespot, SexTubeSpotThe site is not regularly updated

    With a name like SexTubeSpot, you can be pretty sure that such a site is not selling blankets and teddy bears for the needy! This site does fulfill a need though and that is to extract as much cum as it can from gay porn lovers whose cocks are feeling all itchy!

    So, is the one and is it worth getting your drawers in a bother over? Read our review and find out for yourself.

Sex In A Tube Just As It Should Be!

    We give the folks over at SexTubeSpot a thumbs up over their site design. This is clean and functional, though the dark color of the homepage might not appeal to all. The obligatory search bar is present, plus site login and sign up options. Tabs include Videos, Categories, Photos, Channels, Playlists, Community, Gay Live Cam, and Upload. The latter grants upload privileges to site members, with membership being free.

    The default homepage is crammed with video thumbnails. These comprise videos from the Latest category, though an option beneath the Upload button makes it possible to display the Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Commented and Top Favorite videos on the homepage.

    Video previews are allowed here and all you need to do to make that happen is to hover a mouse cursor on any video. Videos are in HD quality and feature titles, plus tags that indicate the date they were uploaded, how many people have seen and upvoted them, plus their run time. Run times appear to be short, though there are a few videos that go over the thirty-minute mark.

Hot Sex In A Tube!

    As you might know, we are a porn review site. That means we get to watch lots of XXX videos, but we are prepared to swear that we do not enjoy it and the fact that our penises get hard and leak fluids like a rusty pipe is wholly coincidental!

    So we previewed a few vids on this porn site. One had a title that said Gay Porn 292 and showed two total hunks kissing and making out. We couldn’t help but feel envious. Lucky fellas them. We then clicked the Categories tab, which had options like Amateur, Anal, Raw Fucking, Asians, Blowjob, Black, Finger, Fetish, Outdoor, and Twinks.

    The Raw Fucking category was what we mostly focused on, with available titles being stuff like Oldie Man Fucks His Office Boys, Teenager Receives Warm Load After Bareback Papa Banging, and Blonde Cock Lover Nude Pounded By Ripped Neighbor. We watched these and more and boy, we saw enough cock thrusts to knock down the walls of Jericho afresh!

What We Think

    This site has all the free content you can handle, though these are mostly on the short side. Video playback is smooth as old sin and content updates appear to happen often. Overall, SexTubeSpot appears to know how to put you in a spot where you can do nothing more than free your cock and enjoy the onscreen action like a boss!