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SexStories Review

~ Pros ~

✅ You can pick your kinky story by genre or theme

✅ 100% free, hell yeah!

✅ It offers some really unusual content with tons of categories

✅ Content is regularly updated and there is so many fucking stories!

✅ Its ad free

✅ The stories are uncensored so you will hear some messed up shit

~ Cons ~

❌ The site design is so poor

❌ That blue background is almost unbearable


    Most folks love watching porn vids or scrolling through nude and slutty pics. Watching such content does not require much thinking or brainpower and you simply have to lose yourself to what is displayed onscreen and cum like you mean to take over the world!

    While porn vids, images, and GIFs are rad and do a sweet job of evacuating all the cum we can spare, some folks do get off on reading sex stories. Even if you aren’t much of a reader, such stories can teach you a few tricks about XXX and the world at large and are quite suitable for jerking off to.

    Today, we are reviewing a site that offers all the sex stories this planet could ever need! It is known simply as SexStories.com and has more than a few writers who can write stuff that could make you snort cum out of your nostrils!
Well, here’s our SexStories.com review.

All The Sex Stories In The World!

    The Sex Stories homepage is one of the worst looking our eyes have been unfortunate to see! It seemed to have been designed sometime in the late 90s and has never been improved since. The background is of a deep blue color that makes us think of hospitals and some time is needed to figure out how everything here works. The background color can be tweaked from blue to white by clicking the Skin tab at the far left of the page.

    The top left of the homepage has a sign in and login tab, while the top right has links to a few XXX sites. Overall, we certainly are not impressed by the homepage design and think a one-eyed goat hooked up on an oxygen machine and with a leg tied behind its back could do better!

Stories Full Of Sex All Day Long!

    There is a Home, Forum, Last Updates, Authors List, Search, FAQ and Contact Us tabs on the top left corner of the homepage. A little way below these are a selection of the different genres supported on this platform. This includes Diary, Fantasm, Fiction, News, Poem and Sex Joke, with the number of content each genre has been displayed next to it.

    Right beneath the Genre tab is the Themes tab. This has a long list of supported themes like Alien, Anal, BDSM, Bestiality, Drug, Enema, Erotica, Mature, Torture and Toys.

    The homepage itself has a vertical list of top-rated content compiled over the last 30 days. Each has its title, the name of the writer, the time of submission, the rating, number of views and genre displayed.

    Sample titles include The Lost Tribe Part 7, Home on the Range, Daughter Really Wants Some Daddy Cock, and I became A Whore For Animal. We clicked the Rape tab on the Theme list and read some things that made our hairs stand on end, while our cocks twitched with abandon!

    Once you select a sex story, you can increase or decrease the font size all you like, and upvote or downvote it whether you are a member or not. However, only members can make comments on each story. Should a story have content that you deem inappropriate, you can easily click the Report tab and let the site owners know.

What We Think

    We are not really readers, but there are simply so many stories here that we are resolved to start reading a few a day. Everything here is free, most content is riveting and the variety is simply awesome. There’s a strong community here and a very active forum of readers and writers too.

    Overall, regardless of sub-par site design, SexStories.com has the potential to make your time on earth so much pleasant.

sex stories sites

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