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sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumsexfetishforum, SexFetishForum sexfetishforum, SexFetishForum sexfetishforum, SexFetishForum sexfetishforum, SexFetishForum




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SexFetishForum Review

~ Pros ~

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumHas sex portal, fetish portal, sexy porn portal, make friends etc

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumIt has a bunch of educational content on fetishes

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumTons of categories like incest, BDSM, asian, sex machines, anal etc

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumRegistration is free and easy

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumIt has lots of content and a shit load of categories

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForum There is no spam or ad’s

~ Cons ~

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumYou are restricted watching and downloading videos unless you pay

sexfetishforum, SexFetishForumThe site isn’t very colorful or appealing

    So far as we know, everyone but your virgin aunt likes sex. Everyone is busy doing it too, while acting like they have never seen a wet cunt or hard cock before. Hypocrites all!

    For some though, sex is not a cure-all for what ails them down below. People like these like sex, but like fetishes far more. These fetishes range from the mundane to the more extreme and cover all aspects of human imagination and desire.

    Are you into fetishes? Then thank your lucky stars because we have been given marching orders to review a fetish forum today. This forum has the expressive name of SexFetishForum and is not the kind of place you visit if you don’t have a strong stomach and eyes that can forgive anything under the sun!

All About Sex And Fetishes

    We commend the site owners for their site logo. This is at the top of the page and shows a curvy babe with her hands handcuffed behind her back. We wouldn’t mind in the least if such a babe bound us hand and foot and sat on our faces for the rest of the week!

    A search bar is at the right if you need it, with login options at the far right. Registration is free here, so you can sign up even if you don’t have a couple of pennies to call your own.

    Well, the site design on this site does not present many surprises. The background color is off-white and we like the design, though it bears strong resemblances to other forum homepages.

    At the extreme left, you will see a small list of fetish and BDSM sites, plus porn review sites. Like just about all adult forums, the smut here is arranged in sections. All sections have their own sub-sections and the total number of posts and topics, plus the last poster is displayed right on the homepage.

    The sections here are the News, Extreme Fetish Portal, Extreme Sex Portal, General Fetish Portal, and the General Sexy Porn Portal. Site statistics are featured on the bottom of the page where they are usually found.

The Sex In The Fetish

    As this is a fetish-focused forum and we are not really into fetishes, we took time to fortify ourselves with some vodka before diving into all that this site has to offer fetish fans. Do disregard the News section as it is about making friends, and talking about sexual and non-sexual matters.

    The Extreme Fetish Portal has a BDSM Board, Foot Fetish and Fighting Board sub-sections, but we didn’t spend much time there. We instead focused most of our attention on the Extreme Sex Portal section. This had all that a fetish lover could wet-dream over, with the sub-sections dealing with pissing, farting, fisting, incest, medical fetishes, and sex machines.

    The fart sub-section had titles like Fart Fantasy Specially For You, Smelly Farts in Your Face, Farting in Brazil- Femdom Style and Miss Lizz- Farting Ass In Jeans. We could practically smell the fumes just from clicking on these and other fart-related threads and had to fumigate our office afterward!

    We found more traditional stuff in the General Sexy Porn Portal section. This had sub-sections full of images and movies of teens, lactating moms, JAV, mature babes, hairy girls, celebs, and more showing off their body beautiful and doing the nasty. There’s also a hentai porn sub-section here, which had hentai content aplenty, plus adult video games with titles like Beach Vacation, Blooming Love and Spaced Out.

    No content is hosted on, Downloads are only possible via third party sites.

What We Think

    For freaks and perverts, SexFetishForum is the bomb! It has loads of fetish and kinky categories, including many we have not come across in our lives and is well designed and optimized. It also has content of a more traditional nature, which is for those who are not into fetishes and like their sexual activities to be simple and cum-milking to the limit!

    We love what we see and there are no complaints on our side, though we wish the site at least hosted some of its content. So, what’s your poison? SexFetishForum seems to have it!