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Sexalarab Review

~ Pros ~


Clean site design

Lots of quality content

Lots of user options

Both videos and image galleries available

Easy to use- if you know the language that is

Videos are full-length or almost

Videos are dubbed in Arabic and perfect for Arab needs

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No language option

❌ Constant pop-up ads

❌ Very possible that site has malware

❌ Specifically tailored to the needs of an Arab audience

❌ Poor update frequency


    The typical Arab guy has 4 wives and many concubines and stuffs his face with more pussy per night than lots of us here. These guys love to fuck and sin with girls they are not married to, and then act all holy in public as if the sun shines with vigor out of their puckered backsides. For Christ’s sake, what’s the hypocrisy and pretense for? Like if you want to do what your religion and your society forbids, at least do it with your chest and stop acting all holy and upright when it is time for prayers.

    Anyway, based on personal observation, Arab guys and girls probably do it more than most horny American teens at the school field after dark. That might be because they are more repressed and more curious, as well as more eager to experiment. There are loads of XXX sites out there dealing exclusively in Arab porn and the genre got a rather big boost with the arrival of the great and esteemed Mia Khalifa. You could say she helped put Arab XXX on the map and deserves a Nobel peace prize for that!

    Now, the reason I have been ranting so far is that I have an Arab XXX site to review today. Called Sexalarab.com, it has pro-level content rather than amateur stuff and these are all of high quality. Here’s my Sexalarab.com review. Read it and get to wondering which of them Arab sluts you see in the streets wants your dick in her so bad she’s leaving a trail of liquid as she walks to work!

Classic Simplicity, Anal Exorcism

    Sexalarab employs the classic website design that you and I must have seen a billion and one times and will likely see a few billion times more. You get the usual white homepage background filled with content thumbnails, plus tabs at the top of the page and sorting options at the left side of it. Unfortunately, the default language here is Arabic and there are no language options in place to let you tweak this. As regards the white website background color, this can be changed to a more night-friendly black using an option at the top left of the homepage.

    Now, the top of this Arab XXX site has a black border and within this are the site logo and tabs. The logo is the site name written in fancy script. The middle top of the page hosts a search bar, while the far right has the page background color tab I already mentioned, plus another tab that lets you either register or sign in. Registration is free, requiring just an email and a password, but it makes little sense to sign up if you can’t speak the language.

    Now, the tabs on show don’t make much make sense when translated with Yandex Translate, but let’s try to dig into them a bit. Starting from the right of the page, the first three tabs are Models, Categories, and Albums. The Models tab has images of models like Nick Moreno, Ginebra Bellucci, Stacy Snake and Maddy May. A single click on any of this lets you see a short bio of the model concerned, as well as stuff that he/she has starred in that’s on the site.

    For some reason, the Categories tab had far less content than I supposed it would. Listed categories include HD Sex, Sex Sisters, Lesbian Sex and Translated Series. The Album tab on the other hand is filled with hi-res image galleries.

    The rest of the tabs are Sex Translator, Sex Moms, Sex Incest, Series, Latest Movies, Best Movies, and Top View and these do what they say. At the left of the page are more XXX categories, as well as a list of the best XXX performers like Ginebra Bellucci, Amber Moore, Uma Jolie, and Maddy May.

Credible Pussy Threats

    Sexalarab.com does seem legit, but for your peace of mind be sure to activate your PC security system before visiting it. It was like every click on this site got my Anti Virus software working hard to justify its existence. My Anti Virus kept popping up warnings about the site, telling me it had saved and was saving me from phishing scams and other threats. I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but you better have your PC security system all active, or the site might teach you some regrettable lessons that you will surely blame on yours truly.

    Anyway, we are all here to get laid in our oiled fists, right? Good. So let me continue with my review. Now, video thumbnails on the site are of regular size and have a title, runtime, approval rating, number of views, the date they were uploaded, and an indication as to quality. Like some have HD stamped on them telling you that you can watch the action in HD and cum better than you might when massaging your oiled sausage in tune with 480p onscreen action.

    Even better, videos all play a preview when a cursor comes over them. Plus videos on average are over half an hour long. Update frequency is not that good though, with from 4-2 new videos added daily.

    So, I happened to fall into the Best Videos section with titles like Treasure In The Ass- Angela White, Designer Hungry For Nick Altrez, and Gaping Sinners. A fair number of videos in this section have to do with pretty girls getting their ass gaped by monster cocks, which is something I am sure Arab guys love to bits. You can almost imagine that they have a pathological hatred for assholes not their own, and long to see these destroyed by oak tree woodies, though I am almost sure I am mistaken!

    As to be expected, I fapped a little bit during this review. One was to a 35-minute long video titled Cum In My Tight Ass that came from the stables of Blacked. It opened with a blonde and cute girl with tiny boobs being fucked on a bed by a black dude. Dialogue in this and all other videos on this site are dubbed in Arabic, and this makes sense because Arabs are the main -if not the only- audience.

    The sex thing soon developed into the girl getting fucked by two black fellas, both of whom have the kind of cocks that would send any self-respecting escort running for the hills and straight into a convent! Them guys fucked every hole this slut had and I wish I could tell you she was a gibbering wreck by the end, but that is not true, as this girl looked able to keep going for a few hours at the least!

    Videos on this Arab site all come with a description and can be both commented on and rated. They are also equipped with lots of tags. The embedded video player is basic but does the job and permits the selection of content quality according to user taste and data availability.

What I Think

    Sexalarab is meant for Arabs only and the rest of the world be damned. It has lots and lots of quality photos and videos, though the update frequency is not exactly remarkable. Just like on MBC 2 and other Arab-focused sites, dialogue on every video here is dubbed in Arabic, and that must have been hard to pull off.

    If you are an Arab or know the language at least, then I can confidently say that few other XXX sites can match the capabilities and content capacity of Sexalarab com. If you are not an Arab and don’t know the language, then be aware that this site will frustrate the shit out of you and is simply not worth the stress.

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