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SexAflam Review

~ Pros ~

Most videos are in HD

Full-length porn movies available

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No multiple-language option is available

❌ Pop up Ads on Steroids

❌ No alphabetical category

❌ Some videos are blocked


    Sexaflam-the porn site with a pretty non-generic name that is actually as generic as it truly gets, but in disguise. I’m very sure if you’re a season ticket-holding fapper then you already know what Sex is. Now throw in “Aflam” and you’ve got yourself a translation that is basically Sex film or Sex movie. See what I mean about generic yeah?

    Today The Porn Guy will be going right east to explore if this Arabian porn site; Sexaflam.com is worthy of a visit or several visits of the wanking variety to your down south area. I’ve come with my tools and extra lotion for safe measure so join me for this Sexaflam review and be sure to hope this journey doesn’t leave our privates drier than the Arabian desert after.

Peeking into Sexaflam for the first time!

    If you’re on an Arabian porn site for the first time you’ll never know what to expect am I right? Luckily you have an expert wanker showing you the ropes. If you don’t understand Arabic you’re in for a culture shock right up your dick hole when you first get on the homepage of Sexaflam.

    Everything, from the video captions to the porn site’s name is written in the Arabic script so what you want to do when you see that is quickly find the part of your browser’s settings that will automatically translate everything on the screen for you just like I’ve done here.

    After figuring out translations you can finally get to take in this website properly much like your favorite porn star actress with her monster-sized dildo. They’ve got some impressive features like a sliding section showing mostly new porn videos called Featured Porn Movies. You’ll also notice that the background color on the porn site is automatically set to Black when you wonder why your eyes aren’t burning.

    After the sliding section, below that is a sea of non-sliding thumbnails in the section called; Sex Movies. These videos are out front on the homepage but if you want to really go deeper then there’s the option that is noticeably one of the only things written in English even without automatic translation on the homepage. It’s called; See All.

    Using my highly advanced fapping browser I can see the sheer amount of pop-up ads that is being blocked in real time. So you’ll be better advised to make sure your Adblocker is on and fully capable because if not, browsing on Sexaflam would feel like a rough ride through a field of genital warts.

Diving deeper into Sexaflam

    After the sneak peek into the curtains of Sexaflam, I am ready and pumped up for an uncensored full view. This is where we will see if this porn site has what it takes to impress the jizz right out of us.

    The menu isn’t your regular type. Instead of categories and other features on display, Sexaflam offers you a direction to; Main, Japanese sex, Foreign sex, Romantic movies, and Sex movies. This porn site contains videos from other porn sites like Xvideos and others.

    Most of these sections mentioned have the same videos. I opened Romantic movies thinking I’m about to see full-length videos of gentlemen holding out flowers and treating their bitches like a flower but it’s pretty much just regular sluts being fucked without a backstory.

    Some of the videos that are being shown to me, they’re more of a “Look but don’t touch yourself” type. How? I’ve wanted to watch several porn videos in the romantic movies section and they tell me that the video has been deleted while others show that Sexaflam has been blocked from displaying the video by the original hosting porn site.

    If you do find the video that works you’ll have to deal with an Ad that is 25 seconds or longer. It’s not all bad since they allow you to skip the Ad after 5 seconds. Our heroes! What next they’re gonna cut the video off when it gets to the good part? After you deal with that you’ll finally be shown the porn video of your choice. The only issue is that you’ll probably be beating your meat angrily by now thanks to how uncomfortable they make it here.

    They try to make up for all that crap with some unnecessary synopsis that has too little information about the porn actress I wanna watch but has a lot of information about the type of cock doing the drilling in the video. For the video I’m watching the synopsis is a little too focused on describing a hairy cock in shocking detail. The other part that shows the cast and director is probably written in invisible ink since every video I am watching has nothing listed in that part.

What The Porn Guy Thinks of Sexaflam

    Usually, Arabian porn sites are useful for adding some spice to your typical bland and crusty daily wanks especially when the contents are HD and there’s a shit ton of them available to watch for free. Sexaflam almost ticks all the right boxes before it begins to tick you off. The constant barrage of pop-up ads and regular in-video ads seen while trying to enjoy a wank add up to feel like you’re tied to the balls and you’re being dragged across the hot desert. I wouldn’t even recommend this porn site to a desperate wanker.

SexAflam, SexAflam

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