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~ Pros ~

Ads-free at last

Fast-loading videos

Easy to navigate

Familiar website design

Highly Personalized Experience

Free sign-up for cheapskates

~ Cons ~

❌ It’s extremely unoriginal


    Just in case you thought Sex.com is about fishing, I’m here to burst your bubble so you’ll be well-guided when you wanna bust a nut. So, rub your nuts and lick your lips you pervs, for this porn site is the quickest answer to every horny person that has eyes for seeing, fingers for typing, and a throbbing wish to spank the monkey more violently than Tarzan at his local Jungle BDSM club.

    To be clear, yes, sex.com is indeed about sex. The owners of this iconic domain have an interesting backstory that involves law cases, theft of domain ownership, settlements, and extradition from Mexico. But who in the hell cares at this moment? I’m already on the main page of the TikTok-looking porn site seeing the kinda NSFW videos and pictures that take the blood away from the brain to the dick. So, dust your privates and get real comfy because this review is gonna be as brutally honest as trying to tell Tarzan that he might have a problem.

Sex.com as TikTok’s Step Sister

    Sex.com isn’t like the popular tube porn sites that you’re used to. The design of the website looks suspiciously similar to the TikTok app. I feel like I am meeting TikTok’s step-sister and she’s identical but way more sluttier. Now all I need is for her to get stuck halfway in the washing machine and call for me.

    So yeah, picture TikTok’s “For You Page” but instead of seeing random videos of random shit, on Sex.com, you get pure unfiltered sex baby! I can see a video on my FYP of a chick rimming a guy like she’s trying to find some gold in there. I swipe up and now I’m shown a whole new wank-able video. If you’re a greedy fucker like me you’ll want to see more content from the sexy girl. So you can just click on her profile picture to take you to her page on the porn site. Expect to see the section for content sale as well as the section for free short videos and links to her other social media accounts on her profile. The usual shit you’d expect to be honest.

    If you’re the curious type, the search icon on the main page is gonna be more smashed in than your favorite porn star on a Friday night. The girls with the highest amount of perverts following them are shown for your selection in the Creators section. The other sections are Tags and Media. Hit the search for the tag #bigtitties to get lost in the videos showing enormous fun bags or you can get as creative as you want. The Media section basically shows you the latest videos and pictures being posted in real-time.

    All these girls I’m seeing are mostly millennials and +18 teenagers so don’t come in here looking for some old hag that’ll tease you with her history lessons or cosplay as your grandma. You can get the chance to comment, follow, like, and even bookmark these young minxes videos but you’re gonna need to sign up to do all of that. Signing up needs your Email address so be sure to whip that out if you wanna have a hornier time on this porn site.

Porn Pictures on the Go!

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Fuck that, a picture on sex.com is worth a thousand faps. It’s like OnlyFans had a secret baby with TikTok in here. Fun fact; this porn site was once referred to as Pornterest because of how the porn site was similar to Pinterest back then. Apparently, the fast-thinking owners of Sex.com have always had a fetish for copying whatever social website is popular. I’m not here to judge anyone, I’m just here to wank.

    If you click on the picture icon that is on the main page, you get taken to another section for their hottest sluts who post fiery nudes, semi-nudes, and customized pictures. You can literally see a post that allows you to add your name to the girl's pictures. Now you can have your government name on her big gorgeous titties and ass as you’re wanking like the modern man you are.

    Just like with the section for watching the videos, you just gotta keep swiping up to see some new shit. Mercifully, I cannot see a single Ad so I’m almost shedding a happy tear right now. No, I don’t wanna see an Ad for some new and improved blow-up doll 3000, I wanna see a pic of Jannyxxx here taking dick like she’s a cum-guzzling maniac on steroids.

    Anyway, you might still be wondering if the pictures on Sex.com are even worth a single drop of your pre-cum, and the short answer to that is maybe. It’s not every girl’s picture or pose you’re gonna fall in love with but when you do find the sexy content makers of your wet dreams, you gotta hold them close, tip them well, kneel, and hope they will never find the right therapist to cure em’ of their many, many daddy issues.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Sex.com

    Sex.com definitely wins the battle for epic domain names but does it have what it takes to be alongside the porn sites you should check out? I’ve consulted very closely with my dick and Ladies and Gentlemen, the verdict is yes. While this porn site may be as original as Mia Khalifa's huge tits, you’ll still be very entertained with the huge number of truly sexy GenZ and millennial creators, posting the right type of content and serving this country proudly online, one wank at a time.

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