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SarapBabe Review

~ Pros ~


Simple and intuitive site design

~ Cons ~

❌ Poor quality videos

❌ Videos are short in length

❌ Site features less than average

❌ Video titles not in English

❌ Relatively few videos


    Being an amateur at something is seriously looked down upon these days. It really shouldn’t be the case, since everyone is an amateur at something that others are experts at. Anyway, in the world of porn, being an amateur at sex does not carry that much of a penalty as does being an amateur in the construction or service sectors. That is why a hod carrier might earn a hundred bucks a day, while an amateur porn star can get $5,000 or more for a few minutes of on-camera work.

    Now, there are of course lots of cum-scraping sites that focus on amateur sex. The amateur section at XVideos and Pornhub also see a lot of use, as I and the bucket of cum under my bed can testify! I will be reviewing an Asian amateur XXX site today filled with wide-eyed teens and sluts getting their kidneys and uterus caressed by Asian cocks that mostly look like earthworms!. Here’s my Sarapbabe.com review and
may it gift you with the kind of boner you need in your life right now!

A Babe & More!

    Sarapbabe has an average homepage in place. It is frankly unappealing and the sort of thing you see kids put together for a high school project they might get a C+ for. The site background color is off-white bordered by gray and the homepage is filled with video thumbnails that are so small you need to squint a little to see what they say. These do not play their content when cursors hover over them.

    There are some tabs at the top. The Home, Contact, and the Categories tabs are the only two that are useful, while the rest leads you offsite to XXX game and porn review sites. A search bar is next to these tabs, but it is next to useless because there’s no popular pornstar on the site to be searched for, mainly because the site is focused on amateur poon. There’s also a Chat function at the right part of the homepage and to use this you have to input your name and message, with this being broadcast to all comers. This feature is present on every page.

    The Categories tab has image thumbnails hosting categories like Pinay, Big Boobs, Teen, Viet, and Malay. There’s even a TikTok category filled with 9 videos of Asian sluts showing all or some of their assets on social media.

    Stuff loads fast here and it is super-easy to use overall. But there’s a considerable lack of eye candy, but that won’t matter to you if you don’t want it to.

Sara P's Content

    Sarapbabe.com like I have said a million times is focused on amateur action taking place in the Far East. There are 167 pages of content, with around 28 videos per page. This is not much till you consider that the stuff here probably cannot be found anywhere else.

    Video titles are mostly not in English. Most of these combine English with Asian words and are as understandable as Egyptian cuneiform tablets. Or nearly!

    I was impressed with the speed it took videos to load here. Even better, they play smoothly without any buffering. Unfortunately, video quality is mostly below average and I don’t think there’s a single HD video in the collection. Even worse, video quality is not adjustable and the video player is a very basic affair. Videos are also short and most are around a couple of minutes.

    It would have been great having sorting options that take you to the longest, newest, and most rated videos, but that wasn’t available. Videos also lack a detailed description, though I am unsure as to whether they really need it. At least, practically every video here can be easily and speedily downloaded via an embedded download button and that is something to cheer about.

What I Think of SarapBabe

    Frankly, there’s precious little that recommends Sarapbabe. The site looks dated and colorless, and it has less than 5K videos of low and ultra-low quality, with these being of the short but intense kind. Still, it is free and the content is mostly if not totally unique.

    If you are one of those folks who get their jollies watching Thai, Indonesian and Malay sluts get their fat pussies pounded to mush, I can be persuaded to recommend Sarapbabe. But you are bound to find better-looking and sweeter-tasting stuff on big sites like XVideos and Pornhub.

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