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RusPorno Review

~ Pros ~

RusPorno, RusPornoCool Russian porn

RusPorno, RusPornoLots of Russian sex

RusPorno, RusPornoUsers can comment and rate content

RusPorno, RusPornoIn HD

RusPorno, RusPorno Clear descriptions

~ Cons ~ 

RusPorno, RusPornoOnly Russian porn

RusPorno, RusPornoRendered in Russian

RusPorno, RusPornoNo previews of the clips

    Russian porn sites are about as unusual as fish and chips in England. Still, we were  astonished at the reach of a site like Rusporno.XXX. For one, it is the prettiest Russian porn site we have seen this year, and secondly, it is more polished than most Russian XXX sites can dream of.

    But is this a one-hit-wonder or is it really worth the hype? Time to read on and find out like a proper fap killer!

Cumming Like A Russian Made Easy!

    We would be interested in hiring the design team that put together the Rusporno homepage. It employs the most interesting colors and has the most eye-catching video thumbnails showing just about every sexual act invented over the last hundred years.

    There’s the typical search bar and login options on the top right of the page, while main tabs take up position at the far left. These tabs are the Home, Categories, Pornstars and a link to ThePornDude.

    Also listed on the left is an excellent compilation of XXX categories. The number of videos in each category is indicated too, with categories ranging from anal sex to blondes and big booty. These categories stretch nearly the entire length of the homepage.

Vids Of Life

     Sorry for not mentioning this earlier, but Russian is the default site language on this XXX site. Changing this is about as possible as lassoing the moon and turning it into cheese. Still, that is a minor inconvenience at the most.

    Homepage vids on the site play a lil bit once you hover a cursor on them. Apart from a title, their playtime and accumulated views are listed. Most vids show amateurs getting all nasty, but there are some professional vids of sexperts doing the do and vocalizing their pleasure.

    Vids on the homepage are arranged into the Now Watching and Newest Video sections. The latter appeared to be more interesting and so we dropped into high gear and headed right for it.

    Sample titles in this section include The New Look, Read More With Rebecca Love Anal Sex and Stacy Snake Masturbation. The said Stacy Snake proved to be a leggy beauty with small but pointy boobs and a shaven pussy we eye-fucked to bits! Her 17-minutes long vid involved her touching all her holes and boobies and she was the first vid on this site that we came to.

    We weren’t in the least done though and went searching in the main categories section. After much debate we clicked the Interracial section, which had vid upon vid of Latinas, Asian and blonde bitches getting hammered half to death by BBCs that could pass for adult pythons! Poor girls and how their cunts got redder and redder as the cocks pounded home with squishing sounds!

     Regarding content quality, just about all vids here are in HD. Most vids are over 20 minutes long and can be downloaded with just a single click.

What We Think

    Rusporno.XXX left our cocks so impressed they were still standing at attention for hours after! There’s tons of quality porn here of all categories, some of which are exclusive to the site. Ads and the lack of language options are the only things we dislike here.
    Overall, Rusporno seems to have it all figured out and gets two thumbs up!