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Rule34Porn Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of high quality animation

A huge library of videos

Awesome parodies

Huge tags wall

Fast loading speed

~ Cons ~

❌ Still has popup Ads around

❌ Could Increase their comic collection


    When it comes to adult content there really isn’t much that can be done that hasn’t been done already, I mean you can only fuck in so many positions. That’s what we all think but Internet rule 34 is here to prove us wrong and Rule34porn.net is a site that wishes to stretch our imagination.

    Rule 34 says if theres anything that can be Imagined, there’s a porn version of it. And I’ve imagined all kinds of depraved things in my wanking journeys trust me, so I’ll be reviewing this site today to see if they can make my imaginations cum alive hopefully. Here’s my rule34porn review below, if your imagination doesn’t normally run wild you might wanna leave the room, things can easily get out of control.

Animations with No rules or hold backs

    If you think you’ve stretched the fabric of perverted imagination you better hold that thought cause there’s always someone out there that has even gone a step further and has made a porn version of it. I love rule 34 so much that if I become the world ruler today, this rule would be the only rule of law that everyone will follow.

    As a clear evidence that people don’t just want regular porn, this site gets about two million visitors on a monthly basis and about 70% of this visitors constantly re-visit the site to blow some load off. And for good reason there’s no limit to these videos I’ve seen. Yeah hentai videos can get pretty wild but not this wild they can completely turn a harmless toy or cartoon into something so depraved you might never see the world normally again.

    I’ve seen a video of scooby and shaggy fucking Velma in all her holes and filling her up completely with cum till it came out her nostrils and asshole or Jessie from toy story getting fucked by Rex with his dinosaur dick, that’s something you don’t see everyday. This videos may fuck with my childhood memories of this lovely innocent animations but somehow I’m loving very bit of it and it’s giving me such an erection, I didn’t even know when my pants came down and I started stroking my cock.

Nothing here should surprise you

    After busting a quick nut to SpongeBob creampieing sandy and squidward fucking Patrick with all his tentacles somehow Patrick had a fat ass and perfectly round boobs now I can never unsee that, well let’s get back to the review. The site is well designed to make sure all videos are at your finger tips accompanied with free downloads and HD videos, all these are site qualities that’ll make a fapper very giddy.

    The thumbnails on the homepage are not animated so you won’t be seeing any previews, what you can use are the tags that will be on the video which will serve as highlighters for the kind of video it is. The tags could be arranged better cause it just seems like a crazy cat put the tags together, aside from that the site user experience is pretty straight forward enough to navigate while all your blood is flowing away from your brain and down to your genitals.

    The wall of tags on this site is really one of largest I’ve seen among all the porn sites I’ve jerked off to, it’s comparable with the great wall of China. It’s almost about to join the wonders of the world as I can’t imagine how they were able to get these amount of tags in one place. Any character from any movies, cartoons, anime, games I can bet you there’s a 99% chance you’ll find a tag of it. It doesn’t even have to be the main character even side characters are up here as well.

    There are also comics available on the site but this section doesn’t really get any loving there’s barely about thirty comics on there but it’s not surprising who really comes to a porn site to read! Would be better if the updated this section on a regular or just scrap it off all together.

Top perverted artists bring your wet dreams to life

    In previous times when technology wasn’t as advanced, to make these CG animations and parody porn videos really sucked. It turned a lot of people off animation videos cause it seemed like the animation creators should not be in that line of work, there were stick figures that had more life in them.

    But out with the old and in with the new, cause the new animation videos they got now are on a whole new level they could be competing with Disney and pixar. There’s a massive improvement and these artists have perfected the art of sexualizing anything you can think of. And Rule34porn is here to showcase all these wonderful work of art to all of us erotic lovers and fappers.

    Some of these parody videos are done so well that you might start for a second even think they are officially done by the original studio. I’ve seen some adventure time, mickey mouse(inshort all of Disney) ,star wars, Mario, Pokémon, Rick and morty adaptations I had to go and search that it doesn’t officially exist and I never knew. This videos might just be what you need to spice up your masturbation life again.

How the PornGuy concludes on Rule34porn

    If you’re into videos that align with the internet Rule 34, then this is a site you’ll want to be on. Not only does the sites have a whole collection to beat your meat all day to but they quality and level of perversion put Into this animations will give you a boner faster than viagra pills. It’s very recommended from me, it’s worth checking out if you can handle wild fantasies and freaky sex.

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