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RubRankings Review

~ Pros ~



Large range of means to reach escorts and rub merchants

Quality chicks

~ Cons ~

❌  Ads

❌ Escorts not verified

❌ Female escorts only. No male, gay, or trans escorts

❌ No advanced search

❌ No means to rank or review escorts


    Heard of a rub and a tug? You can get it at most massage parlors. But nothing stops you from taking your crush to the cinema, and while decent folks are engrossed with the onscreen action, getting her to pretend she’s flying an alien spaceship and what else is the joystick but your cock, with your balls serving as grenade launchers that can be squeezed to launch fire and brimstone at all opposition!

    Anyway, if you have a steady girl, I bet you try hard to make her happy and that should take the form of banging her so hard she’s not in the mood or condition to go spread her legs for other BBCs. Yeah, once she hands over ownership of that sweet coochie of hers, you better be spending 20 hours of every day being profitably engaged with giving her vag and rectum the relentlessly probing treatment!

    Regardless, if rubs and happy endings from strange and lovely chicks are what makes you happiest, then a site like Rubrankings sure seems tailor-made. Here is my Rubrankings.com review. Read it and weep, while rubbing fat coochie meat for luck of the duck in the muck of the fuck!

The Fucking Rub Of It!

    I am gonna come clean, fellas. Rubrankings.com is an escort site. Sure you can get happy ending massages there, but pussy is the main thing the chicks on this top escort sites 2023 sell. But then that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. And should you feel put off that I made this site sound like the center for all things related to cock rubs and cum explosions, then let me apologize and promise to go home and sin no more with your kissing cousins!

    Now, this place looks okay. It comes with a black background and there’s not a single fancy graphic in sight. Like 99 percent of the screen real estate is dominated by an extensive selection of US states and cities. You tap on these cities to find the chicks who wanna rub your cock for good luck. The sad thing is that services like that are not free and often not safe, and you are liable to bring back lovely STIs if you are not too careful, or too insistent on digging into a baddie raw.

    User options here let you search stuff by keywords and search through states, regions, and provinces. There’s also a FAQ, plus sign-in and sign-up options, as well as an option to create your own escort ad. The FAQ mostly deals with how to pay to post an ad here. You can create an account for free at any time and you only gotta pay if you are getting or looking to get services rather than providing same. Once you sign at the dotted line, the fuckers at Rubrankings will send a message to the email you used to register, but it won’t have a verification link, and that's kind of nonsense.

    Anyway, nothing here stands out. The user options, site design, and everything else are as basic as bobbing for apples at the state fair. But then I guess I might have been expecting a bit too much from this place and other similar places and gotta start chilling out more or something.

Here’s The Rub: She Rocks and Gets Your Rocks Off Like A Cock Fiend!

    Like I said, this place is so basic that I am pretty sure that all of us have been to lots of similar sites lately. When you get an itchy cock and need volumes of ballistic missiles launched out of your artillery piece and into space, you tiptoe into a place like Rubrankings.com, check out the supported states and cities, and choose the one nearest to you if you got a desperate cumming need, or cities farthest to you if you don’t wanna run into someone you know. But you might as well go for the state and city that appears to have the prettiest, boldest and baddest chicks, who talk like they got a cunt they plan on suffocating you with, and a rectum that’s gonna give a permanent right degree bent to your plunging woody!

    Heard of a place called Billings? Yeah, it is in Montana and I thought I was going crazy when I was told it was a real place. There’s a full page of chicks in Billings who wanna get all freaky. All are white and there’s no chocolate flavor to enjoy, not that it matters much since the bitches in Billings are big booty and big-chested fuckers in the main.

    One of them fat booty escorts looks like a gamer chick. Her name and prices are not mentioned, but her Snapchat name is Enna Shaw. She has tons of hi-res photos and can be reached via email, phone, WhatsApp, Signal, and Snapchat. This girl says she’s willing to give you Nuru massages that deliver the most primal out-of-body experiences possible, but you and I know it is your cock she plans on massaging with her vaginal muscles, and whatever she’s charging looks like it is gonna be worth it.

    And over in Salem, Oregon, is an escort who has an image of her hand going knuckle-deep in her asshole. This beauty has a mountainous bubble butt, plus one of the cutest and most innocent faces around. She’s an arching pro too and her tits are bigger than your inheritance. This escort says all she wanna do is offer exceptional and unforgettable services, and y’all better rush her. Yeah, go book her services if you are an ass man and plan on helping two ultra-soft, wobbly and gigantic ass cheeks clap for you, while you are giving the owner of the cheeks enough reason to call in sick for the rest of the week!

    Now, escorts at this top escort sites 2023 are in the main high class and quality. Prices are not typically stated in escort profiles, but you should budget at least $200 to spend an hour with the chicks here, though that will vary depending on the state and city you and her plan on doing your thing. No spam was detected on this escort US site, but nothing suggests that the cunts in this place have their holes verified for business.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Rubrankings

    Classy baddies who seem to have their head screwed on straight and know how to prioritize the happiness of those who treat them right never go amiss and that is precisely what Rubrankings has a surfeit of! So yeah, it is a peachy top escorts US site that has a lot to offer and that makes it enough for most.

    Need more? Then go check out other eye candy and options-laden top escorts sites 2023, or ask your mother-in-law to get ready for a poke!

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