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rexxx, ReXXX

ReXXX Review

~ Pros ~

A huge pornstar database of nearly 5000

Over 20 million videos, images and gifs

 Excellent for viewing porn using your mobile

It functions as a google look-a-like for porn.

~ Cons ~

❌ Fucking popups after you click a video

❌ It does not show the ratings of the videos

❌ I think i got a virus using this site


    Some of us have adventurous souls. And that’s why we sooner or later get bored with wanking to one solitary XXX category. When that happens, the only thing worth doing is to search for new categories that merit our fapping attention. Such searches are made all the easier and better by porn search engines like Rexxx.org.

    Rexxx is not an XXX search engine you will find on any top 10 or 20 list, but it does have nearly 50 million XXX videos in its database. Read this Rexxx.org review and see what adventures this site has been cooking up and the color of the cum it might make you output!

Close Them Legs And Give It A Rexxx!

    Is Rexxx aiming to snag the “Most Dated Porn Search Engine” award, because they sure are putting in a lot of effort in that area! Their site design is a relic from the past and is nearly as crowded as the asshole of the local escort who has a pet hate for razor blades and therefore doesn’t shave her asshole or armpits! On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give this site a 3 minus for its site design.

    At least Rexxx is easy enough to use, with tabs atop the page and a bevy of user options at the far right. These options let you log in or sign up, upload GIFs, check out the many categories available here, and switch from straight to gay and trans XXX. I gotta warn you that the Gay section is not for the faint of hard, with every dude there either gaping their asshole with their fist or having an over-long boner perform that task for them. A sight for sore eyes it might not be! But signing up here is both easy and free and no email verification is required.

    So, there’s a very ordinary logo at the top left of the homepage and some distance from it is a basic search bar. It has text predictive functions but nothing more sophisticated than that. Perched atop the search bar are the main tabs and these are Videos, Pornstars, GIFs, Categories, and Free HQ Porn. The latter is a PornXP link, so pay it no mind.

    But the Categories tab plays hosts to XXX categories like Incest, Anal, Amateur, and Grannies, and stuff there can be alphabetically arranged, or put together according to popularity or number of content. Inquisitive are you? Then Teens, Amateur, and Blowjob are the categories with the most content on Rexxx.org and that is not much of a surprise because teen sluts are usually amateurs who can’t get enough of slurping all over and tonguing open throbbing boners. Don’t ask me how I know this!

    The GIFs tab is bare. As in totally bare. Was it included by mistake or what and why keep a totally useless tab? Stuff like that does not sit well with me. And even if the GIF tab was working, how in the hell does a B-grade porn search engine like this intend to compete with the likes of RedGifs by hosting all manner of XXX Gifs? If you ever get answers to questions like the above, I will get you nominated for the Nobel Prize in astrophysics!

    A consolation of sorts awaits in the Pornstars tab. 4,807 sluts are listed there at the time of this review. These can be sorted by popularity, alphabetically and at random, as well as by metrics like Ebony, Caucasian, Busty, Tall Russian, and Born In March. The sluts there have extremely brief bios that are so dry it could have been penned by a computer program. And now I think of it, them bios sure could have been written by a bot.

Rexxx In Sweet Cum!

    Now, at first sight, Rexxx.org does seem to have no XXX images worth stressing your cock over. Go to the bottom of any page though and among the options there you will find an Images link that allows access to 212,987 image sets with titles like Kinky Hot Young Fat Babe In Red Lingerie, Wide Plump Hottie Opens Up Her Hot Huge Pussy, Sexy Big Whore Naked In The Kitchen and Nasty Chubby Young Cutie Gets Naked. There’s however nothing like getting a preview of these albums. You will have to go to the site they are hosted on to check them out.

    Also at the bottom of the Rexxx homepage is a link marked Collections. Each of these hosts hundreds or a thousand or so videos that follow a single theme. For example, one of these labeled XXX Parodies had videos like Vampire Sex Diaries, Little Red Riding HOOD, A Clockwork Orange XXX, and Official Sons Of Anarchy Parody. The latter is hosted on Megaxh and is worth a look.

    While Rexxx is a search engine, that doesn't stop it from hosting some XXX. Yes, you will find lots of smut hosted on this site and can play and wank to these. That's a little bit unusual for a porn search engine, but perhaps the admins running the site are determined to stretch the definition and roles of porn search engines and haven’t yet found someone to advise them otherwise!

    Apart from being able to watch XXX videos on the very basic video player found on Rexxx.org, you can also share these videos and comment on them if you are logged in. Video quality is user-adjustable and can be toggled from 144p to full HD.

What I Think of ReXXX

    Rexxx breaks with tradition by being a search engine on which you can watch at least most of the advertised content. It has a dated look and feature set and the user options aren't the most impressive.

    I feel it has a future, but also needs some dedicated polishing. Would recommend it, so long as you are okay with the fact that this site will serve up happiness and heartbreak in equal spadefuls!

rexxx, ReXXX

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