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Rec-Tube Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access

Good number of amateur broadcasters

~ Cons ~

❌ Users only get 60 secs daily free until they subscribe


    My hunt for Porn websites leads me to Rec-tube.com. At first glance the name doesn't sound like a porn website. You wouldn't think Rec-tube is hiding some of the dirtiest adult content on the internet. I actually thought it was just another video hosting service like youtube but then I have learnt to always confirm. I visited the link and my oh my, this isn't a site where you watch documentaries and music videos. Rec-tube.com is filled with “cocks busting cum” porn. The type of porn that requires you keep lubes close by.

    Now that we know Rec-tube.com is a porn site, I think it's time we find out what using this site will feel like. Wouldn't want you visiting this site with high hopes only to be disappointed. If you need to grab that dick of yours, then you should do it just right. So a Rec-tube review might just be what your erection desperately needs and that’s why I have written this. Take your time on this, lust is free.

Watch Others Dig Out Their Sexual Biologies With Dildos

    The first thing you should know about this site is that it isn't a conventional porn site. It actually is a webcam where you watch people wank live. Live sessions are then recorded and stored on their profiles so that people can watch whenever they want. On the homepage are thumbnails of different cam models trying to get your attention to their own content. If you are new and unsure of what you want to watch, you can check out the more popular content creators by clicking on the button at the top.

    You can also check out recently added videos by clicking on the button. Other options here are the clicks and duration button. The number of clicks every creator gets is recorded and displayed for all to see. The click button will show you the broadcasters with the highest number of clicks. broadcasters with lower clicks are a little down the list. As you get used to the site, you can begin by watching content from more popular sluts. But if you don't like what they have on display, take a little time to search the site for more appealing content.

    For users who prefer a specific gender, you can choose the broadcasters you want to see by clicking on the buttons at the top right of the homepage. Here you can choose if you want male, female, couples or transgender creators. The truth is girls like to watch men wank. You don't have to believe what I say, check out the number of male broadcasters on Rec-tube.com and the number of views they have. Stroking hard huge cocks make women horny and wet.

Lots Of Sexy Sluts To Jerk Off To

    If you are the type that prefers to watch amateur broadcasters make porn from the comfort of their homes, then this is your site. While watching professional porn doesn't give you a sense of connection, watching these broadcasters and communicating directly with them as they film can be a big turn on. You can even make special requests and watch them do the things you want to see. Now you are no longer just a porn viewer. You have become an associate director, directing your porn the way you love it within the confines of what the broadcaster is willing to do.

    There are a lot of broadcasters here on Rec-tube.com so you can whore around different sluts by watching as many as you like. You don't need to be faithful to one creator. I know being faithful isn't your thing. Now is your opportunity to unleash your inner whore. I'm also aware you will have favorites with whom you develop some connection with. As you go around watching every other person, remember to always return back to please your favorite by being present when she broadcasts.

Can You Cum In Only 60 Seconds

    On Rec-tube.com free users are only allowed 60 seconds per day. To gain access to the work of unlimited live sessions of jerk off stars you have to subscribe to the site for 19.95€/ 19.95 USD per month. For this small and affordable fee you can stream all the content you want for that whole month. Unlike other porn streaming platforms like Onlyfans where you have to subscribe to individual accounts to access them, here the paid plan opens you to all the pussy and cocks you want to watch.

What I Think

    Webcam is gradually taking over the porn scene. I know you still jerk off to hardcore porn but watching others do it can equally be as hot. There are a lot of broadcasters here who are into different kinds of fetishes. Find those who do the kind of things you want to watch and enjoy yourself as you stroke your dick to their content. Remember you can always come back to watch their broadcasts as many times as you want. The goal is for you to nut huge loads as often as your cock demands.

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