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RealLifeCam Review

~ Pros ~

Tons of user options

The video quality is mostly lit and the stream is solid

Site design is a hit

You got single fuckers, couple fuckers, lesbian fuckers to choose from and wank to

~ Cons ~

❌ Fuckers in the feed often feel like actors who fuck like they are getting a haircut!

❌ Not free

❌ Site tokens got me all mad


    RealLifeCam is precisely what you think it is. It features multiple couples and singles who love getting frisky and your voyeur self can watch these people any time of the day and night doing whatever they are doing. Yeah, it sure is like a 24/7 reality TV show, with the only notable difference being that the couples on RealLifeCam tend to fuck like rabbits and are not too shy to let wankers like you see them in action doing dome of the most private things imaginable.

    Here is my RealLifeCam.com review. Be real enough to read it and weep, my lads!

Real Fucks Given In This Real Life!

    RealLifeCam.com looks so sleek, modern, and professional and I gotta praise them for that. I would give them at least 8.5/10 for the page design, color, and set up, and believe me, there’s nothing as off-putting as a poorly designed and hideously colored site whose admin is oblivious as to how incompetent and amateurish it makes him look.

    Now, the site options and features here follow the standard format. And that means that most of the top middle of the homepage is occupied by a window showing a live feed. At the time of this review, the live feed I got was only of the kitchen area, with other parts of the house where nasty things might be taking place being excluded from the view of my non-paying ass. Still, inhabitants of all apartments often go nude or topless and even in free mode you are often assured of seeing a tit or cunt, and perhaps some making out.

    If you wanna know which apartment has a free live feed, just click on it from the list on the left and then check out the top right of the homepage. Below what looks like an architectural plan is a list of living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and halls, with red lock icons indicating which area has no free live cam feed, while areas without this icon have free live feeds that anyone can view for free.

    Just above the live feed is an excellent array of user options. These include keyboard shortcuts, content display modes, full-screen mode, news, and more. There’s even a motion detection mode and yeah, it does what it says.

    Anyway, the top left of the site homepage has the logo and it is a sleek piece. Next to it is what looks like the site motto and it says, The Private Life Of Other People, Streaming Peace and Love Since 2011. I get the kind of cumming peace and fucking love them fellas are referring to and want more of it in this coming year!

    To the right are the Get Membership and Login buttons and both do what they say. Below the duo is the aforesaid architectural plan of a building with different numbers that indicate how many people are in each part of the building. However, non-paying members are not allowed to know how many fuckers are present in any part of the living spaces here. And what noting is that the architectural floor plan is not the same for all apartments. Yeah, if you were thinking that all the couples and singles that help make RealLifeCam a top voyeur site live in one giant apartment, that’s not the case at all. Click on the list of the singles and couples at the left of the homepage and watch the architectural floor plan change shape to reflect the different humble abode of them fuckers and that’s pretty neat.

    So, once you start scrolling down the RealLifeCam homepage, you are gonna eyeball some content thumbnails that show a selection of the current most popular live feeds. I dunno how often that’s updated, and if the popularity referred to is for an hour or 24-hour time frame. Anyway, next up after this is more video thumbnails showcasing some very recently recorded footage and these are not for free viewing.

No Real Life Without A Slim Thot!

    Voyeur sites like RealLifeCam take a lot of resources to run and it is understandable that they are charging for access. Getting a membership card here will, depending on the plan you subscribe to, enable full-screen viewing mode, multiviewer, motion detection, and access to all apartment cameras. Plus you can then view all the recorded footage you want and there’s almost enough of them to overwhelm Google’s servers!

    Got some moolah? Then lemme trot out the RealLifeCam membership rates. The standard membership plan costs 9.95 Euros for 7 days 29.95 Euros for 30 days, 54.95 Euros for 90 days, and 99.95 Euros for 180 days. The premium plan cost 9.95 Euros for 5 days, 299.95 Euros for 365 days, 44.95 Euros for a month, 99.95 Euros for 90 days, and 179.95 Euros for 180 days, and payment is via credit card rather than cowries.

    Both premium and standard members are allowed access to all apartment cams. But only premium members can use RLC Replay, multiviewer, auto-follow top cam, RLC remote, and RLC my collection. That translates to more options for them premium fuckers, and for those of you not in the know, RLC replay means access to the past 24-hour cam feed, while RLC remote lets you watch and control stuff from your mobile.

    So, you can either fork over the moolah needed for membership, or focus on the list of apartments at the left of the screen and browse from one to the other till you find which has free feeds. But for sure if you won the lottery, paying less than 10 Euros for 5 days of premium access and getting a membership card makes much sense here, as apart from being able to access 24/7 fuck shows featuring varying couples and personalities, you can watch old fuckathon footage till your eyeballs are ready to pop out of their sockets and lodge in the crack of someone’s butt!

    I paid 9.95 Euros for 5 days of premium access and that was only because I needed to make this review as realistic as possible, not because I needed to see some perky tits and split slits. Once in, I found video streams to be of good quality, with no lags or stuttering and the user options are easy enough to use, positioned as they are at the top of the live video feed and the right and left. And once the lights are out, a night vision mode is enabled and that means there’s no way the folks whose feed you are watching can get nasty without you knowing about it! That said, I did wish some of these performers showed better enthusiasm.

    And by the way, RLC uses a site currency known as Reals and this is vital to accessing the RLC replay feature. These Reals are not cheap, with 5,000 Reals for instance costing 350 Euros and 100 Reals being priced at 10 Euros. 100 Reals allows access to 100 minutes of recordings, with 200, 300, 700, 900, and 5000 reals allowing access to 200, 300, 700, 900, and 5,000 minutes of recordings respectively. I don’t get the need for this site currency and it feels like being made to pay again for stuff whose cost should have been included in the standard and premium membership plans.

What I Think Of RealLifeCam

    The site has a really sweet look and is both feature-laden and easy to use and that is not an easy combo to pull off. The varied live feeds are also diverting and if you are into gnarly stuff you are free to watch fellas and thots taking a leak or shitting out a brick! But, there's no reason to force folks who paid for a premium membership to shell out for Reals and that's the biggest gripe I have with this site.

    Reals apart though, RealLifeCam delivers solid entertainment and is worth bookmarking for reals!

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