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RealDeepFakes Review

~ Pros ~

Place looks a bit lit

Full-length videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Overwhelmingly focused on paying customers

❌ No advanced search options

❌ A decidedly Asian focus

❌ Undated content


    Deep fakes is shorthand for porn that feels just the smallest bit illegal. And no, it is not underage XXX, or stuff about Thanksgiving turkeys getting basted, spanked, and drilled over at ThePornDude’s office. Deep fakes have to do with making porn actors out of whoever you wanna. Basically, you can take the face of your sister-in-law, the local preacher, or that your blob of a congressman who can be bribed with a BJ and then put the selected face on the mugs of porn actors like Nia Nacci or Johnny Sins. And yeah, there are some seriously convincing deep fakes out there that look like the real thing and it is sometimes necessary to repeatedly remind yourself that whatever you see on deep fake XXX sites is not real.

    Here is my RealDeepFakes.com review. Read it and weep if you want the tax man sucking your nuts this Yuletide!

It’s So Real It’s Fake!

    RealDeepFakes.com ticks all the boxes about how a porn site should look. I mean, a glance is all you need to know what this place is all about and the layout, design, and colors present no surprises. Everything works and looks good, but there’s nothing on the screen to be awestruck about. Just like there’s nothing on your babe’s chest to be stunned about, because you have seen her damn tits every day since you were in middle school!

    So, one-third of the homepage has video thumbnails showcasing the newest releases and videos being watched. And at the top right of the newest videos section is a pull-down menu that allows direct access to the latest, most viewed, longest, top rated, top favorite, and most commented content.

    The rest of the homepage hosts a detailed FAQ, plus image thumbnails of varied celebs, from Elizabeth Hurley to Kristin Kreuk. There are incidentally 10 Kristin Kreuk deep fake videos here, and these are all full-length stuff too. Know the bitch? She used to be Superman’s girlfriend in Smallville and now, she’s on RealDeepFakes with her ass in the air and a cock in her guts that’s gonna do everything but disembowel her!

    Now, main site features include a basic search bar on the top right, signup/login options, and a light mode. The latter switches the default light mode to dark and the login/sign-up option lets you sign up for free or log in. And apart from the free mode here, there’s a VIP plan that will set you back $20 monthly if you are paying for 90 days and $9.86 if you are paying for a year. The VIP plan brings an ad-free experience, higher-quality videos, unlimited downloads, and full access to all videos on this site.

    Other site features take the form of Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Categories, Celebrities, and ThePornDude tabs, and all of these do what they say on the damn tin. And over on the top left of the RealDeepFakes.com homepage is a trio of horizontal lines that hosts most of the aforementioned main features, plus a selection of top celebs, and categories. Also, when you make it to the Celeb or Category page, a pull-down menu at the top right will let you filter what you are seeing alphabetically, by the number of videos, by rating, and number of views. That ain’t too shabby.

Real To Da Nines!

    Part of the benefit of signing up for free or otherwise here is that it makes it possible to subscribe to deep fake creators. The homepage has a small list of top creators and you can click on these names, check out the videos in their profiles, and subscribe to whatever they are cooking in their deep fake lab. One fella by the name of Mr Babe, who has a pig head for a profile picture, also has like 556 videos on RealDeepFakes. I really don’t want to imagine the kind of dedication and resources he had to utilize to create that amount of stuff.

    And by the way, I looked all over the place but there was no Upload button that members can use to upload deep fakes they created. It is either that kind of option is disabled for now, or it is restricted to VIP members. But if it is restricted to VIP members, that would have been mentioned somewhere.

    Now, the deep fakes here are mainly Asian-oriented. Yeah, the chicks being drilled mostly have Asian faces, and the top categories and celeb list have Asians and Asian-centered stuff in the main.

    Scrolling down the Celeb page with the Most Video option turned on, I came across an image of Emma Watson. Clicking that took me to multiple pages of this chick being fucked six ways to Sunday and ten ways to Dumbledore’s kitchen! There are actually like 124 Emma Watson deep fake videos on RealDeepFakes and that’s a bit concerning. Sample titles include Emma Watson Threesome Anal Fuck In The Toilet, Emma Watson Was Fucked By Man From Bar, Fake Emma Watson Demonstrating Hot Pussy Fingering, Two Big Blacks Fucked Sexy Emma Watson and Emma Watson Has A Workout With Her Instructor and His BBC.

    The workout video has a 13-minute runtime and can be downloaded in varied quality. However, if you aren’t a VIP member, you can only view 3 minutes of the video and what you see will be of low quality- around 360p. Plus downloads are not allowed for non-VIPs and non-VIPs need to wait for 30 seconds before videos will play. Anyway, in the workout video, a chick with Emma Watson’s face but who’s taller than her by at least 2 inches sucks BBC and lets it fuck her in varied positions.

    There are also 32 deep fake videos of Angelina Jolie on this site. Dirty MILF Angelina Jolie Anal Seduction, Hot MILF Angelina Jolie Likes When Her Holes Are Licked, Angelina Jolie Could Suck That Cock All Day Long, and Angelina Jolie in Black Stockings are some sample titles. The later video is from Tushy and it has Angelina doing stuff that would make Brad Pitt’s eyeballs pop out of their skull and score a goal at a World Cup final!

    Videos on this site are not dated. And that means all I can do is guess at the content update frequency. There does seem to be a lot of mostly full length stuff here and I would say that updates on RealDeepFakes are a regular affair.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of RealDeepFakes

    This place only makes sense if you are in the habit of paying for porn. If that’s not who you are, then leg it to the hills and over there should be a deep fake XXX site of your dreams!

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