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~ Pros ~

No Ads

Detailed escort profiles

Lit site design

Verified escorts

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Wack sorting options

❌ No advanced search and unimpressive site features


    Australia has the realest babes you all have been looking far and wide to chook your dangling pricks into and massively fornicate with, or so says RealBabes, an escort Australia site. I guess what this means is that all the cunts you and your friends have been dividing, multiplying, and fucking to messy bits are as fake as a gold-plated tranny butthole and you can only get regarded as a real man with an avenging cock when you book an escort or two from RealBabes and fuck her brutally enough to reset her walking style to the updated bowlegged version!

    Well, here is my RealBabes.com review. Read it and weep or no real babes for you in this life and the next!

Get Yourself A Real Cunt And Prosper!

    RealBabes.com.au is so high quality I would bet their girls have their cunts cooked to perfection by some gay-ass French chefs with enough Michelin endorsements to fan hellfire from blazing hot to Arctic cold! The chicks here have their rates listed in their profiles, rather than on their profile thumbnails and that is time-wasting in that instead of glancing at a profile thumbnail to know what a bitch will charge, you gotta click on and explore her profile to find that relevant information.

    Up first in this escort rate section is Trans Eva Hilton who calls Adelaide home. Yeah, this chick has tits and a dick, but unless she opens her mouth and talks all masculine, or used her cock to slap you senseless in a public bathroom, you for real would never know she’s trans. Like she has to be the most convincing trans I have ever seen. So, if you are one of those morons who insist on no sex during dating, then for sure you could date this chick and not know she has a dick till her wedding night, when instead of you impaling her cunt on your artillery piece and rampaging to victory, she uses her bigger artillery piece to tear your asshole into bloody shreds and make your rectum curse your name till the end of time!

    Anyway, this oval-faced slim beauty weighs 65kg, is 172cm tall, and has some pretty nice knockers, plus legs that seem to have no end. Eva Hilton’s booty is quite cute and she’s into anal play, ball licking and sucking, role play, body worship, golden showers, rimming, GFE and so much more. You can donate $250, $350, and $600 for 30 minutes and 60 minutes of incalls, plus 60 minutes of outcalls with this chick respectively. Those rates in USD translate to $166, $232, and $398 and that’s not cheap.

    Micki Daniels is next and she’s in her late to middle twenties and available for short-notice bookings. She lives in Brisbane and calls herself Australia’s finest independent escort and she might be right given the kind of ASSets in her possession! Micki is a curvy beauty with body art and a fat pussy, plus a bubble butt and black hair that reportedly smells like vanilla. She offers pornstar and GFE experiences, with the former costing $850 per hour and the latter $1,000 per hour. In USD these rates are $564 and $664 and are the legal definition of an arm and a leg!

    Into BDSM and Goth stuff? Then there’s Vivian Von Black to meet these needs and calling her sexy or beautiful would be a stretch. She’s in her 40s, almost falls into the BBW class, and is one of the most heavily tattooed women I have ever seen. Vivian lives in Brisbane and describes herself as quirky, warm, caring, and non-judgmental. Her services are open to singles and couples and she can do threesomes, PSE, and GFE. Her standard service rates are $150 for a half hour, $300 for an hour, and $200 for each additional hour, and those in USD translate to $99, $199, and $132.8 respectively. Kinks and other stuff cost extra though.

    Now, rates on RealBabes as expected vary very widely. The prettier chicks charge more than the older and less attractive ones, with the bill for a half hour of fun ranging from $100 American to double or triple that. The rates here are above what you will pay in the states, but you still need to remember that in the main, the sluts on this escorts Australia site have the kind of quality that most American escorts can only dream about. But then a pussy is a pussy and there’s no fundamental difference between sticking your boner into a high-end pussy and jamming your jackhammer boner up the unshaven and borderline gnarly backside of the MILF down the street who has been sending you nude images and begging you to wreck her cunt so she can retire from the cock collection business!

Realest Fuckathons Assured!

    Need a real escort to bang? Well, they are right on the RealBabes.com.au homepage and you don’t have to go on a treasure hunt for them like some other sites force you to.

    You can check out the many escort thumbnails on the homepage or use one of the main tabs, or a couple of buttons a little way down from these tabs to look for escorts by city, region, or nearness to you. Searching for escorts by name is possible too, but filtering them sluts by age, body type, hair and eye color, tit size, and all of that stuff is not supported here, and the only fella who knows the reason why should be angel Gabriel himself and his resurrection dick!

    About the only thing I hate here is that escort profile thumbnails are too slim. For a high-end escort site like this, it makes sense to have these thumbnails bigger and lusher than they are. Making them so small has me thinking the site designer is either a miser, or the owner of a dick so tiny it can’t even fill up a sparrow’s pussy!

    Now, the escort Australia profiles on this site are all well-arranged and detailed. Multiple images are viewable via slideshow, and often there’s a video. Also featured are multiple contact details, as well as information as to when the profile was last updated and the kind of services rendered.

    And lest I forget, profiles here are constantly and frequently updated, with the date of the latest update being made available. With that kind of information, you can be sure the profile you are looking at has not been abandoned since John Glenn got mounted on a giant dick and shot into space!

    Quality-wise, RealBabes.com.au has top-class escorts. Sure there are a few ordinary cunts on the site, but most of the babes there own pusses and assholes fit for kings and queens and are perverted enough to make you think you have never lived at all till your cock has peed up these holes!

For Real, You Got A Sweet Dick!

    RealBabes was set up by pros with their heads in the right place and their cocks in the tightest cunts that have a genetic inability to take prisoners! The site is colorful and classy, but I am not an advocate of having an About Us at the top of the homepage, nor am I about to applaud the gross lack of sorting options.

    The escorts here are all verified by default and what you see is what you supposedly get. And should that not be the case, you are free to fish out the RealBabes admin and send a cock missile up his gnarly rectum! And by the way, there aren’t that many escorts here, with a couple hundred being the most optimistic estimate. That sucks, but then the site aims at quality and not quantity.

    There are main tabs in abundance here, including one that takes you to the Twitter page of this escorts Australia site. Signing up is possible, but you can only do that if you are a babe who wants to put her cunt on sale and work as an escort.

    Spam and ads are absent here and site features are average.

What I Think About RealBabes

    Sure, there are niggles here and there, but I can’t say a bad word against this Australian escort site, any more than I can deny a pussy-sucking offer from your favorite kissing cousin! RealBabes is solid and peachy and well worth bookmarking.

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