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Rarbg Review

~ Pros ~

Nice site design

Adequate content sorting options

Free as air

Easy to use if you have experience with torrents

A shitload of content

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Might have issues downloading the newest XXX clips


    Torrent sites don’t come any bigger or famous than RARBG. This is the kind of site where you can download just about every free stuff, from software to music, games, and movies. And just about every living thing on this green earth is in love with free stuff, which is why sites like RarBg will always be around.

    For porn fanatics and avowed wankers, sites like RarBg lets you download full clips of your favorite porn actors and actresses doing the nasty. That means you are no longer limited to watching clips that are like 6 minutes long and can see the whole action from beginning to end. And the XXX clips I am talking about here come from just about every porn studio in the book, big and small.

    Got your interest piqued, right? Well, let’s go see just how good RarBg might be. Here’s my RarBg review.

The Cumming Torrents Of Orgasm!

    Torrents are not all that new. Folks have been using them like forever for free downloads of basically anything and everything. If you are new to the torrent world, starting means downloading and installing something like uTorrent to make sure that your downloads are trouble and problem-free.

    Now, the RarBg homepage has a pretty nice look to it. It is not the most stunning out there, but it does compel your eyeballs to look and keep on looking. The default site background color is black, and there’s a search bar on the top left of the page, plus a login tab. Registration is optional here and free, plus it entitles you to share stuff with others and make comments.

    Main tabs include Torrents, Box Office, Catalog, Top 10, and News. At the far left are other tabs like View All, Movies, XXX, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software, Non-XXX, Trailers, Catalog, Box Office, and New Index.

    The homepage also hosts image thumbnails of a few recommended torrents, plus another search bar, and a pretty long list of recent torrents that are available for download. Included are titles like Thick and Juicy 3 XXX, Unplanned Orgies 24 XXX, and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 2.

Porn Torrents

    We are not here for no stinking season movie or comedy, are we? No sir! Porn is what we are all after so that our cocks can taste the sweet life and pour out foamy liquid in adoration of a sweet slit or two getting drilled six ways to Sunday! With that being the case, the XXX tab on this site was what I clicked on and at near the speed of light too!

    Doing this brought me to the porn page, which greatly resembles the homepage and has a list of porn torrents available for download by all wankers in need of an urgent cumming release! The list details the category, file name, the date the file was added and its size, how many seeders and leechers were available, plus who uploaded that file.

    The order in which the whole thing is arranged is customizable. Thus, you can click on the Size option and it will change to show all content from the biggest to the least. Similarly, clicking the Added section means you can see the very first files that were added in the XXX section, which was incidentally in 2007. Options like these make sorting easier for you and me.

    Content download on RarBg seems easy enough and things work as they should. Most of the newer scenes can be easily downloaded, but some are not available because of a lack of seeders. Older scenes are however abundant and should help make up for that lack.

What I Think

    After a careful examination of the facts, I am convinced that without RarBg bookmarked, your life will be forever dull and not as cum-blessed as it should be! The site has all the goodies that make your cock celebrate every day like it’s your birthday and boasts practically no cons. So better get busy downloading stuff there or I will be chopping off your dick since you aren’t milking it as much as you should be!

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