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r/Quiver Review

~ Pros ~

Large community

Free to join

Lots of female quivering orgasm content

Active community

~ Cons ~ 

❌ None


    Among the number of things that interest me during cunnilingus is the inevitable jerking of the body when it’s time to cum. Even more so, when it involves a slut that is having an orgasm. The reactions on her face, the shaking of her legs, the quivering of her body, and the moans that follow in between, priceless! Just priceless! If you are just fapping to videos of this, you sure as hell are gonna burst a heavy nut.

    There’s no denying the beauty of that view, when the slut is playing with her coochie with a dildo, legs spread wide open, dildo drilling her pussy, while she’s rubbing her clit with her fingers. And while she cums, the juice drips down from her pussy while she continuously drills herself with the dildo till she begins to orgasm. I’m sure you fuckers know when a lady orgasms and when she cums are two different things, in as much as they seem related.

    Well, I’m not your biology tutor today. So, go figure it out yourselves. My job is to relay to you this important info concerning a sub that is solely dedicated to serving you with contents that feature sluts quivering in ecstatic reaction to some good pussy humping. And if you love the sound of that, then Reddit Quiver, aka r/quiver is the place for you to be. Stay a little while for this review, it’s sure to spark your interest in this faptastic community.

Reddit Quiver For The Girls That Quiver

    Quiver was created on January 1, 2014, and currently has over 756k members. The contents of which have been themed to be women from all walks of the earth quivering during an orgasm. And so far, I can say they’ve been doing a fine job of that. A little tour around the community and you’ll find nothing short of that content.

    There’s a daily addition of over 30-40 posts per day, and this is just a way of saying, “you simply can’t get enough of these bitches shaking uncontrollably during orgasm”. All over the timeline, girls squirming while being drilled by some fucker, or by themselves using vibrators, or while being eaten out. It is as intense as the throbbing of your hard cock. And it’s everything to fap for.

Watch Them Lose It On r/Quiver

    Quivering contents only: don’t you just love when communities are theme based? If you ask me, it keeps everything and everyone in focus. This subreddit only accepts and features contents of girls shaking uncontrollably as result of intense orgasm. For you fuckers that think you have to wait an hour or so to see the girl squirming, I’m about to blow your mind. The videos posted on here are supposed to show the girl shaking within ten seconds of action! Amazing, right?

    Varying videos of girls squirming: over here, it’s not just videos of girls pleasing themselves to oblivion. You’ll also find there’s a mix of all kinds of squirming positions. It’s either their pussy is being eaten, or drilled by hard long cocks, or dildos. You’ll find anal contents and a few fetishes as well. Trust me, this community will make you fap hard and quiver when you’re about to cum!

    Relatively active: no dull moments on here, fam. There’s more than 30+ video contents added daily for your fapping pleasure. Not to mention the large number of fappers on there drooling in the comments. There’s surely nothing capable of killing your vibe on here.

    Free to join: you can join Quiver for free. You can also share contents of sluts quivering on a dick, or dildo, or tongue. Just be sure that whatever links you’re sharing is on the community’s domain whitelist. That way, your content won’t be marked as spam and eventually not feature on the community’s timeline. Also, do not forget, the videos or GIFs you post must show the person squirming within the first ten seconds. Otherwise, you can indicate the timestamp of exactly when the quiver will happen in the post you make. This makes it easier for the fapping community to get to it at once.

What I Think Of Quiver

    You can agree with me that the best part of sex is when it’s time to release. The epiphany. The ecstasy. It’s such a freeing feeling. Sometimes, you’d wish you could just hold on to that feeling a little longer than usual. And for these girls, they can go crazy whenever they orgasm. It could feel like an exorcism, especially when you eat them good, or fuck them right.

    Nothing makes a guy feel more fulfilled during coitus than having a girl’s leg shake uncontrollably. And this fact makes r/quiver quite outstanding amongst other subreddits on the reddit NSFW multiverse. Providing it’s large members with videos of girls squirming hard to a good fuck brings nothing but pure satisfaction to the fapping community.

    So, what are you waiting for? Head over to r/quiver right now and get fapping!

Quiver, Quiver

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