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PussyTorrents Review

~ Pros ~

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsGood navigate feature

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsExclusively adult porn content

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsHas lots of porn categories

~ Cons ~ 

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsSite has some security issues

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsThe VIP feature does not work effectively

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsDoes not have preview feature

pussytorrents, PussyTorrentsSign up necessary before site can be used

pussytorrents, PussyTorrents Site is inconsistent online


    A name like Pussytorrents is unpretentious. It tells you right off what the site is all about, which is the downloading of clips showing pussies of all types, ages, and abilities getting the fricking bejesus fucked out of them by straight and curvy dicks of all lengths! There’s no way anyone can mistake this site for anything but what it is, so if you visit it and get caught by your boss or significant other, better don’t say you thought it was a site owned by an organization that takes care of a host of tiny, cute kittens, or stuff like that! But enough of this, here’s the PussyTorrents review of this porn torrent site that we know you are going to jerk off to in noble fashion!

Torrents of Wet Pussies Indeed!

    Right off the bat, you should know there is no way on God’s green earth that you can access the content at Pussytorrents without becoming a member. Once you type in the site information you will be taken to a page filled with the site logo and nothing much else.

    To access the torrents this site has in abundance you need to click on the login or registration option. If this is your first time you will find the registration process to be super-smooth and easy. Just choose a username and password and provide an email, with the site sending a confirmation link to your email account that you need to click on to log in. The whole process does not take up to a minute.

Homepage Blues

    We like the homepage design here. It is simple and nice. The top part of the page is where the site logo resides, with a naked redhead decorating the site name. The main page is filled with ads for staff and content related to present and future site developments.

    Just beneath the site logo are tabs that make it possible for users of the site to browse through the offerings, jump into the site forum, upload stuff, chat with others, contact the support staff and acquaint themselves with the relevant rules. Other tabs include VIP and profile. Opposite these tabs is a search bar that can be used for just about anything other than looking up the skirts of the local babes!

    Remember the VIP tag we mentioned? Well, it is not there for decoration. You can become a VIP member anytime you wish. VIP membership comes with loads of perks like an ad-free experience, exclusive invites and fewer restrictions on what they can do. This option is not free, however.

Pussy Fun!

    Pussytorrents.org is, of course, a porn torrent site. However, there is no porn content on the homepage. That means you can easily open the site in public and browse with no one being the wiser.

    It takes a conscious effort to find porn here. You can either type in your preferences in the search bar or click the Browse tag. Doing the latter brings up what has to be tens of thousands of content.

    These porn content have titles like Teen Anal Casting 4XXX and Big Wet Black Tits 5XXX. A glance at them is enough to show the resolution they come with, and when they were uploaded. Other available information includes the file size, how many times they have been downloaded and more. Both videos and photos are available.

    A click on any particular torrent file will take you right to where on the site it can be downloaded. There you can see the seeders and leechers, comments if any and sample photo previews. A single click is enough to download the featured files and download speeds are more than decent. File sizes can be quite large, with one we saw titled Susan Nero Collection 55 Full Movies and 35 Loops being almost 65GB.

What We Think

    We can only shake our heads at the amount of torrent porn that is sitting pretty at PussyTorrents. There is so much of it, with most being the kind of high-end stuff that can make your cock believe it is superman! A good site design that is easy to access, limitless premium content and more make PussyTorrents delish in more ways than one!

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