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PornZog Review

~ Pros ~

Multiple language options are available

There’s a shit ton of content

There are options for interacting like the comment section

~ Cons ~

❌ Annoying ads will be there

❌ No option for video downloads

❌ The site looks generic


    If you have ever thought of introducing your meat to Pornzog.com because you were attracted to how macho the porn site’s name sounds, then my Pornzog review will be worth reading, even if you have to punch a slow-walking great-granny from out of the way if she is blocking your screen.

    I am all packed and ready to take my dick and balls to this site and rub them there to get information in the same manner that the world’s best detectives and investigators use to get important details about a crime scene. This site’s owner better pray that the site isn’t a crime scene!

Pornzog Or PornSuck?

    Upon getting on their homepage I had to beat myself up for not thinking of wearing some cool dark shades like a detective in the movies before getting on their site. The homepage greeted me with a bright white background color that would instantly kill Dracula if he got on their porn site looking for videos of girls being sucked dry but thirsty men. After adjusting to the brightness after a minute, I immediately looked for where I could make the background color dark but this site offers no such comforts!

    While searching for that option I checked their menu and I saw that they have 10 language options apart from English. So if you don’t understand English, you won’t be left out of the circle jerk. You only have to know; Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, or Russian. If you don’t speak any of those languages, then you just have to watch porn the same way Stevie Wonder would, by using your imagination to beat your meat to your satisfaction.

    On that same menu, you’re allowed the option for choosing the orientation of the smut you wish to get hard or wet to. So if you’re straight then you can go for the option named accordingly, or if you want to see huge dicks enter male assholes then I don’t even have to tell you that the option named Gay should be chosen. And if you have a thing for titties and huge dicks then the option for choosing Shemale content would be your best friend.

    Most porn sites are like insecure girlfriends that want you to propose to them since banging their brains out isn’t enough to convince them that you’re in it for the long term. Pornzog wants all its loyal fappers to register as members of the site. Creating an account is free, the only thing that it’ll cost you is the precious time that you could have been using to beat your dick like a man that has beef with his own meat.

Sticking My Tongue Deeper Into The Site’s Pussy!

    The first video they were displaying on the homepage happened to be what I wanted to see; a Latina with big titties and dark pointy nipples. This curvy Latina was Colombian according to the title of the video. They also said she’s a teen but I’m willing to bet my left nut that she isn’t a teenager. Maybe it’s because she looks like she has been taking dick for 20 years. Naturally, I clicked to play the video and was disappointed to see that the sex was boring as fuck and she looked like she’d rather be doing something else.

    The man doing the fucking wasn’t exactly a treat for the eyes either and the only thing that made him look like a professional porn star was his pervy man bun. Thankfully, since I wasn’t distracted by the porn itself, I was able to look around and notice that they have options for liking and disliking the videos, commenting your thoughts about the video, sharing, saving, and flagging the video.

    You’ll also see how many people have watched the video and some tags that are associated with the video you’re watching like “big tits, Colombian, Hd”. I looked below since I was still bored and that’s when my innocent eyes were shown some Ads of women getting fucked in the ass and pussy while all their mouths and faces were shaped like “O”. Somehow, even looking at Ads was more fun than watching the porn video that was still playing in the background.

    Below the Ads, I was shown related videos. That means I could see more videos of the same porn actress that has my dick yawning. It’ll be useful for y’all though if you choose to come here and you find a girl that is worth watching in multiple sex scenes. Watching the video was smooth but you have to be aware that you’ll have to watch a video Ad for at least 5 seconds before you can get to skip it. So, if you’re impatient then you might want to take your dick and balls somewhere else.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Pornzog.com

    Pornzog has a unique name but the porn site itself is as generic as they come. That might not be a bad thing but it isn’t a good thing either because I am not sure I’ll be coming back to cum on this site. Including the annoying Ads you’ll have to deal with, the rest of the site is just like all the others you may have introduced your meat to in the past.

    So, while I won’t recommend this site with my full chest, it still gets a pass if you have a kink for generic sites. If you do, then you can let your dick play here.

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