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PornW Review

~ Pros ~


No ads

Loads of usability

Plentiful and thoughtful site features

Lots of content

Very frequent updates

Very pretty site

~ Cons ~

❌ Direct downloads not supported

❌ Can feel overwhelming after a while


Honestly, adult forums are not my thing. Rather than wasting hours debating the merits and demerits of this or that XXX star, I would rather use the time to fap a tremendous amount of molten cum out of my system. I am sure some of you feel the same way.

Still, there’s no denying the appeal of adult forums like Porn-W. They can teach you a lot and make you better in bed, plus you get exposed to content and information you would otherwise never come across. And then there’s the fact that on such forums there’s a good chance you will make friends of any sex and possibly hook up with them in real life.

Anyway, here’s my Porn-W.org review. You better have tears in your eye when you finish going through this review, or else!

Look See

    Are adult forums heading somewhere new, exciting, and funky? If so, you could argue that Porn-W is leading the pack. The site looks unlike most forums I’ve been on and is very welcoming.

The overall design is simple, but very attractive, with white and pink being the main colors. And no, this doesn’t make the site look girlish. It is instead a welcome break from all the dour and colorless adult forums I’ve been on since I was old enough to wag my cock at a bit of shaven cunt!

So, the site logo sits atop the homepage and is the “W” in the site name that has been arranged to look like a pair of succulent boobs. There are Search, Register, and Login links at the top right of the page. The registration process is a bit complicated and will take a couple of minutes on average. But registering is free. The search link I just mentioned hosts advanced search functionalities.

Most of the homepage is devoted to different threads dealing with XXX movies, softcore and hardcore images, celeb leaks, amateur content, XXX games, magazines, as well as XXX-related and general discussion threads. There’s even a thread you can go to that’s focused on identifying sluts in action whose name you are unfamiliar with and want to know.

The bottom of the page is where the site statistics are posted. From this, I learned there were around 276,271 registered users. Less than a thousand users were online at the time of this review and of this, just 83 were registered, while the rest were guests.

Enter The Dragon Forum

    You a movie lover? Well then it is your lucky day, because the Movie section at Porn-W is the fullest of them all. It has the most topics and the most posts. It also houses a collection of celeb porn, with thread topics like Miley Cyrus Collection, Bella Thorne Collection, Hungarian Celebrity Videos, Sofia Vergara Collection, and Megan Fox Collection. The latter for example has nude and scantily clad images of Megan. You can click on them to see bigger versions at ImageTwist, ImageVenue, and other sites.

If movies or celeb leaks are not your things, you still should take a look at what’s in the Magazine thread. This section has 1,817 topics, with 31,359 posts, and is worth spending a weekend at, meticulously going over. The Porn Discussion and General Discussion threads are also good spots to lose yourself in, though topics in the latter are still very much XXX-related.

Now, there’s a search bar in every thread, and it does seem a little like overkill. More, this forum has loads of activity and posts, and you see loads of fresh stuff daily. Usability is great, and it does so happen that the latest posts are pasted to the right of each forum thread, just under the search bar. A single click will take you right to these latest posts and that’s a charming trick if ever there was one.

There are also Next Topic and Previous topic buttons at the bottom of each topic page. This means you can browse from topic to topic without having to go back to the main thread page. Sure that’s a small touch, but it helps immerse you in what’s going on and makes it easy to get to a fresh post once you are done going through the one you are on.

About the only thing I can carp about is that direct downloads are not possible from the site. But that’s to be expected. To download stuff, you will have to click on the link on each post, and usually, the file and size details are posted so that you know what you are getting into.

What I Think of PornW

    Porn-W is a looker that has more features to it than a slut with 3 assholes and a ton of vaginas! It’s very easy on the eyes, packed with content, and easy to navigate. Overall, I would rate it 4.6 stars out of 5.

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