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PornTrex Review

~ Pros ~


Tons of Tags to choose from

Video resolution is labelled on the vids

Huge selection of 4k and HD porn

Big and active community

~ Cons ~

❌ Mostly wack site design

❌ Annoying pop up ads

❌ Mostly wack site design


I am always a sucker for porn sites with alluring names and Porntrex assuredly does not sound remotely attractive. If you think on it for a while and have a nasty mind like mine, you could say the site sounds like a place where animated T-rexes and other dinos breed with their kind with any tree hole they come across! Let’s just leave the question of how anyone in their right mind would think that the sight of dinos having sexual relations would put wanker dudes in a fapping frame of mind!

Here’s my Porntrex.com review. Read it with the same care that you stock up your den with tissue and Vaseline!

Chicks With A Leg-Spreading Zeal!

    There really are some chicks who are zealous in letting us see their panties if they are wearing any or their hairy little twats. They go around spreading the gospel of pussies that need lots of air and dick thrashings to survive and you will find a lot of these ladies working as cam sluts and social media thots. Now that you have listened to my daily ranting, let’s turn to the main meat of the matter- this Porntrex.com review!

Now, Porntrex.com is a very unremarkable site. We all have seen hundreds like it over the years and the cum fapped out since then must be making the Pacific Ocean hide its head for shame! Yeah, Porntrex is unremarkable, but it comes packed with loads of stuff that I will be digging into below.

First off, this site is part of a network. There’s a black bar at the top of the homepage that says Porntrex Network. Click on this and links to Porntrex, JavBangers and Camwhoresbay will appear, with another click hiding all 3 sites. And oh, content from all sites on the network can be found on Porntrex. You could say all 3 network sites help each other out, just like your dudes do when they suck each other’s cocks because the sluts in your neighborhood are on strike!

So, there’s an off-white background color in place here by default and it looks good enough. You can change it by clicking the Night Mode option at the top right of the page. But activating the Night Mode kinda makes this site look like a Pornhub clone and not a pretty one too.

You get a site logo, a search bar, login, and sign-up tabs. Signing up does not take 20 seconds and the site will send you an email confirmation link. With a membership card, you can upload whatever you please, rate and say what you think of posted content, and add stuff to your favorite list, plus relate with members, subscribe to their content, and send them private messages. Do focus on being a model member and you might be able to find a slut here who wants you so bad she will travel from the Arctic to your place and suck you dry like you are a piece of wild fruit!

Put The Slut On Your Tab, Pronto!

    Heard anything about tabs lately? Then, I’m gonna tell you what the main tabs here are and what they do. Videos, Categories, Models, Albums, Community, Channels, ThePornDude, and Sex Chat make up the main tabs and they are nothing I haven’t seen before. The last two tabs are shit and I would shit them off a canyon and straight into the mouth of a rabid coyote if I had the power!

But the Channels tab is nice as fuck. Listed here are XXX channels and studios like POV Sex, Nubile Net, Old Nanny Network, Blacked, and Brazzers. 22 smut channels are in the Channel page and each has a thumbnail on which is pasted their total number of videos, plus overall approval rating. The sorting options in this particular page let you sort these channels alphabetically, by the number of views and by rating.

The Community page rocks too! It is like its own private universe and is filled with members and the contents they post, which can be either videos or images. Porntrex says there are over 4 million user profiles on its site and I don’t know whether to believe them or that moron that told me to invest my life savings in Shiba Inu! On the community page, you can check out the most active members, the folks with the most views, the newest, and those whose content is most popular. You can also alphabetically sort members and search for them by sex, age, country, city and see all new comments about this and that. Like I said, this page rocks and there’s content here you will not find on other smut centers.

Need some new desktop pics that are so XXX-related your PC might get pregnant? You are very likely to find them on the Album page. There are tons of artistic nudes there that are expertly shot and posted, as well as lower-quality amateur content. No direct download button is provided, but no one says you cannot right-click and save whatever you like on your PC.

Anyway, you got time to go through 28 pages of some of the hottest XXX stars who spread it, take it, eat it, and then start mewling like abandoned cats when they get the woody-shellacking they have been asking for since like forever? Well, then you better make time, cos the Models page here is freaking hot! Some of the cunty models on this page must have long retired, but their videos are still up and I do feel sorry for their kids who will forever be bullied by their classmates for getting nude and being fucked silly on cam! Most models have a very brief bio and I guess this is better than the blank pages too often seen on other sites. And while on the Models page you can sort these sluts alphabetically, by rating and number of views/videos. A pity there’s no way to rank them by the length of cock they have swallowed and how many inches their twats have been shifted out of whack by BBC!

Skinny, Fingering, Fisting, Gaping, Homemade, and Small Tits are a sampling of the many categories here. Sorting all these by rating, alphabetically, the number of videos and views is also supported. And yeah, this kind of sorting option is supported on the Videos page.

Pussy Poundings Promised and Delivered!

     So, Porntrex.com like I must have said a zillion times has an attractive but crowded homepage. Video image thumbnails that are too tiny for comfort are majorly what causes the crowding here, though at the bottom of the homepage you will find thumbnails of the most viewed models and categories. Sorting options, tags, and categories are vertically listed at the left of the homepage. Also featured there is a pull-down menu that lets you choose from straight, gay, or shemale porn. The latter niche runs to 111 pages, which is a surprise because even most shemale-centered sites do not have that much content.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, Porntrex is a mighty big site. They uploaded over a couple of hundred videos in the 2 days I was there for this review and look set to sustain that pace. So, running out of new content to fap to on this site should be the last thing on your mind.

Video image thumbnails on Porntrex have a title, rating, runtime and the upload date/time is indicated. The quality and number of views are also stated. There’s HD, full HD, and even 4K smut, but videos with the latter quality aren’t too common. Videos are mostly full-length and 20 minutes long on average. Sample titles from the latest videos section include Kyler Quinn- Teen Anal, Indica Monroe Foot Fetish, Lucy Ford- Slut Training, Brat Big Sister Learns To Love Me, and Flexible Bubble Butt Slut.

Anyway, after looking around, I ended up beating my meat because a video titled Elle Miza- The Dirty Maid asked me to! This video is a little over 18 minutes long and features a slut named Elle Miza in full HD quality. It opens with her dressed in a slinky maid outfit and wielding a feather duster. She pretend-cleans for a few minutes, before going topless, and what nice-looking tits she’s got on! Soon she takes it all off and uses the feather duster for some erotic play, before spreading her legs and cavorting on the couch. Sure this video is far more softcore than what I am used to, but entertaining in a very fapping way it sure is!

Videos on the site usually come with a brief description. They load and play flawlessly too and can be shared. Screenshots are available for all videos and there’s a direct download option that lets you very easily download videos for free and in a variety of resolutions.

What I Think of PornTrex

There are niggles here and there, but there’s no denying that Porntrex is a heavyweight performer in areas that matter. So yeah, this site has my seal of approval and that does not come cheap!

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