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PornstarGold Review

~ Pros ~

No ad's

Site design is amazing

Plentiful, well written, and researched content

Easy to fall in love here!

~ Cons ~ 

❌ The site looks a little crammed


    Sure, some pornstars are assuredly worth their weight in gold! Them babes have the biggest bottoms, perkiest jugs, prettiest faces, and tight holes so sweet that you can just about go into diabetic shock if they spread their legs more than an inch!

    However, today, we are not here to talk about top-class pornstars who gift mankind with top-class orgasms that taste of the sweetest part of heaven itself! Rather, we are all humbly gathered here today for a review of one porn blog that has been making more waves than Jada Fire’s big booty!

    The website I am talking about is PornstarGold and they must be doing something right since near everyone is talking about them. So, here’s my Pornstargold review. Read it and weep through your spoiled little asshole!

A Website Like No Other

    Forgive me if I wax a little lyrical in this review, but in fact, I have very rarely seen porn blog websites of such class and quality as Pornstargold. Yeah, the site looks like Paris at night, with more jazz and glamour than Vegas itself can manage!

    The website design is a thing of beauty indeed, but the whole thing is a little too crowded. White is the main background color here, with headers being a sort of grey. Top of the homepage is the site logo, which appears to be a half-nude lady reclining on a hand and knee, while apparently offering her cunt for a lick. She better not be there when I log in again tonight, or her pussy is bound to get torn like tissue paper!

    There are tabs aplenty here. These consist of the Homepage, Pornstar Profiles, Pornstar Looks, Pornstar Ethnicity, Pornstar Social, Pornstar Niche, Pornstar States, and Pornstar Country. Next to the latter is a search icon and not to worry we will come back to all these tabs later. As for the search function, it might be just me, but it doesn't work when you click on it and type a search query. Oh well!

Smut Analytics!

    At the right and near the top of the homepage is a header that says Pornstar Analytics. Here can be seen the main reason why a site like PornstarGold came into existence. This was to compile top lists of this and that pornstars in varied categories and at the same time provide a sure means of ranking these pornstars that are devoid of bias.

    Under this header are links to hook up with the site owner on Reddit, Twitter, and VKontakte, and these links are replicated on the left part of the homepage. As for the homepage, I did mention that it was crammed. It sure is, with articles upon articles featuring some of the most gorgeous pornstars to ever lick a cock and tease it into a raging monster that can uproot a train track!

    Near the top of the page is a slideshow that showcases all the different articles you might need to have a look at, with titles like The Top 20 Lesbian Pornstars(2020), The Top 20 Hottest American Pornstars (2020), The Top 20 Best BDSM Pornstars(2020) and The 20 Top New Pornstars (2020). I checked out more than a few of these articles and all were meticulously written and orgasmic. They also featured GIFs of dancing and/or cum-distracting babes any male would give a lung to roll in the hay with! In actual fact, every page on this site has these GIFs and they help keep you hornier than a teen at a frat party orgy!

    Remember the Pornstar Analytics I mentioned earlier? Well, it can be seen in each article here. That is, in each top 20 or top 10 list, reasons are given why the pornstars on the list deserve their place there. Such reasons include total scenes shot so far, Pornhub rankings, age, and assets. That way you can be pretty sure that any pornstar you see on any list merits her place there, rather than suspecting that she had to lick the boner of the site admin behind PornstarGold before getting mentioned in this or that pornstar listing. Pretty nice!

More Horny Stuff!

    Yeah, PornstarGold is packed to the rafters with more information than my brain matter can process! Take the Pornstar Profiles tab for instance. This has some of the most detailed pornstar bios on the planet, better than even what’s on Pornhub. You get to know some private details of some pornstars, like how they chill out and how many awards their pussy has won them so far! There were less than 20 pornstar bios the last time I logged in though. Let’s just hope that number gets boosted soon.

    Now, the Pornstar Looks and Pornstar Ethnicity tabs are where you can find articles related to top thick, blonde, brunette, Asian, black, and Latina pornstars. The Pornstar Social tab hosts articles like the Best Snapchat/Facebook/YouTube Pornstars, with the Pornstar Niche tab being stuffed with articles like Best Tattooed/Dirtiest/Petite Pornstars. The last 2 tabs on the homepage have articles related to the best pornstars to come from this and that American state, plus the best pornstars to come from this and that country. Yeah, there’s a ton of stuff on PornstarGold, so better start reading up!

What I Think

    Well, all I can say is that I am heavily impressed with the quality of what’s on PornstarGold. And just so you know, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle and nuzzle a teen cunt to orgasm than to impress me!

    Anyway, I think you better rush and bookmark PornstarGold if you want to make your life more than a little richer and cum-filled!

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