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PornstarGold Review

~ Pros ~

The homepage is attractive

There is a lot of content

The site is free to use

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll have to fight ads


    Today, we aren’t looking for treasure or loot. However, you can definitely say we are looking for booty on Pornstargold.com and today I will be your pilot on this journey. I only ask that y’all don’t clap since we all cringe pretty badly when we see folks clap like deranged penguins after a flight lands.

    I am strapped up and ready for my Pornstargold review and if you aren’t ready then you can go suck on a huge strap-on because this flight might get turbulent. This site specializes in ranking porn stars in different porn niches so we might just get to see who is the queen of anal and how wide her asshole must be.

Digging For Gold On Pornstargold!

    As I mentioned above, this site mainly ranks models so you’ll be disappointed if you came here to jerk your dick off to some porn. You’ll have no problems though if you’re a nerd that likes to spray his ball-juices to statistics. And it won’t even be that boring for you since I can see that they post x-rated thumbnails for every particular ranking they’re doing. So there’s a porn star with a gaping asshole that looks like you can mind for gold inside in the post that’s called; ”The Top 20 Best Double Anal Pornstars”.

    One of the first things I noticed that stood out like some warts on a pussy that I am unwrapping and about to wrap up again pretty quickly is the atrocious amount of ads that this site has. I was shown an Ad that took half my screen trying to get me to join some iStripper site that I couldn’t give half a shit about. Some more ads looked like those ones that promise you that many hotties in your area are desperate to have a taste of your left nut sack.

    The site comes in a white background with no option to change it in case you’re a cave-dwelling bat of a wanker that is gonna melt if any light comes into contact with you. They have their site’s logo in blue and their name in white and gold of course. Beside the logo is an interesting figure of a cartoon pornstar on one knee looking like she’s about to receive loads on her face while shooting a bukkake scene with 50 guys in a circle.

    The menu section is thick with sections that are meant to assist you in finding the part of this site that your heart yearns for. You’ll see shit like; Pornstar Profiles, Pornstar Looks, Pornstar Ethnicity, Pornstar Niche, Pornstar USA, Pornstar Country, and Resources. There is an advanced search icon for those amongst you who know what they wanna see.

Does Pornstargold Get The Gold?

    Looking through the PornStar Ethnicity section I can see an ungodly amount of posts made by Pornstargold that is solely dedicated to Asian porn stars. Someone running this site clearly has a taste for noodles and getting his stick chopped. There are about 5 pages dedicated to this section of the site so you’ll have to do more reading than school could ever possibly make you if you hope to read all of the posts here.

    Pornstar Country is a section that I fully expected to be filled with information about porn stars from almost all the countries in the world but disappointingly, their only focus is on countries that most people give a shit about. For porn stars from a country like Cambodia, they’ll be waiting a while before this site has anything about them posted. They need to fix that shit or they should change the name of this section.

    In the section called Resources, you’ll find a page that shows you the sites they consider the best for you to visit for your porn-related urges, you can even see their top 25 porn stars and all the other porn-relevant things that you’ll be happier to find when you’re on The Porn Guy’s website. Don’t go cheating on me now or I am just gonna have to find you and chop off your balls slowly with my new and improved state-of-the-art chainsaw.

    To get a feel of their posts I go for the one named; The 20 top Japanese Pornstars”. I can see that they put in a lot of effort, not only into the writing but also into other content like uploading the pornstar's pictures and giving us detailed information about her Pornhub ranking, height, number of scenes she’s been in, the year her career started, her age, her eye color, and most importantly, her bra size for we the big titty-loving committee.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Pornstargold

    This site may be a disappointment to ultra-horny guys that are looking for a site where they can beat their meats to some porn and they probably stumbled in here looking for some gold content. But if you’re an educated wanker that likes to be guided by statistics and rankings of porn stars then you may have just struck gold. Although it gets more than a little bit annoying having Ads rained on us like some golden shower that we never consented to, it still delivers when it comes to keeping our dicks informed. The site gets a partial recommendation from me.

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