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PornSos Homemade

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PornSos Homemade

PornSos Homemade Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of content available

The Ads on the site are minimal

~ Cons ~

❌ No way to download videos

❌ Some videos are Low Quality as hell

PornSos.com Homemade

    I don’t know if I should be worried since the porn site I am about to slide my dick into has SOS as part of its name. That shit has me anxious as fuck. Would sliding my meat in this site mean it’ll come out with genital warts and everything unholy?

    My Pornsos.com review is here to answer all your questions and mine. I’ve got my trusty right hand and a brand new lotion, so I’ll be ready to jerk out the information that we both need.

Rubbing Pornsos’s Clit!

    Thankfully, the homepage of this site isn’t a cry for help. I was kinda hoping it is so I’ll get to say the SOS in their name is their homepage design’s cry for help. The main theme color is blue to stand in solidarity with all the males visiting the site with blue balls that need a release or they’ll simply run mad and shoot their jizz on their old grandmother who is on a rocking chair thinking of the good old days.

    The homepage contains thumbnails that lead you to sections that catch your attention. So for anal, you’ll see a thumbnail of a girl getting her ass wrecked and once you click on it, you’ll be taken to where more videos have the same description. They claim to have up to 30+ million porn videos but I am not about to sit and count if they’re telling the truth or not.

    There are Ads, but not those super ones that would not rest until they get your attention and make you check out the latest automatic anal driller that runs on solar power. These ads are only at the bottom of the screen so you’ll have to be a real curious cat checking every hole on the site before you get to meet them. And meet them I did, but I also got to see the impressively huge number of tags on the site.

    Today, I didn’t come to check out all of the sections that this site is opening its skirt to show me. I came with a purpose and that purpose is to find their homemade section and see just what kind of smut is infesting the area. I am a kind judge but I am also capable of explosive rage, so I want the creators of this site to feel no pressure at all while also pulling the hair right out of their asses in pure anxiety.

Sos Or Safe Fap Zone?

    I searched for “Homemade” in their search section and the first thumbnails that I was shown looked homemade even though some look like a porn director in a low-budget studio trying his best to shoot a video but it ended up looking like a shit sandwich and now he’s marketing it as homemade. I’ll be checking out a few of their porn videos to see if they’ll be able to get even pre-cum out of my dick.

    One thing I noticed about their thumbnails is that everything was bright as fuck, and that’s when it hit me, there is a general lack of diversity in the homemade section or maybe on the entire site. We’ve all gotten used to getting on porn sites and seeing BBCs destroying white pussies but over here in this section, it is simply a white-on-white smut zone.

    I did find a little diversity here and it featured a dude who looks nerdy as shit and instead of him talking about the latest Star Wars or Star Trek at some nerdy convention, he was having a threesome with a black and white chick. I almost wanted to enter the screen and replace his horny ass as the sole enjoyer of such mixed pleasure.

    I was taken to another site to view the porn video and was taken to another porn site. I tried other videos to see if that happens as well, and yeah, they do. So this is basically like an aggregator porn site. Loading the porn video was the same as trying to get a piranha to suck you off, it was painful! The host site was a minefield of Ads and when the video played, my dick was even more disappointed that it was in low quality.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Pornsos

    Pornsos wasn’t exactly the wet dream I expected it to be but it definitely wins when it comes to having a lot of content. The homemade section had up to 9,300 pages. Since it is homemade, it’s only fair that some porn videos look like they were filmed from inside Mia Khalifa's asshole. I’ll say that the site is worth checking out but it doesn’t fully get a recommendation from me.

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