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PornPen Review

~ Pros ~

Site looks lit

Easy to use


No ads

~ Cons ~

❌ You gotta pay for the best

❌ Generated images are average at best

❌ Up to 5 minutes to generate images as a free member


    Abella Danger, Harley Dean, and the rest of the pornstar slut crew must be on their knees all day, fervently beseeching the almighty! Are they begging for bigger butts? More expansive cunts that can get pulverized by 10 cocks at a time? Gullets wide enough to take jumbo jets? Assholes turned freeways that a brother needs a map to navigate? Hell no! AI seems about to get them rekt and we are still in the very early phase of the oncoming AI revolution.

    Via AI, you can wank to impossibly perfect chicks and create as many of them as your fingertips can manage. These creations of yours can say whatever you want them to, act however you want them to, fuck however you want them to, and more. It is almost like having a magic wand that makes all the ladies on your block spread their legs for you wide enough that you can tickle their cervix with your big toe! Better cut them toenails now, just in case a genie comes along this week!

    Anyway, here is my PornPen.ai review. Read it and weep and take a leak for the geek freaks on fleek!

And All The Kings Men and All Their Horses Couldn’t Fuck Abella Senseless!

    PornPen.ai is one of those places where you generate images of chicks with slits who look like walking up and down a 20-story building with a BBC stuck in their fanny is the least of their problems! Sites like these have been popping up with eager regularity and by now there should be thousands of them, or as many as all the cum shots that Johnny Sins has accomplished in his line of work!

    Now, PornPen has a very engaging and pretty homepage filled with uber-useful text and graphs. The stuff there is well-placed, colorful, and enlightening and I would give them 9 out of 10 for page design and look.

    There’s a slideshow of sorts atop the homepage and above it are the main user options. These are Make, Feed, Search, Tags, Sign In, Pricing, and About, and over on the top right of the page are links to the Patreon and social media, plus a Get Pro button. See, generating images is not cheap and there’s stuff involved that would probably melt down my brain matter if I tried to explain it! I guess that would mean y’all would be able to drink my brains through a straw!

    Anyway, on sites like these, there’s a free mode and paid version and the Pro mode on PornPen costs $15 monthly. While the free mode gets you basic images and slower content generation, the Pro mode ups that and you get sole access to what you create, higher quality content generation, and faster content generation. Plus your generated stuff will not be watermarked and you can create GIFs, use unlimited search, get commercial rights to your creations, and more. PornPen.ai even has a single page that uses multiple glossy images to explain what each Pro mode option does and how to use it and that’s sweet.

    While $15 monthly does sound significant, the fact that you get full commercial rights to whatever you whip up here means you can use the Pro mode for business and maybe get a tax write-off for it. That’s how I’ve been writing off face-sitting sessions at my local massage parlor!

    So, the About tab tells you what PornPen is about, and for sure they are not here to serve shawarma and “bebzi.” The Make tab takes you right to the page where you can begin generating stuff and the Feed tab has numerous nasty images. It also has settings that affect the characteristics of your creations and this can be tweaked.

    The Search tab does what it says, but I do gotta note that if you are in the Pro mode, you get a more advanced search engine. Exploring The Dungeon, Wood Cuts, Spooky CornField, and Wicked Chaotic Silver are a few of the featured tags and you can opt to save them. And worth noting is that some tags are limited to fuckers on the Pro mode.

    As expected, the Sign In tab does what it says and you only need 2 clicks to sign up here with your Google account. And once in, you get AI cunts on a platter to fuck through!

Make AI Whores Not War!

    So, to create chicks here that are gonna make any sex goddess out there look like a pimply teen thot who does nothing but bleed between her legs and ask for handouts, all you gotta do is head for the Make tab, and click any options you care for. You can decide on the age and sex of the chick, what her face looks like, her hair color and style, her ethnicity, what she’s doing or wearing, the location of the image, and more. Yeah, the available options here are more than decent.

    Generating images here took me like 5 minutes per image. That sucks. The fuckers on Pro mode have it better and that’s understandable. But I have been around the block a bit and some other AI image-generating sites let free members generate stuff within 30 seconds or less. So, I really can’t understand what’s wrong with PornPen.ai.

    Anyway, the images I generated were nice enough. The biggest issue is that they could never be mistaken for real pictures. They are so fake-looking that I could never use any of these pics to prank my female friends with and that’s too bad. That said, you can save and edit whatever you create, and while there’s no direct download option, right-clicking and saving to your PC works. Plus, if you don’t really know what to generate, there’s a custom mode that lets you tweak some already generated images and that’s peachy to the bitches in da britches!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of PornPen

    PornPen is okayish. But those on Pro membership might feel obliged to praise it to the skies. While PornPen is relatively feature-packed, other sites offer more on free membership and that’s why I don’t really feel up for attaching a recommended mark to this place.

    Got more money than a coke addict would know to do with? Then sign up here and get to spending!

PornPen, PornPen

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