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PornoMovies Review

~ Pros ~


No ad's

Lots of content

Good quality stuff

The site and the content are well put together

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Video titles take some getting used to


I don’t need to spell out what happens in porno movies, do I? Nor do I need to mention what the actors in these movies do with their genitalia, right?

Anyway, porn movies come in varied types. Some show dads slipping delish salami into the slits of their teen daughters, while others are all about muscle-bound fellas with oak tree cocks using these to make us jealous of our small earthworms, and resolutely demolishing every slippery hole they come across!

Full length hardons!

We all are mostly used to flicks that last ten minutes on average, but there’s a lot of full-length stuff out there waiting to be discovered. If you are the sort of guy who loves ringing your boner to full-length XXX movies then I have something for you- PornoMovies.com. This site advertises itself as offering full-length XXX flicks of such sweetness as to make a satyr blush! Better check out my review to find out if you have been missing out on something great and wonderful!

Standard And Nice

    Well, I was sort of expecting Porno Movies to look like something I haven’t seen in a while, but that wasn’t the case at all. It's indistinguishable from just about any other pornsite out there and no that is not a bad thing and I am not suggesting lining up a site admin and shooting them full of lead for something like that!

White is the background color here and it does remind me of a vestal virgin. But the only virgins you are seeing on the site are those in your head! Yeah, virginity is pretty much illegal these days!

Now, the top part of the homepage has a search bar a yard long and an inch wide and this fucker can be used to look for pornstars, videos, and albums. To the left of the search bar is the site logo, while the right hosts the signup and login tabs. You need just your email and a password to register and become a member here and it is all free.

A black header of sorts hosts the Home, Videos, Categories, Photos, Meet&Fuck, Live Girls, and Live Sex tabs. Don’t click on the last three tabs unless you want to be taken offsite where strippers and cam girls will fill your head with a lot of pretty nonsense! The Categories tab rocks a pull-down menu on which can be seen categories like Amateur, Voyeur and Outdoor and you can optionally click the View All Categories link to see every supported category here. The Videos tab also has a pull-down menu and this is used to sort content according to the latest, longest, most viewed, and top-rated.

As for the Photos tab, well, tapping this transports your eyeballs to MyThumbnails.com. This is a site that has enough XXX-rated photo albums to make Google jealous!

Sweet Poon For The Taking!

    As for the sweet cumming stuff on the homepage, the most viewed videos come first, followed by the newest. Above all the video thumbnails and to the right are the Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, and Longest buttons, and these sort content like real pros!

Not every video on Porno Movies com is long enough to put you to sleep, but there are some really long ones. Some Of The Finest Pussy, Ass, and Creampies Altogether With Huge Facials, Petite Redhead And Her Feet, Big Tits Japanese Woman Has her Hairy Snatch Pierced By A Stiff Cock and Even Shy Japanese Girls Tend To Kinky Every Once In A While are the longest videos on this site and they run to 9:37, 8:14, 3:59 and 3:50 hours and minutes respectively.

All video thumbnails here apart from having overly long titles also display information that lets you know at a glance the quality they come in, how many views they have had so far and when they were uploaded. Uploads are extremely frequent, with almost a hundred new videos uploaded in the 24-hour time frame that I had the site open on my browser.

Plenty of tags appear once you click on any video you like. You can also easily upvote and downvote videos, add them to your favorite list, download them, report them, share them with your fellow wankers and comment your impression. Videos load fast too, play without stuttering, and have user-adjustable quality.

You guys want to know which flick I wanked to, right, so you can report that to my pastor? Anyway, one video that made me choke my cock tight enough to put PETA into a frenzy was titled Big Tits Blonde Got Naked and Was Filmed While Giving A POV Blowjob. This flick comes from Perv Mom, is around a dozen minutes long, and is certainly sweet enough to make you diabetic in a second or less! It featured an oval-faced blonde with really great ass and tits sucking cock on two different occasions and getting her pussy speared without mercy by killer dick! Do check it out if you got Vaseline and tissues!

What I Think of PornoMovies.com

    Well, Porno Movies seems to hit the spot more accurately than a sniper ever could! Better get it bookmarked faster than you gobble up prime cunt juice from the slobbering orifice of the babe next door!

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