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PornoItaliano Review

~ Pros ~

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoLots of Italian porn categories

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoActive community

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoHas sex stories section

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoUsers can upload videos

PornoItaliano, PornoItaliano Has access to porn stars live

~ Cons ~ 

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoSame distracting ads

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoRendered in Italian

PornoItaliano, PornoItalianoSome comments are misleading

    Italians make the best sauce and usually have the best girls of all. These sleek and slender babes act like they never go to the loo, like to look all innocent and can seduce a dinosaur if they put their mind to it!

    But we are not focusing on Italian babes or finger-licking sauces in Italian pots, not when we could be reviewing any number of Italian porn sites.

    Want to read an Italian porn site review? Them tune in for our site review. Read it and lick some sauce!

Italian Porno Magic!

    Well, we are currently staring at the PornoItaliano homepage and are about as impressed as if your dog had just farted in our faces! Don’t get us wrong, the homepage is OK, but we were expecting a lot of eye-catching detail considering this is a freaking Italian porn site and Italians are supposed to be flashy. Oh well!

    Deep black serves as the homepage background color and there are the standard registration and sign-in options, plus search bar and main tabs. Registration happens to be a free affair here, but we were not really feeling the urge to become members and so refrained from registering.

    The main tabs are the homepage, porn games, and XXX categories like incest, amateur, mature and a link to an XXX site called PornoPizza. This has to be the oddest collection of main tabs we have come across and that is saying something.

    Once we dragged our attention off the main tabs we found the homepage had a fair collection of recently added content. Exactly how recently these were added is not indicated, because they lacked dates and only had titles, ratings, runtimes, and accumulated views.

    Incidentally, there are a total of 63 pages of porn vids in this Italian XXX site. That is barely enough to make a eunuch see the cumming side of life!

Fap Magnifico!

    All vids on this site come with a preview function that is activated with a mouse cursor. Most are longer than 20 minutes too.

    Some sample titles include Italian on Holiday Shoots Amateur Porn With Boyfriend, Japanese Professor Has Sex With Her Students, Dad Has Sex With Half Sleeping 18-Year-Old Daughter and The First Porn Video Of A Black MILF. The latter vid was rather good, with the black MILF boasting full and perfect jugs, a cunt that is never afraid of hard rods and the most charming can-do attitude! She sure does know how to spread her legs and take a beating down there that could kill a lesser being!

    Videos on PornoItaliano play smooth as silk with no buffering or playback errors of any kind. The embedded video player is good at its job and folks can choose to view vids in either 480p or 720p resolution. A fullscreen mode is available and videos have a short description and include the date they were added. They can also be shared via mail or social media and rated by members and non-members alike.

What We Think does most things well, but the amount of content simply cannot compare with most other sites boast of. Limited language options and ads also conspire against this XXX site.

    However, on the whole, we like it and do think most viewers will find use for a softie like PornoItaliano.