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PornoCarioca Review

~ Pros ~

, PornoCarioca

Pretty slick and colorful site design

, PornoCarioca

A shit load of vids

, PornoCariocaVids seldom full-length

~ Cons ~ 

, PornoCariocaYo no habla mucho espaniol!

, PornoCariocaAd's

, PornoCariocaFocuses on Brazillian porn and fappers


    Porno Carioca is Spanish for something we don’t have a clue about! This is a Latino-focused site that mostly has amateur content showing images of naked females and clips of hardcore pussy stretching and asshole plumbing….. Here’s our review of it.

Doing It The Porno Carioca Way!

    We dug a little and it seems that the content on the Porno Carioca site comes from Brazil. Brazil is a pretty big country filled with rivers, rain forests and sweet booty females who climb any cock they see like it is going to pump their pussy holes full of gold and silver! See these babes in action on Porno Carioca.

    Now, the Porno Carioca homepage uses a standard design. Everything is in Spanish though and that is a little bit inconvenient. There are Categories, Videos, Films, and Photos tabs, plus a search bar on the far right.

    The homepage itself has a comprehensive collection of video thumbnails and these can be arranged according to the newest or the most viewed. Each video has its title and run-time displayed, plus the total number of accumulated views. Video previews are not allowed and most videos are shot by and acted by amateur performers who want to corrupt your mind and tie your cock in knots!

    At the bottom of the homepage is a long list of video and picture categories

Latina Porn All The Way

    For our review, we clicked on the Category tab atop the homepage. Most of the listed categories are in Spanish, but there are enough in English to make sense of them. A few include Voyeur, Porno, Webcam, Hentai, Gays, Carnaval and BBB.

    One porn video category called Columbianas seemed to promise great things and so we clicked on it. This had both photos and clips of amateurs and pros, with the titles in Spanish. We couldn’t pronounce these without biting our tongues in half! Featured XXX acts include masturbation, dick riding, ass eating, anal, XXX toy playing and more.

    The available media player does its job and nothing more. Videos can be played, paused, and there’s a full-screen mode should that be desired.

    Videos are short, have a short description and a few listed categories you can click on. Regardless of which page you are on, the Categories section is at the bottom and you can make use of this to find the video and pic categories you are looking for.  If you want full-length porn movies there are plenty of those in the Film category tab on the homepage.

What We Think

    Porno Carioca is interesting. There’s loads of diverse content here, from amateur to pro and gay to straight. Content is free, but we hate that the site lacks community features of any sort and there is no language option.

    If you are willing to overlook that and some ads, we do not doubt that PornoCarioca.com can wreak some cumming havoc in your life!