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PornHubsVideo Review

~ Pros ~

Not too many Ads lurking

It’s free to watch videos

The site is pretty easy to use

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll still have to deal with a video Ad before getting to watch

❌ There are incomplete sections


    With my Pornhubs.video review, we’ll be spreading open the ass of this porn site that sounds like something a lazy student would create while trying not to make it seem like he’s copying his answers from his much smarter seat partner at his side.

    We all know Pornhub and we’ve all collectively donated copious amounts of cum to our tissues and socks thanks to the site. Pornhubs is new to me and we’ll be seeing if this is just Pornhub’s unattractive step-sister that is hidden in the toilet all the time when visitors visit.

The Step-sister Site Gets My Attention Finally!

    When I saw the name of this site I was starting to get excited that I get to meet an old friend that got through many “hard” nights in my bed, but I was let down like my dick after wanking in those hard nights when I found out that this site isn’t the one I knew. So, I’ve come to be impressed by them if they’re more slutty or I’ll just have to rage and destroy everything in my path, including the pussies of the site runners moms.

    I got on the homepage and I was happy to see that the site was in a black background theme. Somebody really wants to save their mom from this 12-inch monster of a dick. However, they had to go and ruin it by claiming to be the largest XXX tube site on earth. So, I went from first seeing their logo to seeing some bullshit message about how they’re the greatest to do it in one glance. Well, at least they assure us that all their porn is free to watch.

    I’m not gonna lie, the thumbnails presently all happen to be showing me porn videos that don’t look one bit appetizing to me. No, I’m not trying to see an old Indian Aunty take dick like she’s practicing Kamasutra positions. There is another porn video named ‘Desi fuck’, and now I am wondering if maybe this is an Indian porn site. Thankfully I found other thumbnails to convince me otherwise.

    On their menu, they don’t beat around the bush showing you options that you will never use for any reason whatsoever. These guys only have; Home, All Videos, Pornstars, and Categories. I know other porn sites that would find some raggedy live cam site to partner up with just so they can fill their menu space with what will have folks coming back to the site like sex-starved wank addicts.

From Just The Tip To Inside The Site!

    If you know me then you already know that I am curious as fuck. So I went to the ‘Pornstars’ section to see if there would be any actresses that I would recognize or if this is just a list of unknown street whores that bribed their way through sucking on the butt holes of the site’s runners. Sure enough, I didn’t recognize a lot of the many names here so I’m searching instead for the porn actresses I do know. Sunny Leone is my priority target.

    These guys should’ve simply allowed us to be able to choose what letter the porn star’s name begins with because I was out there scrolling like a cunt only to find out that they stopped updating the list after the letter ‘D’. It looks to me that someone thought he or she was a hard worker and after having to put the 700th name, they gave up and went back to sniffing glue or whatever makes them happy.

    So, I took myself back to the homepage to find the search option. Turns out that it was on the top right this whole time. Well, I was not about to start scrolling back up after wasting so much precious time scrolling down. I searched for Sunny Leone and her videos appeared. It was a little hard choosing the right video to watch of this legend but thankfully I found one where she’s teaching us the art of Kamasutra. I’ll be paying close attention with my dick!

    The only thing that can ruin a Sunny Leone porn video is if the porn site I am watching it on is made to torture the worst and most vicious prisoners with bad service. Pornhubs wasn’t bad at all but I did find it annoying that I couldn’t watch the video without going through a 5-second video Ad. When the video finally loaded, I watched it in HD and I had a good educational session with Sunny Leone. I think I’ll be attending more of her classes after this review.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Pornhubs

    Pornhubs and I started off on the wrong foot because it has a name that only a catfish would come up with, but it turns out that the site was better than I thought. I didn’t have to stick my meat in between many STD-filled ads just to get to browse around the site. The video I watched was in HD but I don’t doubt that there were probably low-quality ones lurking on the site. Overall, the site was decent, and gets a recommendation from me!

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