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PornHoarder Review

~ Pros ~

Option for download available

Not many ads to ruin the view

Most videos are in HD

~ Cons ~

❌ Navigating the site might be confusing at first

❌ No option for dark mode


    Today I will be unleashing my Pornhoarder.tv review on y’all, my cherished horny minions. And for you folks that have been hoarding this site, I am about to make you cry through your dick hole because I plan to stick my meat into every hole this porn site has, and if the holes are wet and tight, I’ll invite my minions in for a group fap.

    So get comfortable and get your butt plugs out of your assholes because I want you sitting and paying attention to all that I have to say with my Pornhoarder review.

Whoring Your Meat On Pornhoarder!

    I was a little impressed when I got on this site for the first because it looked like it was made for high-class wankers. You probably know what I am talking about if you’re a regular fap tourist that likes to visit new porn sites. Sure, it doesn’t come in a dark background that usually gets my dick harder than your mother’s dick when you were conceived but the smooth-looking features on the homepage were enough to make my dick satisfied.

    They have a spot under the option for searching for porn videos for you to see their most popular keywords. This just means you’ll be shown what the majority of fappers here like to fight their meat to.
I can see keywords that represent either porn actress or porn styles like; Keiran Lee, Lily Lou, Angela White, Gloryhole, etc. I even saw Brandi Love and that brings back memories for me since I’ve been wanking to her since I was young and my meat wasn’t even up to 12 inches as it is now.

    In the same way a Mercedes or Rolls Royce have their iconic symbols that are meant to let you know you’re in the big leagues, this site has a symbol resembling three balls or a penis and two balls, I’m not exactly sure what it was meant to stand for but I’m gonna allow it. And just like when you’re at a fancy restaurant and get a glass of complimentary champagne, the site somehow knew it was my first time and offered me a way to change my sexual orientation to get videos that match my tastes.

    I would’ve gone to make sure the orientation was on ‘straight’ but I didn’t have to because I noticed a white porn actress sucking chocolate dick like she’ll do anything to please Willy Wonka and get into his chocolate factory. From what I can see so far in their thumbnails, the videos look HD. But we can’t judge a book by its cover, nor a porn site by its thumbnails. So, later on, I’ll be testing this site to see if it is just catfishing as a classy porn site.

Licking The Shit Out Of This Site For A Taste!

    If you’re the sort of guy that likes to watch porn videos that are from specific studios like a perverted nerd then I won’t judge you. And, you’ll like it here on this porn site because at the bottom of the screen on the homepage you’ll be able to find a category showing different porn studios like; Family Sinners, BrokenLatinaWhores, SweetSinner, FakeHub, AssholeFever, Nympho, and a whole bunch of others.

    Each of the studios has a different amount of videos that are available to watch. So for FakeHub, there are 1461 porn videos of actors and actresses invading each other’s holes after a fake dialogue that makes it more interesting. While BrokenLatinaWhores has only 302 porn videos. I guess there aren’t enough Broken Latina Whores in the world. So, I know what I’ll be doing after this review; finding the closest sexiest Latina whore to break for y’all sakes.

    One feature that almost had me bursting into happy tears was the download option that I don’t see enough of on porn sites like this. Most would rather hoard that feature from you since they want your horny ass coming back to the site every time you want to spill some semen to the video that you love so much. So, if you find the video you want to download you’ll see it below the playing video. They’ll tell you to wait some seconds before it becomes available for download.

    They also have a round icon that shows the model you’re watching. If you click on it you’ll be taken to another page that has a multitude of her other videos for you to check out. The current model I am watching in HD is called Lena Paul and when I clicked on that icon I was taken to where I could see 2000+ porn videos of her. That’s another useful feature to keep fappers engaged and my dick gives it a salute!

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Pornhoarder

    Pornhoarder shouldn’t be hoarded from you guys at all because after spending hours here jerking off till my nuts were looking like deflated footballs, I can say, with empty balls and a full chest that this site is worth exploring if you want to find porn that you won’t be able to find on other porn sites for whatever reason. I also like the fact that there are a lot of videos here because it won’t mean shit if it is a classy porn site with just a few videos. They get a solid recommendation from me!

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