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PornHeed Review

~ Pros ~

, PornHeedPics and videos available

, PornHeedUpdates are regular

~ Cons ~ 

, PornHeedMostly poor quality content

, PornHeedUninspiring site design

, PornHeedSome content not in English

, PornHeed

Focuses mostly on amateur XXX


    Pornheed has less than 69 thousand videos. That feels like a crime! We don’t know about you but we think porn sites should pack at least a million vids or so, the better to amaze folks with.

    Want to see what else this site offers? Then pay heed to our Pornheed.com review.

Heed The Cum Fever Always!

    There’s the usual standard design on the homepage, and it has a background color of white. Main tabs are lacking here and the homepage design appears to emphasize minimalism.

    A search bar and upload button are provided and only members can upload the goodies. We said there are no tabs, but that is actually hidden on the left corner of the page.

    That’s right, there’s a pulldown menu at the far left and from this, you can access log in options, change the site language, and toggle from straight to gay porn. This pulldown menu also has Home, Videos, Pictures, Collections, Categories, and Pornstars links.

    Clicking the Pornsters link enables access to the bio and videos of less than 20 pornstars. Yes, 20. Kim Kardashian is there, along with 7 of her sex tapes.

    The Categories tab has categories such as Boobs, Black, Anal, French, and Scat. Better don’t click on the latter if you have a weak stomach!

    Pics in the Pictures tab mostly look like screenshots and poor quality ones at that. They  cannot be downloaded, nor should you try to.

Heeding The Cumming Challenge!

    Vids on Pornheed are titled in what looks to be French and/or Italian. Random vids are presented first on the homepage, with newer ones being located lower down. Just above the newer vids are some content sorting options. This included the Most Viewed option and we clicked on that.

    Videos in this category are all sorts, from vanilla pussy and ass fucking to masturbation and group sex. Video quality is generally mediocre, and vids tend to look like they were shot a decade or so ago.

     Vids can all be watched on full screen and have a closed captioning option that doesn’t work. They load acceptably fast and site members can rate and comment on these.

What We Think

    The only advantage this site might hold over more established smut centers is that it has a lot of porn that of the sort you are highly unlikely to come across on Pornhub or Xvideo. Still, there are a lot of cons, from the awful and confusing site design to poor quality vids and non-English titles. Overall, this site has its charms but is easy to disregard.