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PornGifs Review

~ Pros ~

The site is Free

Simple to navigate

Huge collection of gifs

Old website

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many redirective Ads

❌ Not a popular website


    The adult site world has evolved into all kinds of freaky, kinky content to satisfy the cravings of all the perverted wankers out there. From videos to live cams and adult comics all things to make one jizz their pants so hard the stain never washes away.

    Today I’ll be reviewing an adult gif site called Porngifs.xxx, the name is pretty much self-explanatory, you should come here with only one expectation and that’s to view all kinds of sexual gifs, and if you don’t know what a gif then you must be older than father time.
So without taking forever Heres my porngifs review below.

Porngifs site first look at the homepage

    On opening the Porngifs website, I could see the site is clearly easy to navigate, and it’s straight down to horny business. Once the homepage loads you’ll see the site’s name shining in red and yellow fonts, the site has a white background theme that’s a bit too bright for my liking but shouldn’t stop any horny wanker that came here for sexy gifs from pulling their pants down.

    Scrolling from the top there’s the search bar right underneath the title like a daggling nutsack, after the search bar is the site’s menu bar. On the menu bar you can select from a number of categories the type of porn gif your horny nuts will react to, of course, they got hentai, teenage, anal, big tits, and other categories.

    While on the menu bar, you can turn on or off the animation of the porn gif thumbnails as you’re scrolling down the homepage, but preferably they should be on so you can get the full view of the gif before downloading it.

GIFs to spice up your sext game

    These gifs are really good when sexting, they can give imagery to the sexual picture you’re trying to paint. Going down the homepage from the menu bar there are gif thumbnails arranged vertically, if your animation is on you’ll see these gifs in action or you can click on any gif of your choice and you’ll be directed to a viewing page to get a full view of the porngif, below you download or just jerk off to it at once.

    On the viewing page, you’ll get an enlarged view of the gif and see the various categories and tags it belongs to. If you scroll lower you’ll see other related gifs in this category. You can also see the amount of people that like a particular gif with the number of hearts located at the top left corner of the gif thumbnail.

    After having a fun time on the viewing page and checking out some gifs I could add to my gif collection, the next hoe I’m sexting is gonna be cumming all the way till she lands on my cock. Now back to the review, once I was done at the viewing page I went back to the homepage to continue my rundown of the landing page.

Gif basket for horny fappers

    Now this is the part on this site that makes my dick more flaccid than a deflated ballon; the Ads. The ads on the site are more redirective than a traffic warren, one second you’re looking at an hentai porn gif of a big titted anime character getting tentacles to fill every hole in her body, just when you’re about to press download the next thing, you see a pop-up Ad in your face redirecting to a completely different page like some shady dating site looking to take advantage of your horny levels and turn it against you.

    After all the pop-up Ads in your face, don’t be tempted just press back and you’ll be back to the page you were, it’s really annoying and can ruin the mood. Imagine you’re about to cum and an Ad pops up and destroys that sacred moment. I guess the site operators think it’s worth it, but in my opinion as the fucking Pornguy I say it’s bullshit; don’t come between a person and their jerk off time.

    So after getting rid of the Ads I continued on my review journey scrolling down the homepage to the bottom the site by this time my dick had lost every nerve in it. There are alot of porn and sex gifs to select from, the pages you can choose from go on and on as if it were a never ending story, so you should have a filled day playing with this site.


    Porngifs has an interesting and huge collection of sex and porn gifs to make any collector happy to jizz their pants. This is a free site so you got nothing to lose well except your patience as the site is riddled with a lot of pop up and redirective ads to make you want to jump out your room window. Overall it’s a good site but be mindful of the Ad bombs on the way just waiting to ambush you.

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