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PornDroids Review

~ Pros ~

Nice site layout

Free videos

Little to no ads

Large porn categories

Full-length videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Slow video loading times

❌ No video previews

❌ No comment feature for videos


    Once upon a time, in a not too far away part of the earth, there lived a sole individual with the most magnificent cock and the stamina of a raging bull. The ladies craved his dick for their warm loins and this mighty fellow, who is referred to as PornGuy, never failed in his quest to provide those ladies with the utmost satisfaction they absolutely deserved.

    Well, after that weird but truthful speech, you kind of realize we are in the nerd zone with PornDroid.com. From the name ending with a droid to having a robot as its logo, you might wonder if this site is worth your time. This is my attempt to answer that burning question, so sit back and enjoy my review of PornDroid.com.

Boner Friendly Porn For You

    Two things are very important to every living dude: how to get a clit properly wet for some shanking and how to satisfy a boner. While the first part requires a boner-friendly lady, the second can be accomplished with the help of a very good porn video.

    PornDroid's white background and grey header give it the appearance of a lazy porn site. It has its logo on top, spelled right on top of each other, and a robot right beside it. A register and login tab to the right and, in the center, a fairly sized search bar for searching for once-in-a-lifetime porn videos for your cock.

    The next row contains the categories tab, which contains six pages of super cum video categories such as Mom and Son, Sneaky Sex, Amateurs, Lesbians, Shemales, etc. Each category has the number of videos available for your jerking adventure written with the name. Like my favorites, the Big Tits have up to 7000+ videos, which may look big to you, but I’ll binge through them in like two weeks tops.

    Another notable and creampie-worthy tab is the Pornstars and Tags tab. The pornstars' section has 15 pages of the best and hottest pornstars around. Without straining your eyes, you can see the very familiar pussy of Elsa Jean and the wide boobs of Mia Khalifa nestled between the bubbly ass of Abella and Kendra. The tags tab even goes further with a comprehensive list of the most commonly searched porn tags, all from A-Z, and this section even has a search bar to help you quickly find any tags your dick needs.

    Other tabs there, like the channels, super porn, live sex channel, and sex today, all take you to external sister porn sites, so ignore them like a dry clit.

Free Nerdy Hardcore Porn

    Oh, how I wish these site designers would go the extra mile to make this site more jerk-off friendly. Like, PornDroid already nailed the top requirements by having long porn videos for the widest-eyed nerd to jerk to. But the layout feels very cramped and having no porn preview makes the experience feel like getting a blowjob from a blond with alligator teeth.

    Not too many ads and a swift video loading time with a rating feature make choosing and watching that video of a sexy German blonde getting her pussy creamed very satisfying. But no comment section makes finding like-minded cum fellows who share the same lust for stud ramming a pussy hard on PornDroid.

What Does the PornGuy Think of PornDroid

    Long clear videos with few ads get a big thumbs up from me, and with a few redirects, I am really impressed. Just make the damn site look better!

PornDroids, PornDroids

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