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porndoe, PornDoe

PornDoe Review

~ Pros ~

Clean and sleek looking site

Pornstar data base with a cool ranking system

Really good functionality to find vids

Vids Show the porn network it came from

The homepage just has a few ad's 

Wicked “channels" tab, to pick the studio

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Super annoying Gifs when watchings vids


    Someone went and told Porndoe that they are the best HD porn site on the planet and they took the person seriously enough to believe what they were being told. It is like they have never heard of the adage that has to do with taking things with a healthy pinch of salt and eating pussies with a long spoon. Oh damn! Isn’t it the devil you are supposed to use a long spoon with while eating? I sure am getting myself all mixed up!

    Anyway, here’s my Porndoe.com review and it goes doremi!

Doe-eyed And Nasty Behind Thots

    Porndoe for all its bluster uses a cookie-cutter site design that impresses about as much as a flat-assed bitch shaking her rear end in my face. You can just tell that a slut like that is begging to get kicked to the curb or something for that kind of shameless impudence!

    Like I was saying, the site design here is average all through. It has no flash or dazzle and is about as innovative as a third nipple in the middle of your asshole! Black is press-ganged into work as the background color, and it is a solid if depressing choice. Most of the homepage is filled with video image thumbnails arranged in sections like most popular and that sort of thing, with the top hosting the tabs and content sorting options that give the site admins the liver to state that theirs is the best smut center on the planet. That liver of theirs needs roasting on hot coals for sure!

    At the very top are tabs like Blogs, Full Scenes, Premium HD, Tags, Store, and Deals and beneath these is a search bar that can be used to search for movies, categories, and channels, but all that is not enough to term it an advanced search bar. And right next to this search bar is a red button on which is stamped HD Videos. Ignore that red-assed fucker though, because it is just a lure, and clicking it will open a new page on which the LetsDoIt porn site will load.

    The earlier mentioned Blogs tab hosts blogs with titles like What’s The Best Position For Anal, What Counts As Sex For Lesbians, and Things To Know Before Watching Porn. New blogs are uploaded around once a week and there are 98 pages of blogs here dating all the way back to September 2014. That’s sick!

    Both the Full Scene and Premium HD tabs do what they say, giving you pages filled with full scenes and premium XXX. But if you are looking for the longest videos on the site you won’t find them here. Instead, go to the videos tab, scroll down the list of options and click on longest.

    The Tags tab has a very comprehensive list of XXX tags, the Store tab takes you to the site store, where you can buy sex toys and DVDs, while the Deals tab has a selection of porn sites that just happen to be running hefty discounts at the moment. That all? Not really. See, this site is more packed with user options than most and I have barely scratched the surface.

    Yeah, there are still some tabs left. They are Videos, Categories, Channels, Pornstars, Photos, Live Sex, Fuck Now, and Free Sex Games, with the last 3 triggering the opening of potentially unsafe pages where you can check out live cams, porn games, and other useless stuff. And there’s a language option at the top right of the homepage that I have neglected to mention, with 6 languages supported in total. English is of course enabled by default.

    Now, should you happen to be into photos, the Photos tab has 105 pages of hi-res albums. There’s no direct download link, but you can manually download each photo. 55 pages of pornstars are made available whenever you click the Pornstars tab. The sluts and dudes here can be sorted by the sex they identify as, their popularity, alphabetically, by how much they are currently trending, and by how many movies they have been in. That’s to be expected, but these features are still nice to see.

    Even better, each pornstar has a bio page and is ranked. Given that there have to be thousands of pornstars here, I can’t begin to imagine how stressful writing bio pages for them all must be. And oh, Lana Rhodes is the number 1 ranked pornstar on Porndoe.com and that goes to show that spreading your legs can really make you famous if you do it well and with grace!

    Channels in the Channels tab are ranked too and can be sorted alphabetically, by rating, number of content, and number of views. In the first place is Blacked and the dudes there are to be congratulated for wrecking thousands of white bread snatch! Each channel here has a bio page and there are 58 pages of them. Cool!

    The other tabs do what they say and content sorting options on their pages are very plentiful.

Every Range Of Nasty Fun

    Porndoe has a very wide range of smut on hand and on show. There are almost a hundred categories of XXX, from hentai to VR, and rough sex. The video quality varies from HD to full HD and videos on the site are among the fastest loading and smoothest playing I’ve come across. Updates are of course a daily affair. Videos can be rated, reported, added to your list of favorites, saved to your playlists, and commented on and are over 10 minutes long on average. But there’s no download option.

    Guess what? You can search for porn here by country. Every country is represented from Afghanistan to Zambia. To start this kind of advanced search, you just hover your cursor on the pull-down menu in the Videos tab, scroll down the many listed options and click on Countries. What you get is multiple pages filled with porn of the kind that’s most popular in each separate country.

    Using this option I was able to determine that the wankers over in Afghanistan liked seeing chicks sucking cocks and taking the biggest boners on earth in their asshole or twat. Sample titles in the Afghanistan section include Big Tits Romi Rain Getting Her Pussy Drilled, 10X Forbidden Cumshots, Hot Ginebra Is Hungry For Cock, Mia Khalifa Gets Her Pussy Stretched, and Valentina Ricci Cheating With A BBC. They sure love BBC in Afghanistan!

    Feeling a little envious about what the Afghani mullahs had been enjoying behind my back, I went and brokered a ceasefire between my woody and right hand! The two had been lately feuding, to the point that my left hand had been temporarily conscripted into my fapping adventures! With my right hand back in the game, I looked around and settled on a few videos that would help me release stress, and one of these was titled Wedding Day Foursome With Elsa Jean, Emily Willis, and Winter Jade.

    The movie opens with Elsa Jean in a wedding dress and Winter Jade in a bridesmaid gown. They get nude, go to the seated groom and suck his cock. Emily Willis wanders in and she’s so fine! She joins them in the festivities and soon after they ride the groom one by one and get sprayed in the face with jism. This has to be the hottest collection of pornstars with the cutest bottoms and perkiest tits!

What I Think of PornDoe

Right now, I am considerably more impressed with Porndoe than I was at the beginning of this review. It’s unpretentious but solid and has loads more content sorting options than most other sites. Yeah, it has my seal of approval and for that, the site admin better go to church soon and give thanks!

porndoe, PornDoe

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