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porndex, PornDex

PornDex Review

~ Pros ~

Some solid smart geeks built this site

Just amazing search functionality 

The ads arent invasive

Part of the PornHub cartel

Huge pornstar search engine

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No original content

❌ There is no rating system


    By now you must have heard of porn search engines. They enable better and quicker searching for porn and that’s why they are in business. Like say your cock is dying for content relating to Latina amateurs, rather than going to a porn site like XNXX to search for these, you do that on a porn search engine because they search multiple sites at a time and link you up with their more comprehensive search results.

    Got it? Here's my Porndex.com review. Yeah, this is a porn search site, and it must be run by a megalomaniac because he’s got text on his site talking about how Porndex.com is the biggest, fastest, and most up to date porn search site on the planet. Better take blarney like that with a pinch of salt and a shot of tequila mixed with teen virgin pee!

Pink Pussy Got Porndex Beat!

    Guess why I got this headline up. Well, it is because Porndex has a site logo that’s colored a shocking pink. Every time I see this logo, I get reminded of the pink slits of the girls I have done the nasty with. The admin behind Porndex might even be one of them if she’s a girl or a hermaphrodite, rather than a guy as I originally supposed! Seen pink pussy lately? Then you know what I am talking about, champ!

    The site logo I spoke of has a search bar underneath it. It’s a very basic search bar and can only be used to search for videos. That’s shocking for a site that’s so eager to label itself as the best in the world. If it is the best, then I am a princess!

    There are some options below the search bar. These are Popular, Options, Random and ThePornDude. The latter link leads you to him who must not be named or fucked in the ass by mistake! The Popular link directs you to popular search terms and videos, the Options link takes you to a page where you learn how to use the site better, while the Random link will fill a new page with randomly selected porn that falls under a single category like Blowjob or Short hair.

     Now, the site design in place here is both simple and unimpressive. There are varied video image thumbnails and sorting options, with the main tabs being on the top left. But I will cover that later. And oh, there’s a log-in option at the top right that can be used to both register and log in. Membership is free and with it comes some user options that enable a more personalized experience.

    All told, for a self-acknowledged best site in the world Porndex does a lot not to impress! Now, let’s go for a deeper dive and hope things here change for the better!

Search For Love Ye Holy Wankers!

     Just because a fella is particularly attached to his right hand does not mean he shouldn’t find happiness in the arms of his beloved. And I am putting this out there to counter the narratives of some pervs who cannot see anything good happening to frequently wankers like me and be happy! Nuts to them!

     Now, let’s take a peek at the main tabs -Home, Categories, Pornstars, and New- on this best for nothing site! The Categories tab has a good list of the kind of stuff it is supposed to have. Each listed category also has a number that shows how much of it is available for whatever dirty purpose you have in mind. Amateur for example has more than 970k videos, Blowjob has over 379k videos and Celebrity has more than 41k videos. Kim K's videos are available in the celeb category, including that famous leak of her eating a BBC and getting plowed like the village slut! Better go see her clips if you have forgotten what her fat slit that Kanye has been smashing for years looks like!

     Whichever XXX category you opt for, available options allow sorting according to duration, quality, source, popularity, newness, trending, and more. And the site where each video is stored, plus the date added, tags, duration, and category is seen once you hover your cursor on each video image thumbnail.

     For some reason the sluts in the Pornstar category page on Porndex.com are not honored with either bio or stat pages. I do feel like protesting on their behalf and wonder if you might join me when I take to the streets on my righteous crusade!

     And now we are down to one last main tab- New. It loads up pages with the newest videos that have been added to the Porndex database and at the time of this review these have titles like Leave All My Holes, Dildos For My Ass At First, Young Blonde Teen Aspen Blue Hooks Up With Black Dude, and Fingering In Desi Indian Pussy.

     Surprisingly, everything on Porndex works as it should. I was expecting a less-than-stellar performance, mainly because most of the site looks amateurish, but that aside there’s little to complain about and there’s very little in the way of broken video links. For that alone join me in giving thanks at full volume!

What I Think of PornDex

     I might be more jaded than a worldwide cunt on a global tour, but Porndex to me is a particularly unremarkable and boring site that does its job and does it well enough not to raise eyebrows. I can’t see myself staying on a site like this for long without wanting to shove my head into a naval cannon and beg the crew members to shoot me into the nearest creek!

     In short, this porn search engine is not for me and I am not recommending it even if it is gonna cost me the hand and worn panties of a princess! Of course you are welcome to Porndex if being average and merrily consorting with average stuff is your sole aim in life!

porndex, PornDex

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