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PornBolt Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of HD videos available

Free porn

Video preview is available

Over 6000+ porn pics

Comments and rating section for videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Mostly short porn videos

❌ Pornstar list is average with incomplete profiles


    Having a thunderbolt as a cock has been a blessing and a curse for none other than yours truly, as it has seriously restricted the cunts that can take my stiff rods. So for now, the search has continued for a site with porn models with super wet and lubed clits that can take a good old ramming.

    PornBolt is like an all-you-can-eat buffet, but rather than serving food, this PornGuy found out it dishes out cum treats. As a king with a horse-like rod as a dick, having access to a site with porn models who you know can take it from the mouth to the ass is very comforting. Most sites miss these features and fill their homepage with useless ads that waste boners, so this PornBolt review from the sex king himself will give you an idea if PornBolt is a boner spoiler or a collection of sexual satisfaction.

Thrilling Porn That Jolts Your Cock

    My reputation as the most respected porn king would come under serious question if I didn't mention the bland white background and how it made PornBolt look like a cheap site. But with HD porn everywhere you look, this made the PornGuy stick around a bit and check the site out because having a clear look of that horny step-mom clit as her stepson's cock smoothly slides in is top-notch stuff.

    When you open PornBolt.com, you are greeted with videos everywhere, with HD and FHD tags on most of them. At the top left is the logo of the site, and next to it is a search box with a little arrow in it that lets you change what you want to search for. You can search for videos, photos, pornstars, and even users too.

    The next row includes tabs like Home, Videos, Categories, Pornstars, Photos, Community, Channel, and Live Cams, which are there to introduce you to the next level of cunt pleasing videos on PornBolt, just like actual foreplay where you suck the firm tits of a horny babe to get her wet down in her clit.

    The Video tab has the latest, most visited, top-rated, and longest section with popular tags like creampie, blowjobs, milf, and hardcore, which you can choose from to make yourself cum till you are fully exhausted. Categories include anal, BBW, double penetration, footjob, fisting, and much more, all filled with videos that would make you squirt till your lustful appetite is met.

Pornstars That Unbolt Your Cum

    PornBolt's pornstar page contains tons of popular photos of pornstars who wish they could have tasted PornGuy's majestic cock, and with their pussy spread out and with firm tits, you are in for a treat. You can sort pornstars alphabetically, by top rating, by most subscribed, and by most viewed on the pornstar page. A total of 31 pages of tits and clits are on display for you to choose from, and the collection isn't bad at all, with all the popular hardcore porn girls included.

    While you might think, with 31 pages, you would have enough pornstars to last you a lifetime, PornGuy disagrees. PornBolt is a clever site since, as you go deeper, you see fewer pornstars' names with their pictures and just one or two videos for them. They might have expected no one to notice, but I am the PornGuy, I see everything.

What the PornGuy Thinks of PornBolt

    It's nice to have free downloadable videos with no ads, but PornBolt needs to redesign its site and update its pornstar pages, as they are full of incomplete profiles.

PornBolt, PornBolt

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