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PooPeeGirls Review

~ Pros ~

Albums and videos

Regular updates

Limitless downloads

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ Video and image quality are lousy

❌ Very wack site design

❌ Sorting options are almost zero

❌ Shitty site features


    Girls who poop and pee have their headquarters right at PooPeeGirls.com. Hell, they are probably holding their annual general meeting there right now for all I know! Methinks the cops should show up and arrest them all for daring to strip fellas of their fantasy that fine sluts and thots are above such disgusting things as the emptying of bladders and bowels.

    Wanna see a hella poop coming out of fine female behinds? There’s an overabundance of that on PooPeeGirls and y’all better get set for this PooPeeGirls.com review, or I might get offended and tell Amber Turd where y’all live and wank away on the daily!

There’s Hella Cum In Beautiful Shit!

    Beauty they say can be found in the strangest places. Methinks the fella that coined the saying was inspired by the sight of a beautiful lady taking a crap out in the woods with impertinent flies swirling everywhere, fanned here and there by the breeze and thrilled by the poop feast they were witnessing! What an inspirational sight it must have been!

    Okay. I got a review to do, so let’s get to it and stop farting around like constipated snails with a fatal obsession for female behinds!

    Now, PooPeeGirls has a site name you can’t mistake for anything else and that stays true even if a large portion of your brain matter got damaged and was replaced with a quart of engine oil! The site name warns you ahead of time that what you are going to see is not pretty and could shock your eyeballs to its stops! Neglect this warning and have yourself to blame when you come across vile poop content that makes you feel like you got monkey pox and need to go through a spiritual cleansing!

    Anyway, the site design is perhaps the biggest disappointment and embarrassment of the week. It is extremely dated and I don’t think it has been updated since the last few years of the last century or early this century. That sucks pig balls in fiery fish oil sauce for sure!

    This scat and pee site has 68 ½ pages of smut, plus a basic search bar. The site logo is at the top left of the homepage and looks like it was written with shit by a Flinstone family member who never went past middle school. The only site features in evidence are a quartet of tabs. There aren't any About Us, Contact Us, and Terms of Use links anywhere and that makes me hella suspicious about who’s running this site.

    The quartet of tabs on PooPeeGirls.com are Home, Categories, Pics, and Feedback and they all do what they say. The Feedback tab for example is where you can get in touch with the scat chomper who owns this site and tell him what you think of the piece of shit that is PooPeeGirls! For some reason, all feedback is published and available for public perusal and they cover 4,219 pages. They also go back to the year 2013 and if only I had said yes that same year when Beyonce asked me to put a ring on her finger and knock her up till she’s bigger than a cargo ship on steroids!

    The Pics tab hosts a single page of albums and these are amateur quality content shot by amateurs. They have titles like Panty Poop Girl Pics, Good Shitting Ass, Put Cock In The Shitting Ass, and Crazy Girl Shitting. Comments are allowed on all galleries, but direct downloads are not supported. But you can always right-click and save stuff on your PC.

    Weirdly, the Categories tab has a grand total of 8 XXX categories and one of these is Popular Searches. I checked out that category and it has at the very least a couple thousand of the most popular search terms. Yeah, that is a good thing in case y’all are confused. But what kind of confused admin puts popular search terms on a main tab and are these search terms static or updated weekly, daily or monthly? I sure would love some answers, but I am willing to bet my paycheck for the week that the search terms in the Popular Searches tab are not constantly updated as user queries, tastes ans needs change.

No Pee, No Poop, No Love!

    I better note for the record that PooPeeGirls.com has an extremely limited range of site features. Thus, you cannot sort content by the longest, newest, top rated, popularity, and that sort of thing. You are very limited in what you can do here and soon enough you start getting used to it.

    Here are sample titles: Girls Pooping In Nature Compilation, Asian Office Girls Diarrhea 2. Shit Battle Between 2 Lesbians, Hard Pooping Asian Beauty, Big Ass Asami Pooping, Izumi Asato Pooping Asian Beauty, and Very Beautiful Girl Pooping. I would suggest checking out the Girls In Nature video, but only if you can stand the sight of sweet butts messing up public gardens, parks, and forests with stinky shit. That particular video ran to over 14 minutes long and that’s 14 minutes too many!

    Now, the video quality here is abysmal. I am almost certain that most videos are of less than 360p quality and this cannot be adjusted. Playback options are very average, but there are limitless free downloads to cheer yourself up with. As for updates, PooPeeGirls has weekly updates and not much content is uploaded during these updates.

What I Think Of PooPeeGirls

    PooPeeGirls is not worth talking about or remembering. The very dated site design combined with the low-quality content make this a place only the most desperate and most in need of free downloads would go to. I cannot and will not recommend this scat site any more than I would recommend matching a marvelous BBC to a barely ripe teen cunt whose innards have yet to catch their first sight of the world!

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