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planet suzy forum

PlanetSuzy Review

~ Pros ~

Has thousands of active threads and millions of posts

Topics like vintage, pornstars, explicit, amateur, hentai, celebrities

Really good functionality when browsing around the site

Really interactive forum community about everything porn

~ Cons ~

❌  You need to register before viewing some of the content

❌  You need to download videos before viewing, no streaming allowed


    Ever been to PlanetSuzy? And no, this sort of planet does not have three-headed aliens who vomit diamonds and fart through their noses whenever they want. It is a big adult forum with an active community of users who try to outdo each other by submitting the slickest and cum-robbing porn, plus other materials they can find. Videos cannot be streamed here and must be downloaded on third party sites. Pictures and naughty ones that can be seen on an image host. This is to be expected and is the norm across most other adult forums on the market.

    So, what is PlanetSuzy like? Keep on reading and find out!

It’s A Porn Planet, Lads!

    PlanetSuzy looks like a bunch of other forum sites we have been busy reviewing and jerking off to. The site design is about as dated as your bedroom wallpaper, though what’s there are slotted in the appropriate categories. There are Register, Today’s Post, FAQ and Search tabs, plus log in options. Now, this forum is so free you could line it up on a table and sniff it with a dollar bill, but you really must register. Here, being a member lets you do more and access loads more content. So, sign up like we did and get your cock working overtime!

    We found the entire sign up process to be faster than an escaping convict with a shaven and lonely cunt waiting for him at home! Entering our details, and clicking the link sent to our email took forty seconds at the most. Once you are signed in the information presented on the homepage changes slightly to reflect the fact that you are now a member of good standing.

    For some reason, members who register after November 2010 are regarded as junior members. As such, they cannot make as many posts as they might like and are restricted from making posts in certain sections of this forum. Oh well!

    Now, the FAQ tab has all the site information you could ever need, as well as loads you would never need. Today’s Post tab is where to click to see all the posts of the day. The Search tab is a different matter. It has a pull-down menu, plus an advanced search function.

    Also present only when we logged in is a Quick Links tab. Its pull-down menu lets you quickly edit your profile, send messages, subscribe to threads and more.

It’s A Cum-Loving Planet, Bro!

    PlanetSuzy.org had 1,215,100 members at the time we logged in, with these folks collectively composing nearly 630,000 threads and making over 18 million posts. That’s worth a pat on the back.

    The forum has sections of stuff. You can find the General Forum section, the Help Section, the Entertainment section, the Celebrities/Supermodels section, the Vintage&Classic section, the Pornstars and Adult Teen Models section, the Explicit Material section, the Amateur/Voyeurism section and the Hentai/Anime section.

    Each of these sections has sub-sections aplenty, and the last post, number of posts and threads on each section can be seen right on the homepage. The most active sub-section appears to be the General Porn thread in the Explicit Material section. At the time we logged in, this had 3,508 threads, with the total number of posts hitting 2,071,995. Sample thread titles in this sub-section include Orgy Sex, Public Sex- Wet and Messy, Double Penetration Hard Anal and Vaginal Sex, Upskirt Voyeurism and Beautiful Girl Severely Torn Anal Holes.

    Different sections in this forum have general discussions on a wide variety of topics, from games to music. You can also find vintage and classic pics, porn pics and vids of almost every sexual orientation, kinky fetishes, fake celebrity nude pics, hentai and more. The content reach is frankly enormous.

What We Think

    Not many adult forums have the reach and capability of PlanetSuzy.org. Content moderation is great, and this helps to minimize spammy posts. There are some ads though and this along with the dated site design and off-site content hosting are our chief pet peeves.

    Overall, this forum impresses on a deep level and is worth it to the last inch!

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