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PinPorn Review

~ Pros ~

No ads

Plentiful tags, models, and channels to check out

Loads of videos

It does feel like TikTok

~ Cons ~

❌ Too mobile optimized

❌ Lame user options


    I wager just about everyone on this merry earth has heard of TikTok. Hell, most of us have spent enough time, data, and eyeballs on that app to set a record and that is not stopping anytime soon.

    Now, TikTok, addictive as it is, does not really support erotic content. Sure, you might be lucky to watch videos of girls and women doing native dances in the buff, but outright erotic content is frowned on and scraped out with a heavy hand. But with most of us familiar with the TikTok format, it makes sense that porn sites have arisen with content that’s tailored to the TikTok generation. By that, I mean that such sites take the time and trouble to look like an adult TikTok version and that is hella sweet.

    Today is the day for Pin.Porn review and it unsurprisingly has a TikTok-like veneer that’s as familiar as the feel of your slick right hand! Read and weep, fellas!

Pin It and Break It!

    Pin.Porn looks shitty. On PC I mean. The way I see it, almost no one accesses their TikTok account on PC, right? So that means that Pin.Porn was meant to be accessed on mobile and you just know that’s the case anytime you look up the site on your PC and feel like lying on gravel so that an earthmover can roll all over you!

    Yeah, on PC, Pin.Porn is restricted to a small strip in the middle of your screen and that feels annoying and disrespectful. On mobile though, it fills up all the screen real estate. And no, there is no fullscreen mode for PC use and that means if you are accessing Pin.Porn on mobile, you better get used to wanting to smash someone/s face in, before pinning them to a wall and using a bullwhip to get strips of skin from their hide!

    User options here are average. One at the top allows access to a dual-screen mode, with the other screen popping up on the bottom left of your PC, where it does it best to distract you.

    Another user option is at the top left and it is made of a trio of horizontal bars that grant access to models, channels, tags, users, and ThePornDude goat-fucking site. The Models option has an alphabetical listing of chicks, and they all seem to be pornstars like Abella Danger, Adriana Chechik, Diamond Jackson, and Zaawaadi. The latter is a not-so-famous ebony with a crew cut who fucks both dudes and chicks and loves being bent over so that woodies can be sharpened in the steely cunt that’s her proud possession! Her booty has a fab shape though and I am currently debating if it’s worth giving up an arm to cuddle all night!

    Expectedly, the Channels option has an alphabetical list of XXX channels, most of whom I had never heard of. There’s 5K Porn, Anal 4K, Bad Tow Truck, Dad Crush, Only Teen Blowjobs, Your Mom Does Porn, and stuff like that. Needless to say, neither the pornstars nor channels here can be sorted by number of content, popularity, and that kind of stuff. Anyway, the Tags option has a very extensive collection of tags, and the Users option lists all the channels and cunt stars on the show on this site.

    Other user options can be found at the bottom of the screen and include a Home button, a search option with basic search functions, a mute and unmute button, and a share button that can be used to share content on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail. Do note that the Whatsapp and Facebook share option only pops up if you are accessing this TikTok lookalike on mobile.

    Also featured is a rating option for loading up top-rated content, and while that is nice, it’s not stated if such content is top-rated by day, week, month, hour, and the like. And that really does not matter much anyway.

It Always Ends In Anal Love!

    I love them booties I cannot lie! Pin.Porn must have known of my everlasting booty love, because one of the first videos I saw on the site was titled Anal_GIFs and consisted of a girl with a nice booty who’s bent over and eagerly assaulting her asshole with a big, black dildo. I guess that she got an enema before commencing proceedings and because of that and despite how deep she stuck the dildo, there was not a trace of shit to be seen. Hell, her ass is clean enough to serve as my dinner plate for tonight!

    After that, I stumbled across a video titled Gooned. Shown was a seated trans chick fondling her artillery piece. Her balls are about as big as the eggs of an ostrich and y'all best believe that I was not joking when I compared her uncut dick to an artillery piece. Better prepare to take cover when she’s done with her gun-laying and begins pumping out them high explosive cum shells!

    So, you can like videos here, but you cannot bookmark them for later wanking when the missus is asleep. Content sorting is mainly performed with the aid of tags. But nothing stops you from waddling to the list of model names and clicking on any you like.

    Videos also typically come with tags that might or might not relate to the onscreen action. If they do, then you would be advised to click on them for more of the same. If not, just scroll down for more short videos that do a lot to make you think of the world as an astoundingly horny place that owes you a cock lick every hour!

What I Think

    Well, Pin.Porn is barely a year old and so far they seem to be doing good. Sure, the site takes some getting used to, especially if it is being accessed on anything other than mobile. But it does seem like a solid TikTok alternative, especially for wankers who spend hours every day trawling through TikTok for videos of big booty South African chicks twerking in their undies and eating bananas like they are sucking on the BBCs they love popping into their mighty and sloppy holes!

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