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Pikped Review

~ Pros ~


Has a live cam section

Loads of girls and dudes to drool over

~ Cons ~

❌ Meh user options

❌ No direct downloads

❌ Oft shitty video quality


    Pikped could be virtually anything. Hell, the name could have been formed from the initials of the family members of the fucker who owns this place. And if you know me well, you should know that I have a soft spot for places whose names are creative enough to at least give you a clue about what they are about. The Pikped name fails so badly in the creativity arena that I should have a free pass to make the site admin/owner toothless soonest!

    Now, Pikped.com is a TikTok porn site. And yeah, that genre has been floating around for the last few years at least and seems to be a hit with TikTok fanatics, as well as all those cock manhandlers and cunt drummers who for some reason do not fancy the look and feel of traditional porn sites.

    Here is my Pikped.com review. Read it and weep and here’s to hoping it proves useful for all the cum extracting activities you got all planned for the artillery piece you have been disturbing the neighborhood with since you were old enough to tell an apple from a bubble butt!

“Pik” Your Poison!

    The thing with TikTok XXX sites is that they present such radical changes in appearance that you feel like screaming and putting your foot in barely legal puss! Yeah, you gotta prepare for loads of ugly stuff, plus site features and options that might not make a lot of sense at first, or at all.

    Do remember that Pikped place is modeled on TikTok. As such, it is focused on quick and easy entertainment. Long videos are few and far between and you might need to put videos on a loop before you can get enough motion and excitement going to cum from your fist-held hose.

    Now, Pikped.com looks okay enough. It is actually easy to mistake it for TikTok, with the graphics and options arrangement on both sites being a good match. That’s worth keeping in mind the next time a nosy adult relative wants to check out your TikTok feed. When that happens, you can just log into Pikped, and pretend for as long as you can that it’s actually what TikTok has turned into these days.

    User options here are very basic. There’s usually a video playing on the homepage, with large parts of both sides of the screen being blank. Plus there’s no apparent way to watch videos in full screen and that’s a disappointment.

    More user options on the top of the video feed let you change the video direction from heterosexual XXX to gay stuff, while other options take you to videos from fuckers you are following, videos the algorithm has selected for you, and Pikped’s live cam site. You can also turn the audio on and off and sign up for free. Signing up means you can always browse through the stuff you have liked here and see what the chicks and dudes you followed have been up to, just like you would on TikTok. There’s sadly no download button, but I am sure that the more tech-inclined fappers among you should find a way out of that that does not involve any illegal acts being committed that I might be liable for.

    And oh, while there is no Category page here, videos usually come with tags like Petite, Asian, Creampie, Throat Fuck, and Cum on Tits, and clicking on these tags will easily get you access to videos that share the same concept and direction.

Picked And Peed On Just Because!

    Like I keep saying, this is a basic-as-fuck place and if you are expecting the XVideos or Pornhub kind of treatment, you need to get medications for febrile malaria and hallucinations! Yeah, that sucks, but only if you are not into the kind of TikTok XXX that’s going on at Pikped.com and other related places.

    Take the videos here for one, I can’t say how many videos are available. But something tells me it’s not a ton and a half. And while the videos here are hi-res and punchy, they are also seconds long and not the kind of thing you wanna wank with, unless you are a 2 seconds fella, or happen to be into wanking to loops of the same short and ultra-short cock-stiffening videos.

    One of the short videos I watched was of a chick called Aurora Angel. She was dressed in some tight-fitting and shiny stuff, with her groin area being unzipped and her fat cunt in full view. This bitch kept turning back and forth and shaking her booty so we all could get a fine view of what she was hawking. A slut with a fat cunt like that has to be top of your list if you are into dipping your woody in a soft and happy snatch that’s attached to booty soft and fat enough to turn the Archbishop of Canterbury into the Archbishop of fuckthebunny!

    Another video was from Naomi Soraya and titled Fucking Myself In My Daddy’s BBC. All well and good, except that the cock pumping into her from the back belonged to a white rather than a black dude. But I will take the video title to mean that Naomi has been thirsting after BBC and might soon invite the likes of King Nasir to open up her plumbing via the kind of cunt elongating fuck that normally makes white chicks go a little mad! Here’s to hoping he puts it in her at such an angle that her small intestine lassos his mile-and-a-half cock and they both get carried to the emergency room!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Pikped

    This place does what you expect a TikTok porn site to and no more. It’s rather basic and offers basic experiences, but could be what the doctor ordered for those in need of quick cumming entertainment that needs the littlest brainpower to process for a cumfest.

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