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Pictoa Review

~ Pros ~

Clean homepage

Different Categories Available

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Bad quality images


    Who doesn’t love going after some good-ass porn pictures that are good enough to raise the hell out of your 6inch pleasure-seeking shaft? I do, and I know 54883939 more people that love to get their freak on with some pictures of a black chick riding a white guy like a Ferarri made for a Monaco Grand Prix.

    Pictoa is one of those sites out there that has loads of content and catalog on different porn pics. I don’t know, I have been thinking of how the name came to be as well, but if we can get past that, here is my pictoa.com review.

I would rather call it Dictoa

    The name pictoa seems new compared to different shits I have been seeing before now. But I’d have loved it if it was called dictoa—like a tower full of pictures of chicks riding meat shafts of different sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. Did I just say shape? Well, I heard they come in different shapes. Anyways, let’s dive into this pictoa review, just watch me take things from the top, down to the skirt, and expose the kitty cat.

    Just like any other porn pictures museum out there, pictoa.com has a homepage filled with different types of erotic pictures from top to bottom. The design is quite different, I can say I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time. But when it comes to the contents and how the pictures are displayed, it is pretty much the same as others.

    Although the admins on pictoa.com took it further by listing some crazy-ass information on the top of the page—the number of porn pics on the site and the number of users currently surfing the site, wild. But that’s not that impressive, I mean, we get it… you got loads of pictures of women drinking cum like it's a red wine from the time of Christ, yaay.

    Usually, I’d see sites like these having erotic categories listed on their homepage. But pictoa did things differently yet again. Instead of having the categories displayed, they just displayed the pictures straight right out of the bat. So instead of getting a picture that takes you to a category section, you get a picture of a granny sucking the cock of youth and longevity and it takes you to a picture page with a granny sucking the cock of youth and longevity!

    But wait, they’ve got categories—they’ve got something on your favorite categories because they’ve got loads of them that even I got tired trying to look for a category of redheads getting boned in a trapped Indonesian cave. How do you find the categories? Simply click on the categories option on the menu bar and you have yourself a list. You can even make use of the search button to play around with your wild fantasy.

    Top navigations honestly, kudos to the pictoa team—we got options to see the most popular pictures, recently added pictures, dude, there’s even a meet & fuck and a live sex options. Anything to get the little king to rise like rice… lmao

Pixelated Ass and Titties

    There are two ways to get to my heart—stab it or give up the pussy in a clear and super erotic manner. Not that it makes sense to you but the second is closely related to what I’m about to say—I love clear porn pics and I mean, who doesn’t… on kami, I’m sure you do as well.

    Thanks to this, I am a bit disappointed at the admins running shit at the pictoa’s HQ, because damn, what the heck are these pictures? The qualities are straight-up as bad as a fuck session that ended at the foreplay. These qualities look like someone went back in time to fuck a chick and decided to take pictures on their old-ass Nokia phone. Although, they appear to me to be homemade shits—but even the ones that are not homemade are badly made. Killed my boner yearning for quality.

    You know how bad it is when you are already in the groove, scrolling through pictures of a dark-skinned BBW taking meats in her asshole, cunt, and mouth—-you are already high there in cloud-9, in the mood for some action, and then boom! Some ad pops up and you gotta spend a few seconds closing that window and getting your groove back after you lost it. Well, that shit won’t get to happen to you on pictoa, call it a consolation for their 1832-looking pictures but no ads are here to cut your vibe.

    I was able to spend my sweet time going through some pictures of dudes running trains on a chick like she’s the rail track—she ended things by taking a huge amount of loads on her face and down her gullet, thanking the masters for the daily food.

What do I think about Pictoa?

    A wise pornstar once said nothing at all—but me? Fuck I get paid to talk. So imma tell you what exactly I think about pictoa. First of all, I think they did a good job on the homepage and getting that high number of catalogs available for the brothers and sisters of the horny cummunity. But when it comes to the pictures, I think pictoa could have done better and given us something to look at without hissing at the bad quality.

    But overall, it is not a bad site—I mean, no ads, and if you are one of those horny pussy pumpers that don’t give a flying shit about the quality of the images, then this might be your own stop. But if you want better quality, I have reviewed loads of them, just check them out. Good luck beating that meat, just it easy so we don’t have to call the child support on ya horny ass.

Pictoa, Pictoa

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