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perfectgirls, PerfectGirls

PerfectGirls Review

~ Pros ~

 One of the top 50 porn sites in the world

A few hundred thousand videos 

Nice categories and tags to pick from

Good assemblage of sorting options

~ Cons ~

❌ The videos themselves don't load quick

❌ Not many options to customize your search

❌ Click bait ad's are mixed with videos


    Been busy thinking the perfect girls don’t exist and if they did they were all on Mount Olympus or someplace like that, greedily sucking divine cock and having a cataclysmic orgasm every time they roll their eyes at the folly of men? Then you have not heard of PerfectGirls.net!

    The ladies on the site are supposedly sweet enough to make a trainload of saccharine blush and perfect enough to be worshiped morning and night by horny loads of the faithful who have the jism to spare! Here’s my PerfectGirls.net review and yeah, this too is perfect!

Perfectmento Fuckamento!

    Are the girls on PerfectGirls.net as perfect as can be? Well, they sure do look like it!

    And they are rather naughty, with the latest flicks on the site having titles like Camilla Is A Dirty-Minded Chick Who Loves To Rub Her Clit While Having Hardcore Sex, Charming Caucasian Teen Is Sucking A Big Black Dick As Deep As She Can Swallow It, Satine Is A Sweet Blonde Babe Who Likes To Get Fucked In The Kitchen and Seductive Brunette With Firm Tits and Pierced Nipples Is Fucked From The Back All Day Long. With chicks this naughty, perfection is not needed, as long as they can always make their slit comfortably tight, wet, and warm for ravaging boners to crash through and make a beeline to their uterus!

    Now, I’m gonna leave perfection aside and talk about the site features, looks, and whatnot. Frankly, the site design, color, and features are a massive letdown. Given the name of this place, I was expecting something really amazing and possibly revolutionary, but PerfectGirls has the same site design and features as plenty of other XXX sites I’ve been on. They all could be clones of each other and I can’t say that enough.

    Black is the default site color here and there’s no way to change that. Rows and rows of video thumbnails fill up the homepage and at the bottom are popular tags and categories, plus names of some XXX stars and XXX sites. The provision of the latter kind of feels like an insult though, since I and a whole lot of my readers can without preparation reel out names, addresses, and features, plus pros and cons of more than 50 XXX sites. No shit!

    The top of the PerfectGirls.net homepage has the site logo at the far left, a search bar in the middle top, and language options at the far right. 6 languages are supported, English included, which is not all that bad.

    The heavy work of content sorting and sexy mayhem here is performed by tabs like Categories, Pornstars, Tags, Favorites, History, Meet & Fuck, Live Cams, and Porn Games. Ignore the last 3 tabs, though the cam girls on PerfectCamGirls are worth a look and possibly a deep fucking if you can arrange that! Both the History and Favorites Tab do what they say, and you can be sure that the tags in the Tags tab are extremely comprehensive.

    Just so you know, there are enough XXX stars in the Pornstars tab to fight the cumming war on our behalf! Whew! So relieved! These stars however do not have bio pages and that’s a sign that they need more cocks stuffed into them overnight!

    And last but not least is the Categories tab. This has a pull-down menu with a good range of categories. Included are Lesbian, Muff Dive, Lingerie, Solo Girls, Black Men On White Girl, Big Round Ass, and FFM Threesome. Yeah, the categories here, just like the content titles tend to be a little too long for comfort. But so long as they get the job done I will not protest at the United Nations!

The Perfect Fuck Does Not…

    Ever had a fuck so perfect that it felt like you went on a weekend visit to your dear uncle in heaven? Or has your right hand ever done such good deeds to your weapon of mass cumming destruction that you immediately started a campaign to get it knighted and immortalized in art and the like? Well, then you are one lucky fella, you!

    If the perfect fuck appeals to you as it does to most other living beings with balls and slits, then I don’t think the ladies on PerfectGirls.net are there to show you how it’s done! But they do put on splendid shows in HD quality.

    There are 8,388 pages of videos here, and that’s enough to assume that PerfectGirls is intent on triggering a war between your boner and the hand it has grown attached to! Better don’t let that happen!

    Now, videos on the site are longer than average. The majority are over 15 minutes long. Do a little search though and you will speedily discover that the oldest videos are much shorter, with 7 minutes being the average runtime. Good to know the site has improved since then.

    Content update frequency on PerfectGirls is extremely good, with nearly 250 new videos in the 24 hours I was on the site for this review, and 400 plus within 48 hours.
There was one video titled Delightful Blonde Is Offering Her Tight Asshole To A Horny Guy Just Like That which aroused my curiosity. It is just over 10 minutes long and masses out at 480p quality. That might seem archaic in this day and age, but the video was quite crisp and was uploaded on January 8, 2022.

    It opens with a pretty blonde seated on a chair, erotically caressing her small but very perky tits and touching herself down there. A faceless guy appears and she sucks his cock for a few minutes, before bending over and experiencing an asshole excavation to remember! What a sweet and curvy derriere she has!

    Sadly, the embedded video player in PerfectGirls is very basic. But you can usually choose the kind of quality you want your video to play in. Video rating and comments are not supported, but you can still add videos to your list of favorites. Downloads are also not enabled by default.

    Ads are a constant menace here. They are either on the homepage or pop up at random moments when you click on videos or whatever. And last but not least, I gotta warn you to be careful on PerfectGirls.net. See, the site is unsecured and that fact is readily apparent because it lacks the secure lock icon. So, be careful and make sure your antivirus detection and protection software is up to date before visiting PerfectGirls.net.

What I Think of PerfectGirls

    The only thing I like about PerfectGirls is the name. They should do better and fast!

perfectgirls, PerfectGirls

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