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Orgasmatrix Review

~ Pros ~

Free-to-use site

There is a lot of content on the site

The layout is good-looking

~ Cons ~

❌ The site has limited language options


    Dominatrix I have heard of and met on numerous shameless occasions when I am in need of an authoritative sexy woman in some tight leather dictating how much jizz should come out my balls and when it should. Orgasmatrix.com is new to me and I won’t lie, its name has piqued my dick’s interest.

    And that is why once again I’ll be here to give y’all my Orgasmatrix review and check out if this site is actually decent or whether it is like a session with an ugly dominatrix who only gives you pain, shame, and no pleasure at all.

Drilling My Meat Into Orgasmatrix!

    I opened up the site and saw that everything there was written in Spanish. Sure I understand a little Spanish thanks to all the sexy Latina girls in my life that are constantly screaming “Si papi, Si!!!” every time I am in their guts rearranging their insides with my monster of a dick. But I couldn’t understand a lot of the shit I was seeing on the site, so I opted for my browser’s auto-translator instead of pretending to understand what the fuck I am seeing.

    Once I got everything translated into English I was delighted to see that they were boasting that this site is a free porn site that doesn’t need me to subscribe for any membership plan that would empty my account when all I wanted was a way to empty my ball sacks. So, I have to say that they have managed to score a point in my book for that very important reason.

    The layout of the homepage is not very special to me since I have seen about a zillion sites having the same design. It comes in a white background with the option for switching over to something darker thankfully. They have a section that is named; News and they show either blogs of women that they find attractive and wish to introduce you to or a biography of some Australian porn star that we all collectively don’t give a shit about.

    You’ll see some thumbnails displaying tits and pussies of girls that are live right now. Don’t get carried away and end up clicking on it because you’re gonna be taken against your wish to StripChat. I thought I had managed to find a site that doesn’t care for Ads and now I am utterly disappointed because Orgasmatrix is shaping up to be just like all the other sites that make me wanna punish them with some hardcore ass fucking.

Rubbing Orgasmatrix’s Clit For An Orgasm!

    They claim to have been active as a porn blog site for up to 15 years and they claim to have porn connoisseurs that do the writing for them while they publish it for us. But for all we know these could be just a couple of horny perverts that start each day of work by having a sweaty circle jerk. They make posts about the best porn productions out there and publish porn scenes and movies that they deem worthy of your fap.

    From the look of the names attached, all of their posts are made by different people instead of one person handling it all. And at the bottom of the homepage, the site’s creators begin to have a fierce wanking session talking about how excellent their site is and how it is one of the Spanish porn pages with the most visits on the internet. They could easily be lying and none of us would have the time or wish to put in the effort to find out if any of what they’re saying is true or not.

    In the spirit of trying to be accountable, this site has some options to like or dislike when you are on any blog. Thankfully, the writing isn’t so lengthy that you begin to sleep even before your dick goes to sleep. And they have a section below solely dedicated to commenting on the post. Seeing how there were up to 76 comments on the blog I was reading, I can tell that this site has a lot of active readers so you can all meet in the comment section and suck yourselves off to completion.

    In all the blogs I checked, they always managed to attach either YouTube videos or porn videos related to the porn star they were talking about. I think that is a neat addition. They even sometimes give you the option to download the porn so you can visit it later if you are busy on your way to the mall to restock on your lotion that gets finished in less than a full day.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Orgasmatrix

    Orgasmatrix may not be the best XXX blog site out there but it’s got spunk, I would give it that. The fact that it doesn’t come in English would naturally make it unattractive to English speakers with no patience to auto-translate the site. But if you are one of those special wankers with the patience for translating each page, then you’ll find this site to be filled with lots of content that might actually interest you.

    It gets a recommendation from me solely because I can practically smell the effort they’re putting in and it makes my dick hard.

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