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No advanced search

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❌ Ads

❌ Adult classifieds don’t look all that great

❌ Piss-poor site design

❌ Not that many user options


    You are all allowed to have oodles of fun, but that better not involve looking up my sister's skirt! Feel like insisting? Then I am gonna be eating scrambled brains for breakfast and a family out there is gonna be wondering exactly where their shit-for-brains son who has a thing for upskirt-related jerkathons ended up at!

    Brain-eating threats over, y’all better relax and get ready for a feast I got up rather early to cook up for your asses. This feast goes by the name of Oodle.com and it is an adult classified site where just about everything goes.

    Here’s my Oodle.com review, fellas. Read it and weep if you are in the mood for oodles of cunt juices slipping out of the snatch of your babe and onto my face and while you are at work in the next state no less!

A Cunt Fuck Is Like A Sticky Oodle In A Puddle!

    Craigslist might be familiar to most of you, but Oodle.com is likely to be a different matter. Actually, both sites are the same, with the main difference being that Oodle has classified adult ads that Craigslist was recently stripped of. That makes Oodle a viable Craigslist alternative, but don’t tell the fella running Craigslist, or he will roast my balls for dinner!

    Now, Oodle looks quite ordinary and is supported in multiple countries. The US is like its biggest market though and that is not surprising because there have always been enough horny wankers in this country to fuck a knot into the tongue of the goddess of love, and that is Venus herself. Poor, sweet chick!

    There’s provision to log in and sign up here and you can look for sexual partners of virtually every sex who are offering a wide range of sexual services that are generally free. Available options, of course, permit searching for fuckmates and relationship-agreeable partners and you can even take a look at the top right of the homepage for inspiration on what to enter into the search bar. The most popular search terms at the time of this review included Buddhist singles, Catholic Singles, Jewish singles, casual encounters, Christian singles, men looking for marriage, and women looking for friendship/relationship and you are welcome to go search for BBC swingers!

    There’s no provision for advanced search functionalities though. But I am sure that most of you will have a lot of fun here searching for someone to love and fuck the bejesus out of! And yeah, you can sort the classifieds here by age, which should be nice if you are not looking to fuck a grandmother with no teeth and more hair in her ass than Rapunzel had on her head!

Oodles of Prime Meat Guaranteed!

    On Oodle.com, there are nearly 22k ads of men seeking women they hope to hook up with and be perhaps lucky enough to perform some dedicated womb shifting and asshole-wrecking with! And there are nearly 10k classified adult ads of women hoping to meet the Lothario and prince charming of their dreams, who might be classy enough to treat them to a nice meal, before taking them on a little leg-spreading excursion that will end with their genitalia being sore enough to send direct pleas of mercy to heaven!

    Now, classified ads here do not have titles. What they have is the bolded name of the person behind the ad, plus a summary of what the ad is all about. You can then click on any classified to get whatever information you need. That’s a bit ass-backward.

    Anyway, if you are in Los Angeles, chicks like Laxi, Kate Thompson, Annie 92321, Mary Lovely, Amy Jackson, and Soraya Adriana wanna get some action from you or any other other erect pecker owners! Soraya is 29, straight, single, not a drinker, and a Leo. She’s pretty and endowed with a substantial bust and she’s up for meeting guys of 18-75 years of age.

    Amy Jackson, on the other hand, is 26 and vaguely Asian-looking. She’s a graduate with an average height and average body type who likes to party and date. I can’t say for sure, but she looks the type to ride you all night till you are so sore the next day you call in sick and say something about a wild hog crashing through your living room and fucking you up big time!

    Now, clicking a classified here will take you to the profile of the person on Friend Finder or MeetUp4Fun. Oodle does not apparently host any adult classified and simply enables easier access to them. That’s not a biggie, but it is still worth pointing out. The classifieds on those two sites generally contain decent details, but could use better arrangement and color. Plus they typically feature a single photo, which is simply not acceptable. Like for real, if you are after a chick, a single photo is not enough to adequately show off her assets and help you determine if she’s worth pursuing and pouring your cum juices into!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Oodle

    Well, this adult classified sure does have a fun and unusual name and I will give it props for trying to stand out. Still, Oodle falls short in several important aspects, from site design to user features, and the classifieds there seem to be hosted on other sites.

    So, the Oodle admin can piss me a puddle in a fancy apple pudding, or get me a rare poodle, plus some weighty smackeroos, but that’s not gonna put me in the mood to recommend this particular adult classified site and Craigslist wannabe. And that’s on Mary had a little lamb and I made sure she was never without a hardly veined tool in her!

Need free fucks, tugs, and rubs from chicks, gays, trans, and whatever else in the US? Then find it on other adult classified sites.

Oodle, Oodle

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