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OnlyDudes Review

~ Pros ~

onlydudes, OnlyDudesVery classic gay porn categories

onlydudes, OnlyDudesBeautiful site design

onlydudes, OnlyDudesVery awesome gay porn rating system

onlydudes, OnlyDudesWonderful search function

onlydudes, OnlyDudesLittle distraction from ads

~ Cons ~ 

onlydudes, OnlyDudesSo many short porn videos

onlydudes, OnlyDudesThe videos are not arranged according to priority

onlydudes, OnlyDudesPoor site arrangement


    OnlyDudes.com is as you might guess meant for horny dudes alone. Straight folks can still take a peek inside if they like and see enough hardcore asshole banging and cock sucking to fill them with fresh lust and bubbling cum juice!

    We are reviewing this gay porn site today, so better tune in and pay heed to what we have to say.

Only Dudes Like The Nasty Stuff!

    OnlyDudes is a name with a nice ring to it. It has a simple homepage that is not the classiest we have seen this week. White is the homepage background color and for some reason it makes us think of the vestal virgins of old and their spotless garments!

    Now, video thumbnails are what this homepage is filled up with. There are options to sort through these by date, category, and sites. To the top right is the Newest Videos tab and a click on this will unleash enough hotness to leave you short of breath!

    Beneath the Newest Videos tab are other tabs that make it possible to browse through the content by category. On hand are categories like Black Men, Amateur Gay Porn, Gay Group Sex, Masturbating Men, Hairy Men, Mature Men and Men With Toys.

    There’s also a Gay Pictures tab on the right, with this redirecting folks to EdenGay.com. If gay pics and categories tabs are not what you are after, there are links to a long list of gay porn studios and sites whose content are on OnlyDudes. These links are on the far right and just beneath the Gay Pictures tab, with sites like 80Gays, BearFilms, Bromo, ChaosMen, and Maskurbate being listed. Just click on these links and you will see hot vids full of even hotter dudes made by the particular studio you clicked on. Simple!

Only Dudes Like It Hot!

    Now, all videos on the site homepage have useful info that lets you decide if they are good for your cumming purposes. Tags list the studios and site that produced the content, while other tags let you see the video playtime and how many upvotes they have had. Hover your cursor on a video thumbnail and you can find out the number of times it has been viewed.

    Each video has a short description and can be downloaded in MP4 format. Once you click a video a related list of other videos is made available beneath the main video. Video playback sure is smooth, though videos are mostly on the short side, with few reaching the ten-minute mark.

    Videos have no title as such. Onscreen action consists of lots of cocksucking, rimming, bareback riding, fingering and asshole spearing. There does appear to be regular content updates, with from eight to ten new vids being added daily.

What We Think

    OnlyDudes.com looks nice and plays nice. Sure, the site could be prettier and the content could have names and be longer, but if you are willing to dismiss these concerns we are sure you and your cock can have loads of steamy fun on this dude-focused porn site!